Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Friday, January 21, 2022



Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

5-7 p.m. Fridays online at iheartradio: Radio Regent

This show is dedicated to the memory of, and to the continuing legacy of 
Vince Fontaine

(Brought to you by Snakes and Leaders, Neuroses R Red & Viruses R Blue)

5:00: The Now Sound Of Today

* Domanique Grant ~ Airbrush (Acoustic) NEW RELEASE

* Ian Lake ~ Easier ~ What It Is NEW RELEASE

* BANGGZ ~ Who's Gassing Who? NEW RELEASE

* Lucy MacNeil ~ Hope For One And All NEW RELEASE

* Clever Hopes ~ The Other Side ~ Artefact NEW RELEASE 20 January

* Sonia Johnson ~ Winter ~ Aires Givrés

* Li'l Andy ~ Out On The Old Highway ~ All Of The Love Songs Lied To Us

* Ben Sures ~ No One Will Remember You ~ The Story That Lived Here NEW RELEASE 18 January

* Genevieve Racette feat. Dallas Green ~ Someone ~ Satellite Pre RELEASE 18 March

The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio ~ Don't Worry Bout What I Do ~ Cold As Weiss ~ NEW RELEASE

* Chynna Lewis ~ Where I Left You ~ What Are Friends For? ~ NEW RELEASE

* Matt Andersen ~ Other Side Of Good-bye ~ House To House 
~ Pre RELEASE \ 4 March 

* Envy Of None feat. Maiah Wayne ~ Liar ~ Envy Of None Pre RELEASE \ 8 April

Lawrence ~ Don't Lose Sight (Acoustic)

6:00 Five Songwriters Were Approaching...

* Abigail Lapell ~ Pines ~ Stolen Time ~ Pre RELEASE \ 22 April 2022

* Jadea Kelly ~ Happy NEW RELEASE

* Ancient Teeth ~ Days Away NEW RELEASE

* Leanne Pearson ~ Caturday NEW RELEASE

* Amanda Rheaume ~ The Spaces In Between The Spaces In Between NEW RELEASE

6:20 Radiant Hearing 

* Raine Hamilton Believer ~  Brave Land NEW RELEASE - TODAY!

Stromae ~ L' Enfer NEW RELEASE

* Isabel & The Uncommons ~ Distance Pre  RELEASE \ 11 February 2022

FKA Twigs (Nyah Remix) ~ Meta Angel ~ Meta Angel  NEW RELEASE

Robert Glasper ~ Black Superhero ~ Black Radio lll  NEW RELEASE

* Steve Dawson feat. Allison Russell ~ Dimes ~ Gone, Long Gone  NEW Pre RELEASE \ 18 March 2022

Jazzanova (Ian O'Brien Remix) ~ Days To Come Jazzanova Remixed (2003)

2 Unlimited 
~ The Magic Friend ~ Get Ready! (1992)

6:50 Vince Fontaine - Invincible Fountain

* Indian City ~ Excerpt from an Interview with Vince Fontaine (R.I.P. January 11, 2022) The Path ~ Code Red NEW RELEASE

Monday, January 17, 2022

10 Best-Built Tunes of 2021 In The Orbital Opinion

Holding tight onto a lifeboat song has been a way-through  strategy for many of us, ever since the slings and arrows began to pop up as regular features in our daily routes and routines. With the recent increase in inconvenient pivots, swerves, and outright ditch runs, we have been requiring epic tunes to serve, not merely as therapy, but as temporary remedies and roadblocks to the ongoing viral ennui. Here are ten tunes that helped protect me from the intrusive effects of Covid’s notwithstanding clause this year.

1, Jane Mathew – “No One”: After Heather recommended Such Perfect Lives, a barcode-free release from young Toronto singer Jane Mathew, I caught a case of Kitch’s goose bumps immediately. Jane’s sweetly ironic lyricism is buoyed up by the magnificent sea-swell settings arranged by her friend, Simon (a guy she knows from her church), lighting the heart in a way that only a voice full of phosphorescent honesty and compassion can. This song gives voice to a feeling of bitter frustration with hypocrisy that is as universally transmissible as any virus. Light within the dark.

