Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Ecliptical Solsticial Prequel

We were winterly wondrous as subliminal Christmas began to infiltrate today's playlist. Special fuzzy buzzes from Ox, with Xmas in the Jailhouse from Silent Night and Other Country Songs, alongside John Prine's more soulful Christmas in Prison. Also a fine rumpumpumpum-less Little Drummer Boy from the deeply felt A New Kind of Light album by Rose Cousins, Jill Barber and Meaghan Smith, benefiting Feed Nova Scotia.

A New Kind of Light
This album is back just in time for Christmas. Holiday songs from Jill Barber, Rose Cousins and Meaghan Smith. CDs are $20 each and all proceeds go to FEED NOVA SCOTIA. Order online, by phone (902) 457-1900 or by downloading and faxing an order form.

Calls from Lenny Solomon,  ringmaster of  Bowfire, who are at Roy Thompson Hall next Friday, and Patrick Hutchinson of Swift Years, "a somewhat odd & unruly folk/world/roots trio from Montreal" highlighted the variety of upcoming exotic musical macaroons available in Toronto as The Season blows in. 
Jason Pawlett gave us the west coast perspective of bands The Get Down, Fuzzcats, Jess Hill and Headwater, all available for scrutiny at his website,
   Bigtown listings wrapped up the show.
   Go see some live music while the social opportunity of Xmas offers you an alibi!
And don't miss the lunar eclipse on the solstice next Tuesday! This is as cosmic as the sky gets, whetting the appetite for predictions, ceremonies and transformation.

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