Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Monday, June 22, 2015

North By North East Was An Ear-Worthy Feast

 The Crooked Brothers held a tournament of acoustic derring-do and fret wielding as a microphone stand officiated, Thursday at The Rivoli, for the Music Manitoba showcase.
 Doldrums made a rare daytime appearance at Dundas Square on Friday lulling the multitude into a state of ersatz midnight.
 J.P. Hoe brought the deep strings and sculpted transports of mass lyrical sincerity upon which the Rivoli onlookers could willingly groove and approve.
 James Irwin assuaged the wounds and wickedness of  contemporary ennui with some pop flow and restorative chanting.
 Is the world ready for Emo-Hop? Arizona's Jeary made us believe it as he shared his life and poetic lyrical skills with his new B.F.F.'s at Coalition Friday.

 Nancy Pants siphoned a controlled substance of siren vocals and flaming rock into the ear-holes of the Silver Dollar's willing participants on Thursday night.

 Montrealista Pat Jordache air lifted a crowd of Kensingtonians into a stratospheric cloud of beats and booms Friday at Handlebar.

Saukrates got cozy with the crowd at Coalition for a career retrospective and delivered a micro-marketing pitch for T.O. Hip Hop.
 The New Pornographers had a downtown throng surfing, singing along and safely absorbing the bombardment of neon advertising at Yonge Dundas Square Saturday night.

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