2. The Fretless featuring Lady Phyl – “Wondering Where The Lions Are”: Open House is a broad invitational album concept, providing an opportunity for the virtuosic neo-trad string quartet to host some of Canada’s most dynamic song stylists. By removing the reggae exo-skeleton from Bruce Cockburn’s anthemic 80’s hit, “Wondering Where The Lions Are,” the Fretless has provided a timeless meditative core for the application of beautifully harmonized vocals that breathe in spirituality and breathe out soulful sensuality. Some kind of ecstasy.

3. Indian City – “Smile”: On Vince Fontaine’s recent soul-cleansing album Code Red, this one is an especially brilliant pinnacle of inspiration. It’s got all of the effects of summer sunlight in it and rises up as a unique pandemic love song for people who can still smile with their eyes above the masks. Jeremy Koz’s aquiline voice lifts you right out of whatever and effortlessly infiltrates the pop-glide streamway, spinning you into a cooler and better place. Every time. Sometimes this world is a miracle place.

Vince Fontaine (R.I.P.)

4. Isaac Murdoch and Matt Epp – “Indian Song”: Daniel Lanois famously insisted that this song be reduced to its bare accompaniment and be crafted to augment the sincerity of the vocal performance. In so many songs about poverty and homelessness, pathos and perseverance are served up as the main course. The striking suggestion that compassion redeems the giver nourishes the flower of generosity at the heart of this song. Help me sing.

5. Jazz Lovers Society – “Drum Song”: A jazz instrumental is no one’s idea of roots music, unless it is helmed by folk / reggae cornerstone Fergus Hambleton, whose songs have been adorning Canadian charts for almost 50 years. He used his Covid vacation from the Sattalites to rally drummer John Adames and bassist  Rob McBride to help liberate some original compositions, a few standards, and one enormously significant cover tune from his saxophone. His version of transplanted Jamaican-Canadian Jackie Mittoo’s “The Drum Song” cascades across a monotonic polyrhythm with imperial tranquility. Jackie’s time spent in Toronto helped to crystallize Canada’s reggae legacy, and to hear his masterpiece given such deep production with a full horn section is both triumphant and thrilling. Aeolian mode to the max.

6. Stringbone –“Wow! Oh Yeah!”: Hooked up to an infinitely renewable electric guitar power riff, Barry Payne ponders the vague possibilities and clear failings of our current socio/economic culture. A gang chorus, a punky tenor sax and the growls of some kind of, perhaps, carnivorous mammal reaffirm his hopes and fears during breaks in the recitation. Did YOU ever wonder what would happen…?

7. Shawna Caspi -“Celebrate”: Producing her most recent album, Hurricane Coming, while maintaining a day job and struggling with the absence of gigs was a labour of love for the typically industrious Shawna and her producer Joel Schwartz. The result is a classic time capsule of her apprehensive thoughts and feelings. Our impatience with society’s current vogue of ennui is nowhere more evident than on this simple tune of encouragement. We don’t have to wait.

8. Maria Dunn -“Joyful Banner Blazing”: When you first hear this opening title track from Maria’s elevating release from early 2021, (which won silver in the recent Penguin Eggs Critics’ Poll) it’s hard to keep from going back to it just to hear her sing “You are young / you are precious / you are loved” until it loops around your heart like a soft bright scarf. An episodic homage to her activist aunt, it is magnified by the wistful pipes and accordion for additional comfort. One big heart on one big sleeve.

9. Broke Fuse -“Strawberry Moon”: With Rocket Ride, harpist Jay Moonah has made a decisive career leap by releasing an album of original compositions that alternately rocks, swings and soothes. This tune will ease you into a florally-scented midnight hot tub with an aura of spiced reverb and a haunting haze of twang. Recognized with a nomination as best new artist at the recently postponed Maple Blues Awards, Jay will doubtless continue expanding his affiliations to new horizons of the blues. No matter how you hold it, it always slips away.

10. Dana Sipos -“Light Around The Body”: Apocalyptic visions drowning in morphic resonances bring us intimately close to the sense of overhearing an internal monologue on Dana’s CFMA-nominated album, The Astral Plane. Her bluesy phrasing on this tune, as well as the intricate and nebular detailing by producer Sandro Perri, merge the song into your celestial consciousness effortlessly. Choking on eucalyptus and rose.

P.S. Amongst the hundred other great songs I would like to share, here is my 2021 video crush, a salubrious and unCanadian, unRoots British disco hit with a strong positive charge called “Keep Moving by Jungle” that no one should really have to live without. Apply as needed.

