Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

From Fabulo-Nebulous Nick Fraser to Snaggle's Nick MacLean, to the Bombadil-iciousness.In Orbit. This Friday

Free range organic drummer Nick Fraser will be calling in from Halifax early in the show (5:10 p.m.) this Friday to hold forth on his approaching Burdock quartet show. He will be leading prominent adventurers Rob Clutton, Tony Malaby and Andrew Downing through nebulous rhythmic clusters at Hamilton's Artword Artbar this Sunday afternoon @ 2 p.m. and at Burdock later on in the evening of October 2.

Nick MacLean's band Snaggle launches a new CD, 

The Long Slog,
 into the space/time continuum of Toronto this Sunday at the Rex, and farther out, later this month,
 in Kitchener and Hamilton. 
He will be in the studio at 5:30 to summarize the goals of his recent syncopations and his collaboration with Brownman.

And at 6 p.m., poignant strings, intricate harmony and a chance to listen and talk to Bombadils 

as their NEW SHOES ALBUM TOUR continues.

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  1. Brother Paul, thanks so much for supporting Nick Maclean & SNAGGLE... them dudes are really something. All 20-somethings, and all brilliant. I gotta eat my wheaties for this one!