Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Use The Blue Antifreeze~ Cold Weather Bluesfest in the Beaches

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I spent Saturday evening in good warm company, searching T.O.'s eastern littoral regions for some blues-love and music to rise above the seasonal snowblowers and shivers. Stopping on corners and comparing notes with others of the same drift. "No blues here. We're watchin' the game." Dead ends and live wires and string grinders and lost cat rewards, on the second night of the third annual Beaches Cold Weather Blues Fest.

 Some of the delights: 

The Fraser Melvin Band at the Grover with an impeccable repertoire and secret weapon Raha The Bad Luck Woman on bass. 

Jenie Thai churned up a lather with her trio at The Gastro Pub, where Fest- monger Anthony of Castro's and his entourage settled in for a pit stop.

Meanwhile there was a full house
at Castro's where
Conor Gains was shaking everyone's money makers. 

And up in a dim and  lonely corner of "the Upper Beaches" Lotus Wight kicked off his snow boots and comforted an intimate crowd with banjo recreations of times long past at The Porch Light.
 Another night scattered and gone, but much balmier than it might have been minus the blues.

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