 You’re welcome. 

2022, you been served.

Originally published at Roots Music Canada

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Playlist for Corby’s Orbit Show of 14 January 2022

mmissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

5-7 p.m. Fridays online at iheartradio: Radio Regent

(Brought to you by Orbit Frogs, Orbits Redding & Roy Orbit-son)

5:00: Groovy Boat 

* Lawrence Maxwell ~ Listening To Keith Whitley ~ Ballad Of Miles PRE-RELEASE, due 21 Jan.

Khruangbin feat. Leon Bridges ~ B-Side ~ Texas Moon PRE-RELEASE

* Joe Nolan Spectacle NEW RELEASE

* Softcult ~ Take It Off ~ Year Of The Snake PRE-RELEASE Single

Sofia Kurtesis La Perla Fresia Magdalena 

* Harpdog Brown (January 28, 1962 – January 7, 2022) ~ For Love & Money  ~ For Love & Money

* Sammy Duke 
~ Calling You Home NEW RELEASE See The Video Here: Made in WATERLOO!

* Ben Sures ~ Cry Like A Flood ~ The Story That Lives Here PRE-RELEASE, due 21 January

Fatima Al Qadiri ~ Zandaq ~ Medieval Femme

Lucy Dacus ~ VBS ~ Home Movie

5:40 Truth Epics

* So Dirty The Flamingos ~ Stay Warm (The Confidential Informant) ~ The Bloodroot Sessions NEW RELEASE

Tinsley Ellis ~ Step Up ~ Devil May Care NEW RELEASE

* The East Pointers feat. Koady Chaisson (1984-2022) ~ Elmira 

* Big Little Lions ~ Good-Bye For Now ~ The Singles NEW RELEASE

Roland Alphonso ~ To Sir With Love ~ for Sidney Poitier (February 20, 1927 – January 6, 2022) 

6:00 Mystic In Identities

Levon Helm ~  Time Out For The Blues ~  Ramble At The Ryman 

Lady Blackbird ~ Collage ~  Black Acid Soul 

* Divine Brown ~  Single Mama ~  Divine Brown 

* Chris Ronald ~ As It Happens ~  Light & Dark NEW RELEASE

Morgan Wade ~  Wilder Days ~  Reckless

* Bernie Senensky ~ The Mover ~ Dont Look Back NEW RELEASE \ OUT TODAY

Cico P. ~ Tampa ~ SUA Files

* Emily Burgess ~ What Has Been Is Still Within ~ Are We In Love?

6:30 Borderline Personalities

* Kiran Ahluwalia ~ We Sinful Women ~ Single

Oumou Sangare ~ Been ~ Laban

Khruangbin ~ People Everywhere ~ The Universe Smiles Upon You

* case lang viers ~ Delerium ~ Best Kept Secret

* Purple Joe ~ Copper Kettle NEW RELEASE

* Clark W. ~ Up Here In Canada

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Penguin Eggs Critics’ Poll: the Individual Top 10s for 2021


The Penguin Eggs Critics’ Albums of the Year – which you can find HERE – are derived from the Top 10 lists of countless journalists, radio hosts, folk festival artistic directors, concert promoters and other industry tastemakers.  Actually, they’re not “countless.” I did count them; there were 24 this year.  That includes some of the regular writers you read here on Roots Music Canada.

So if you’d like to see how this year’s Critics’ Albums of the Year came together, here are the individual favourites lists from the contributing critics.  Note that the albums are listed in alphabetical order; not in order of rank. Compiled by Roddy Campbell: Editor Penguin Eggs; presented by Heather Kitching:  Managing editor, Roots Music Canada.

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Paul Corby: Host, Corby’s Orbit on Radio Regent & Blues & Roots Radio.

Broke Fuse, Rocket Ride (Brokefuse); Alex Cuba, Mendo (Caracol); Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper Music); The Fretless, Open House (Birthday Cake); Indian City, Code  Red (Manitoba Music); Brandon Isaak, Modern Primitive (Brandon Isaak); Jaffa Road, Until When (Jaffa Road); Jane Mathew, Such Perfect Lives (Independent); Dana Sipos, The Astral Plane (Roaring Girl); Ronley Teper, Everyone Loves A Good Story (RTL)
New Discoveries: Dano Chase, Emma Cook, Elise LeGrow.


