Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Corby's Orbit Playlist and Podcast for 20 March 2020 ~ Memories of Joe Hall ~The Musical Celebration at Tranzac, 17 May 2019

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Thanks to Tony Quarrington for all of the resources and encouragement that he provided during the preparation of this broadcast.

Recorded by George Dobo at the Tranzac, Toronto, 17 May 2019

Tony Quarrington ~ More Cold Drinks

Tony Quarrington & Zoe Adams (Q&A) ~ Dollarton Blues

Judith Lander ~ Bittersweet

 Harvey Glatt ~ Remarks

Trevor Davis ~ Sweet Gypsy Nose / More Like A Sausage

Scott B ~ Some Other Planet

Chandra Corriveau ~ Avril Lavigne's Head Above Water

Mike Burke ~ Remarks

Jaymz Bee ~ Say It Isn't So

Bill MacMullan / Pete Hudson ~ Remarks

J.P. Hovercraft ~ Roadkill BBQ / We Are Drugs

Fred McCluskey ~ Remarks

~ Intermission ~

Zoey Adams ~ Balloon Man And Pin Lady

Eldon Garnet ~ Remarks

Sebastian Agnello ~ Full Moon And Welfare Checks / Middle Aged Guys With Guitars

Paul Corby ~ Remarks

Morgan Hall-Boenke ~ What's Hip / All The Mutants

Jay Swinnerton ~ Winner's Complaint

M.C. Boyer ~ Poem

Rebecca Campbell ~ Pressure Drop

Martin Worthy ~ Preparing To Begin

Nick Jennings ~ Remarks

Jaymz Bee & Zoe Adams ~ Nos Hablos Telephonos

Ensemble ~ You Could Be The River

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