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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Durable Dozen - Monuments Of Love

Every once in a while I have to take a picture like this.

Over my first fifty years, I was provided with the insights of these great artistic works, the company of which, alongside the obvious clarity of Bob Dylan and The Beatles and Aaron Copland and Dionne Warwick, has kept my ambitions and motivations intact. 

Whenever I lose sight of the horizon, when the focus blurs and the excruciating hammering of the commonplace starts to dent my head, these are my refuges, and my remedies. 

Immediately new every time, and as startling and joy-spiced, now, as ever. 

I might think I know them well, but they have more poignance and bristling majesty than it is possible to circumscribe, and they bring renewal like a wave, like a sunrise when the night has overstayed its welcome, like the whiff of ozone after lightning has arced jagged through a damp sky.


The Byrds - "For every hung-up person in the whole wide universe."

Buffalo Springfield - "Deeply and beyond seeing"

The Band - "Ain't no reason to hang my head. I could wake up in the morning dead."

Mississippi John Hurt - "He laid his Bible down for his lovin'..."

Jimi Hendrix - "Will the wind ever remember?"

Bob Marley - "So who's gonna stay at home When freedom fighters are fighting?"

Captain Beefheart - "Take my kind hand, my smile is stuck, I cannot go back to your Frownland."

Steely Dan - " Sharing the things we know and love with those of my kindLibations, sensations that stagger the mind."

Laura Nyro - "Wine of wonder."

Thelonious Monk - Blue Crepuscules, Straight Misterioso, Ruby, My Dear, You Needn't

Bjork - "One day It will happen
One day, one day It will all make sense"

Little Feat - "Somethin' real, somethin' to feel
I can't find a soul who'll take on this messIt's those rock and roll hours, early graves without flowersPlease, please darlin' put my mind at rest."

   and the last word from Bjork's "Family" off Vunicura

I raise a monument of love

There is a swarm of sound

Around our heads

And we can hear it

And we can get healed by it

It will relieve us from the pain

It would make us a part of it

This universe of solutions

That being said, the new and beautiful music that continues to rise up still provides me with the best courage and confidence to continue forward.

Playlist for Corby’s Orbit Show of December 1, 2023 with Guest Host / Selector- Howard Gladstone

Commissioner of selection: Howard Gladstone


5:00 Tribute to Peter J. Moore 

Born: August 6, 1956, Hamilton / Died: November 11, 2023, Toronto

Cowboy Junkies | Sweet Jane | Trinity Sessions

Bob Dylan and The Band | The Clothes Line Saga | Basement Tapes (remastered by Peter Moore)

Cowboy Junkies | The Clothes Line Saga / Neil Young | This Wheel’s On Fire | Garth Hudson’s Canadian Tribute to The Band  (recorded by Peter Moore) 

Laura Fernandez | The Killer | Okay, Alright @ The Tranzac 2:30 - 4:30 Sunday 3 December with Howard Gladstone

5:25 New Event Horizons

eremy Dutcher | Skicinuwuhkuk | 
There I Wander |Motewolonuwok ~ @ Massey Hall Saturday 9 December

Georgie Gordon |Tambourine |Tambourine

Jose Lobo | lista par la carrera | All In Good Hope

Solidaridad | Pompeya | Distancia

5:45 Paul-Ish Sightings

The Memberz | Work It Out | GIG tonight DEC 1 @  Handlebar

Doug Paisley | Say What You Like | Say What You Like @ The Cameron House

 Wednesdays in December

Jerry Leger | Sort Me Out | Donlands

6:00 More News Is Good News

Mark Thackway | All Hands On Deck | EP 

Doc MacLean | Son House Died In Detroit | single

Nadjiwan | The Great Sea | The Great Sea

6:10 A Charlie Brown Christmas 

Kyle Sullivan Interview / Christmas Time Is Here (Kyle's ensemble)  

Teri Parker |  Segment  | Shaping The Invisible 

Kyle Sullivan / Teri Parker / Christopher Kettlewell perform A Charlie Brown Christmas at 249 Ossington -The Dakota Tavern on Sunday 3 December 2pm & 5:30

and again at 296 Broadview @Hugh's Room Live Sunday 17 December 8 p.m.*

[*UPDATE: Sold out - New date added Dec. 16th - click the link below]

6:25 Gone But Unforgotten

Shirley Eikhard | Good News | Anything is Possible

Robbie Robertson | Sweet Fire of Love | Robbie Robertson

Buffy Ste Marie | Leonard Cohen's God is Alive, Magic is Afoot | Illuminations

6:40 Year-end Renderings

Lynn Harrison | Holding It Together (As the World Falls Apart | Treasure

Noah Zacharin| Been A Long Day | Points of Light

illustration by Pascale Campion

6:50 Encroaching Upon Some Ho Ho Ho's

Laila Biali | Four Sundays to Christmas | single

Quarrington and Adams | Roma Christmas | Christmas Dream @ The Tranzac 2:30 - 4:30 Sunday 3 December with Howard Gladstone