Mike Barker, Artistic director, Folk Under The Clock, Peterborough, ON

Bruce Cockburn, Greatest Hits, (1970-2020) (True North Records); Elage Diouf, Wutiko, (Independent); Bela Fleck, My Bluegrass Heart, (Renew Records); Lennie Gallant, Christmas Day on Planet Earth, (Independent); Karen Matheson, Still Time, (Vertical Records); Nava, Tapestry, (Independent); Karine Polwart and Dave Milligan, Still As Your Sleeping, (Hudson Records); Martin Simpson, Home Recordings, (Topic Records); Spell Songs, Volume 2 Let The Light In, (Hudson Records); Julian Taylor, The Ridge, (Howling Turtle Inc.)
New Discoveries: Elage Diouf, Sona Jobarteh, Julian Taylor


Richard Barry: Writer, Roots Music Canada.

Asleep At The Wheel, Half a Hundred Years, (Home Records); Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper Music); Sierra Farrell, Long Time Coming (Rounder Records); Rhiannon Giddens (with Francesco Turrisi), They’re Calling Me Home (Nonesuch); Sarah Jarosz, Blue Heron Suite (Rounder); Pokey LeFarge, In the Blossom of Their Shade (New West); The McDades, The Empress (Free Radio Records); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy Records); Peach & Quiet, Just Beyond the Shine (Independent); Donovan Woods, Without People (Meant Well).
New Discoveries: Bonny Light Horsemem; Noah Derksen; Leyla McCalla.


Vic Bell: Artistic Director, Nickelodeon Music Club, Calgary.

Taylor Abrahamse, Taylor Abrahamse (Independent); Jesse Cox, Threshing Floor (Independent); The Hello Darlins, Go By Feel (Independent); Oxlip, Your Mother Was A Peacock (World Peach Records); Shane Pendergast, Second Wind (Independent); Polky, Songs From Home (Independent); The Promised, Phoenix (Independent); Rube and Rake, Leaving With Nothing (Independent); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy Records); Alicia Toner, Joan (Independent);
New Discoveries: The Pairs, Julian Taylor, Windborne


Roddy Campbell: Editor Penguin Eggs

Arooj Aftab, Vulture Prince (UMG Recordings); Lucy Dacus, Home Video (Matador Records); Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper Music); Willie Dunn, Creation Never Sleeps Creation Never Dies (Light in the Attic); Jim Ghedi, In the Furrows Of Common Place (Basin Rock); Pokey LaFarge, In the Blossom of Their Shade (New West Records); Lumba, Tamala (MuziekPublique); Mànran, Ùrar (Mànran Records); Grace Petrie, Collectivity (The Little Robot Needs A Home Collective); Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Raise The Roof (Rounder)
New Discoveries: Arooj Aftab, Jim Ghedi, Katherine Priddy

Tom Coxworth: Host, Folk Routes The CKUA Radio Network

T. Buckley, Frame by Frame (Fallen Tree Records); Brandi Carlile, In These Quiet Days ( Ekektra Records);
Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing, (Distant Whisper Music); Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi, They’re Calling Me Home (Nonesuch); John Wort Hannam, Long Haul (Black Hen Music); Over the Moon, Chinook Waltz (Borealis); Allison Russell,  Outside Child (Fantasy); Phyllis Sinclair, Ghost Bones (Independent); Julian Taylor, The Ridge (Howling Turtle Music); Various Artists, I am of Ireland: Yeats in Song (Merrow Records);
New Discoveries: Emma Langford, The Lost Brothers , Grace Petrie,


Ian Davies: Artistic Director, Cuckoo’s Nest Folk Club, London, ON

Briga, Territoire (Briga Music); Annabelle Chvostek, String of Pearls (Indie); Shane Cook & The Woodchippers, Be Here for a While (Independent); Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi, They’re Calling Me Home (Nonesuch); Karen Matheson, Still Time (Vertical Records); Murray McLauchlan, Hourglass (True North); Ninebarrow, A Pocket Full of Acorns (Winding Track); Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Raise the Roof (Universal); Ballake Sissoko, Djourou (No Format); Various Artists, I am of Ireland: Yeats in Song (Merrow Records)
New Discoveries: The Gilberts; Cliodhna Ni Aodain; Logan Richard


Steve Edge: Artistic Director the Rogue Folk Club, Host of The Saturday Edge on CiTR, Vancouver

