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Monday, December 3, 2012

The End of the World As We Party

Here's an event that's being staged in Calgary on the 21st of December to provide a "Restaurant At The End Of The World" ambience for 15 local musicians who have been asked to play like it’s their last gig on earth.  
 Just a few of the featured bands include:
  • Rock club mainstays the Pine Tarts, who will channel William S. Burroughs via the Book of the Dead
  • Doom and Delta duo Bob Keelaghan and Clinton St. John’s newest project, Hollow Brethren, providing anthemic sing-alongs for the end times
  • Face-melting rock of ATOMIS, changing human consciousness one power chord at a time
  • A love-feast of defiant positivity from psychedelic pop duo Ryan Bourne and Kiarra Albina
  • Slide guitar wizard Mike Watson, who pays homage to Orson Wells with a radio-play within a show
  • Plaintive pop from Scars and Scarves (Garett McClure and Annalea Sordi), recreating Warhol’s Explosive Plastic Inevitable by performing the entirety of Velvet Underground and Nico.
  • Garage grinders the Von Zippers, who will defy the prophesies and lead us to the new world as the official after-party band of the End of the World

In addition to two stages of rock, pop, blues and metal, the festival also includes:
  • The Apocalypse Piano Bar, supported by the National Music Centre and Steinway Piano, providing audiences with torch songs, bossa nova, jazz and high weirdness.
  • A centre for positivity and good vibes, including healing soundscapes, water ceremonies and smudging rituals.
  • Extensive interactive installations curated by visual artist Sharon Stevens featuring Joe Kelly, Jack Bride, and Shiori Saito. 

Event monger Kenna Burima is anticipating that Calgarians will embrace the concept, and attend the event dressed in the spirit of the evening.

“Come as your favourite religious figure, cult leader, alien life form, or check one more thing off your bucket list and dare to express yourself any way you see fit. The audience will be as much a part of the event as the music and art. This is a way to bring us together to ponder the big questions while having a night of great fun. And you could also consider the festival as a great alternative to your office’s stuffy old seasonal holiday party. The timing is right, and the end is nigh.”

Tickets and information
End of the World Music Festival
December 21, 2012 - 7 pm door
#1 Legion – 116 7 Ave SE
18+ event

Tickets $20 in advance (early bird rate)
VIP Tables $250 – includes tickets for 6, Maître’d service, party favours and more!

Hopefully, the Second Coming of the Great Prophet Zarquon will be added to the bill (at the last minute).

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