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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Kim Beggs ~ Said Little Sparrow Review

A straight path never leads anywhere except to the objective. - André Gide

Comes the cold weather and here’s Kim Beggs with a boiling remedy.

Said Little Sparrow is an ornate ceramic cup of songs, self-produced, hand-painted and flashing with guitar constellations, but gooey with dark caramel fiddles and weissenborns and lemony lyrics on the inside, shimmering with reverb and as hot as a fevered night sweat.
She brings us tales from the roadside of love, and the brink of forgiveness, sharing her terrors and comforts through a special recipe of images, memories and incidents. She carries us down the tailings trough of her ever-wandering life story, scooping out nuggets of narrative that glisten in the listener's ear. 

With cautionary history lessons, in Blister and Hurts The Worst, mystery lessons, in Heart In A Bucket and Frozen Horizon, and the absolute ice of her startling interpretation of See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, Kim Beggs opens our hearts with the subdued gaiety and confidence of her voice and the authoritative solidarity of her hand-picked musical team. Burke Carroll`s pedal steel, Sam Allison`s banjo and John Showman`s fiddle all galvanize the nighttime crispness with shades of melancholy, while the pathways are surveyed and lit clearly by the familiar rhythm section of Brian Kobayakawa, Michelle Josef, Justin Haynes and David Baxter. Golden lacing is added by the harmonies of Oh Susana and Nicole Edwards and by the metallurgic magic of David Travers-Smith`s mix.

Kim is in full control of her musical hospice, which she runs as a low barrier drop-in, with lyrics and chord instructions cheerfully provided for conflict resolution and harm reduction. The meticulous booklet is also a family album and gallery guide, tucked inside a triple gatefold artisanal jacket. 

With a cross country ramble almost completed, Kim and her road compadre Marcel Desilets have been carrying these songs from town to town across the country as a duo. Jump soon to find them and hear them. Or for those who prefer to stay at home to get well with rest and liquids, there is a video of lead song Vampire Love Song recently debuted.

Kim tells her stories in a roundabout way that keeps the listener`s  ears alive and alert and returning to 
Said Little Sparrow 
for extra encouragement and release.

 Keep on stirring and it will fix you up fine.

   Listen And Buy Here At Kim Beggs' Store

Kim at Radio Regent Studio September 2017 
Podcast : Kim Beggs on Corby's Orbit September 2017 

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