Justin Adams & Mauro Durante, Still Moving (Ponderosa Music); Bela Fleck, My Bluegrass Heart (Renew Records); Fourth Moon, Odyssey (Fourth Moon Records); The Fretless, Open House (Birthday Cake Media); Katayoun Goudarzi & Shujaat Khan, This Pale (Shujaat Khan & Katayou Goudarzi); The McDades, The Empress (Free Radio Records); Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray, Leave The Bones (Anjunadeep); Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Raise The Roof (Rounder); Katherine Priddy, The Eternal Rocks Beneath (Navigator Records); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy Records);
New Discoveries: Crys Matthews; Katherine Priddy; Tim Cummings w/ Pete Sutherland & Brad Kolodner


Cara Gibney: Writer fRoots, Penguin Eggs. Antonis Antoniou , Kkismettin (Ajabu! Records); Callum Easter, System (Moshi Moshi); Devin Hoff, Voices From the Empty Moor: Songs of Anne Briggs (Kill Rock Stars); Jim Ghedi, In the Furrows Of Common Place (Basin Rock); John Francis Flynn, I Would Not Live Always (River Lea); Karima Walker, Waking the Dreaming Body (Keeled Scales); Orquesta Akokan, 16 Rayos (Daptone); Renée ReedRenée Reed (Keeled Scales); Sofie Livebrant, Weep The Time Away: Emily Bronte (Rootsy Music); The Weather Station, Ignorance (Fat Possum)
New Discoveries: Antonis Antoniou, Jordan Moser, Renée Reed.


Philip Harries: Writer Penguin Eggs, Edmonton Folk Music Festival Volunteer.

Billy Bragg, The Million Things That Never Happened, (Cooking Vinyl); Brandi Carlile, In These Silent Days (Warner); Kat Danser, One Eye Open (Black Hen); Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper); Willie Dunn, Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies (Light In The Attic); Rhiannon Giddens With Francesco Turrisi, They’re Calling Me Home (Nonesuch); Lord Huron, Long Lost (Republic); The McDades: The Empress (Independent); Daniel Romano, Cobra Poems (You’ve Changed); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy); Yola, Stand For Myself (Easy Eye Sound)
New Discoveries: Carwyn Ellis, Madison Cunningham, Shaela Miller


Glen Herbert: Writer, editor

Norman Blake, Day By Day (Smithsonian Folkways Recordings); The Brother Brothers, Calla Lily (Compass Records); Dori Freeman, Ten Thousand Roses (Blue Hens Music); The Grascals,  Up All Night (Mountain Home Music Company); The Infamous Stringdusters,  A Tribute to Bill Monroe (Americana Vibes); Sarah Jarosz, Blue Heron Suite (Rounder Records); Tim O’Brien, He Walked On (Howdy Skies Music); Chris Thile, Laysongs (Nonesuch Records); Tony Trischka, Shall We Hope (Shefa Records); Gillian Welch & David RawlingsAll the Good Times (Acony Records).
New Discoveries: Driftwood, Leyla McCalla, Rainbow Girls


Ken Hunt: Europe-based music historian/critic, and Martin Carthy’s approved biographer

Iva Bittová and others, Pro Radost / For Joy (Indies); Nora Brown, Sidetrack My Engine (Jalopy Records); Peter Case, The Midnight Broadcast (Bandaloop Records); Scarlett O’ & Jurgen Ehle, Selbst die Sintflut / Dauert nicht ewig – Helene Weigel und Bertolt Brecht in Buckow (Electrocadero); Peggy Seeger, First Farewell (Red Grape); Spiers & Boden, Fallow Ground (Hudson); Joseph Spence, Encore: Unheard Recordings of Bahamian Guitar and Singing (Smithsonian Folkways); Various Artists, Deutschfolk: Soundtrack zum Volksliedrevival in der BRDDR (NoEthno); Various Artists, Roy Bailey Remembered (Towersey Festival); Various Artists, The Village Out West – The Lost Tapes of Alan Oakes (Smithsonian Folkways)
New Discoveries: Samantha Ege, Jim Ghedi, Romanovskà, Tichý, Hrubrý & Blažíková


Heather Kitching:  Managing editor, Roots Music Canada

Alex Cuba, Mendo (Caracol); Annabelle Chvostek, String of Pearls (Independent); Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper Music); Matt Epp and Isaac Murdoch, You Were Chosen to Be Here (Independent); John Wort Hannam, The Long Haul (Black Hen Music); Tania Joy, I Will Stand (Independent); Kyle McKearney, Down Home (Independent); Laura Niquay, Waska Matisiwin (Musique Nomade); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy); Adrian Sutherland, When the Magic Hits (Independent).
New Discoveries: Jane Mathew, Kyle McKearney, Semiah


Jim Marino: Freewheeling Folk Show, 93.3 CFMU, Hamilton.

