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Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

RDV 2017 Quebec City Amongst Tall Ships There Beats A Conundrum

Forty tall ships, carrying more than 3000 crew members, whisked into the historic docks of the Ville De Quebec harbour in July, and stayed a week for a nautical rendez-vous: RDV 2017

RDV 2017 was a signature Canada 150 event held in celebration of Canada’s maritime heritage. Her majesty's Canadian Ship Toronto, 1904 steam tug Black Jack out of Belleville, and El Galeon from Pirates of the Caribbean were amongst the nautical attendees.

The surrounding environs rang with celebration, culture, & music, and pulsed with the deep beat of a rawhide-covered canoe: David Hynes unique art instrument : 
the Conundrum.

AboveMarc Gourdeau, the Artistic Director of the event, Commander Dave and artist co-ordinator Katea.

Below, the attractions: 

CONUNDRUM (Right) - Multicultural percussions - 

YAHONWA (Middle) - KABIR PERCUSSION - Native Music - 


West Trainz: Photo par Lise Breton

Below: Sea Creatures, Pirates, Parrots and Habitantes.

A convergence of tall ships, small ships and music galore. Quebec, je t'adore.

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