Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Musically Liberated At Last


The waves of jazz were rolling with the breeze again through the canyons of downtown Toronto last week, turning a moonlit Wednesday into a Saturday night with the Rebecca Hennessy Quintet (above) featuring Michael Herring, Kevin Breit, Tania Gill and Dave Clark, at The Tranzac (currently being reno-ed) and the Nick Maclean Quartet with Brownman Ali in full swing at Drom Taberna for the Jazzin Toronto Live Community Celebration.

Singer - composers Rebecca Campbell and Ori Dagan (above) enjoying the mask-freedom and wanton social proximity at The Tranzac bash.

MC du jour.

Tania Gill tripping the light fantastic.

Bandleader - composer Marie Goudy absorbing some simultaneous sunshine and syncopation at The Tranzac.

The ever-luminous Kevin Breit

The Nick Maclean Quartet beating down the Covid Blues at Drom Taberna

Nick Maclean radiating

Corby and Dave in transit gloria

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