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Corby's Orbit
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Sunday, December 12, 2021

The Brightest Heights - Best New Music Of 2021

Bright Heights - Best New Music Of 2021
WOW what mix of heart, spirit and playfulness sprouted this 
harvest of  marvels in a world that was supposed to be withering
under climate and plague catastrophes?
American (and Australian!!!) progressive R&B 
is still welcome to slip in over the radar,
but it was mostly Canadians of all inclinations and inspirations 
ruling the Orbital earspace.


Amanda Tosoff    Earth Voices


The Fretless   Open House


Tonya P      Concrete Rose


Maria Dunn    Joyful Banner Blazing


Joni Nehrita        Love + Protest



Brad Sucks       

                A New Low In Hi Fi


The Human Rights   

                     Reggae Strong


Spellling  The Turning Wheel


Leon Bridges    

                Gold Diggers Sound


Boy Golden   

        Church Of Better Daze



Sarah Jerrom       Dream Logic


Tune Town        Entering Utopia


Speech          Expansion


Jon Batiste    We Are 


Sonia Aimy    Reconnect



Matt Patershuk      An Honest Effort


The Dub Chronicles  Simba (Return To The Throne)


Beny Esguerra & Wheel-It Studios vol.2&3


Allison Russell    Outside Child


Emma Cook             Fight Left In Me



Dana Sipos    The Astral Plane


Brandon Isaak      Modern Primitive


Hiatus Kaiyote        Mood Valiant


Endrick & The Sandwiches     Sunny Soul


Gary Breit      Colour Wheel



 Rob Lutes     Come Along


Code Quartet    Genealogy

 Roddy Ellias feat. Kellylee Evans 

                Not This Room


Curtis Andrews   The Offering of....


Broke Fuse       Rocket Ride



Adam Young    Yearbook


Jon Gordon   

          Stranger Than Fiction


The Halluci Nation    

   One More Saturday Night


Ronley Teper & The Lipliners  

 Everyone Loves A Good Story


Beth McKenna   

                       Beyond Here



 Dano Chase      

       All The New Days

 Jane Mathew  

          Such Perfect Lives

 Dawn Richard  Second Line

 Alessia Cara     

             In The Meantime

 Indian City     Code Red


Valerie June   

   The Moon And Stars:

    Prescriptions For Dreamers


Mike Goudreau Band

                & Dany Roy

       Christmas Rendez-Vous


Aline Morales 

                  Toadas De Norte


Jocelyn Barth   

          Tell Him I Said Hello


SATE    The Fool


Sonia Johnson - Airs Givrés


The Weather Station   



Alex Cuba       Mendo


Jaffa Road     Until When


Elise LeGrow    Grateful


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