Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Music That Helped Us Orbit Above It All - The Best Of 2020

Picture based upon an illustration by Jean Yves Lemoigne

I must admit that Taylor Swift sure made a nifty album this year, but so many artists were given the time to work intensely on their craft, it is no surprise that almost every one of them was raising the bar to new levels of perfection and new styles of achievement. Here are my favourite and most memorable albums of 2020, amongst many others:

*Canadian Artists in Red

 Nathan Smith 

          Let It Rest Let It Rise

 Soul Motivators    

           Do The Damn Thing

 Robert Lee feat. Mingjia                                 Ascension

 Sarah Harmer   Are You Gone

 100 Mile House   

                      Love And Leave You


 Songs Of Tales   Life Is A Gong Show

 Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps  Long Time Ago Rumble

 Harrow Fair   Sins We Made

 Clara Engel    

             Hatching Under The Stars

 Kari van der Kloot  The Architects


 Dion       Blues With Friends

 Sherman Downey    New Beautiful

 Sarah Jarosz  

      World Gone To Ground

 Truths & Rights 1981  

            Time For Us To Unite

 Julian Taylor     The Ridge


 The Smoke Wagon Blues Band

       The Ballad of Albert Johnson

 Lynn Miles   We’ll Look For Stars

 John Finley    Soul Singer

 Emilyn Stam & John David Williams


 Mario Romano 

                 The Journey So Far


 Manteca      The Twelfth Of Never

 Rae Spoon       Mental Health

 Paul Reddick     Live In Italia

 Dione Taylor   Spirits In The Water

 Al Qahwa       African Routes


 Rick Fines   

           Solar Powered Too

 The Barrel Boys    Mainline

 Will Boness   Change of Plans

 Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar

          The Reckless One

 Braden Gates  Kitchen Days     ________________

 Braids       Shadow Offering

 Colleen Brown   

                  Isolation Songs

 Rose Cousins   Bravado

 Pharis & Jason Romero 

                         Bet On Love

Kelly Finnigan  A Joyful Sound 


 Rebecca Hennessy   

   All The Little Things You Do

 Shaye Zadravec    

                   Now And Then

 Joe Nolan      Drifters

 Crystal Shawanda    

           Church House Blues

 Chelsea Stewart    

               Forever Your Girl


Mike McKenna Jr.  

    At The Edge Of The World

 Wheel It Studios Vol. 2   

          Parallel Intersections

 Alex Bird & The Jazz  

     Mavericks  Whisky Kisses

 Dan Pitt   Monochrome

 Justin Saladino Band  LIVE


The Griffith Hiltz Trio  Arcade

Terra Lightfoot Consider The Speed

Tamar Ilana & Ventanas 


 Angela Turone & Chris Platt

               Sounds Of Brazil

 Lynn Harrison   

               Something More



  1. yay - thank you Paul lovely to see Tamar Ilana, Shaye Zadravec and John Finley there in your great lists

  2. Thanks so much for this honour! I see some listed here that I will find and listen to.

  3. Thanks so much Paul :) Happy New Year!!