Shawna Caspi, Hurricane Coming (Independent); Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper); The Fretless, Open House (Birthday Cake); Lennie Gallant, Christmas Day on Planet Earth (Gallant Effort Productions); John Wort Hannam, Long Haul (Borealis); Murray McLauchlan, Hourglass (True North); Chris Ronald, Light and Dark (Borealis); Ian Tamblyn, A Longing for Innocence (Sea Lynx Music); Wilderness of Manitoba, Farewell to Cathedral (Popguru); Caroline Wiles, Grateful (Independent).
New Discoveries: The Hello Darlins, David Lafleche, Jay Pollman.


Tony Montague: Writer, Penguin Eggs and fRoots

Arooj Aftab, Vulture Prince ( New Amsterdam Records); Justin Adams & Mauro Durante, Still Moving (Ponderosa Music); Billy Bragg, The Million Things That Never Happened (Cooking Vinyl); The Fretless, Open House (Birthday Cake Media); Rhiannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi, They’re Calling Me Home (Nonesuch); Lorcan Mac Mathuna, An Bhuatais & The Meaning of Life (Apple Music); The McDades, The Empress (Independent); Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray, Leave The Bones (Anjunadeep); Katherine Priddy, The Eternal Rocks Beneath (Navigator Records); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy Records);
New Discoveries: Arooj Aftab, Katherine Priddy, The Dancing Devils of Djibouti


Caitlin North: Presenter, The Arden Theatre (St. Albert)

Brandi Carlisle, In These Silent Days (Elektra); Madison Cunningham, Wednesday (Verve Forecast); Bela Fleck, My Bluegrass Heart (Renew Records); Lake Street Dive, Obviously (Nonesuch); Della Mae, Family Reunion (Della Mae/Soundly Music); Mdou Moctar, Afrique Victime (Matador); Punch Brothers, Cattle in the Cane (Nonesuch); Allison Russel, Outside Child (Fantasy Records); The Staves, Good Woman (Atlantic Records); The Weather Station, Ignorance (Next Door Records)
New Discoveries: Sierra Farrell, Hawktail, Big Thief


Rob Oakie: Executive Director Music PEI

David Crosby, For Free, (BMG); Nick Doneff, The Late August Days, (Nick Doneff Music); Dennis Ellsworth, Bound By Love, (Pyramid Scheme Records); Bela Fleck, My Bluegrass Heart, (Renew Records); Sarah Jarosz, Blue Heron Suite, (Rounder); Gordie “Crazylegs” MacKeeman, Folk for Little Folk, (Gordie Crazylegs MacKeeman); Andrew Marlin, Witching Hour (Tanyard Branch Music); Shane Pendergast, Second Wind (Corran Ban Music); John Smith, The Fray (Commoner Records); Billy Strings, Renewal (Rounder);
New Discoveries: Hadouk Trio, Michelle Willis, Noah Malcolm


John Prentice: Host, Planet Mainstage, UMFM Radio, Winnipeg

Sam Allison, Chris Coole, Adrian Gross, Mark Kilianski, John Showman, Adeline (Independent); Del Barber, Stray Dogs (Independent); Elage Diof, Wutiko (InTempo Musique); Ana Egge, Between Us (StorySound Records); The Fretless, Open House (Birthday Cake); Amythyst Kiah, Wary and Strange (Rounder Records); Joey Landreth, All That You Dream (Birthday Cake); The McDades, The Empress (Free Radio Records); Sultans of String, Sanctuary (Independent); Suzie Ungerleider, My Name is Suzie Ungerleider (MVKA); Whitehorse, Modern Love (Six Shooter Records);
New Discoveries: Burnstick, Juvel, Julian Taylor


Mike Regenstreif: Journalist, Radio host (CKCU), blogger, folk music maven.

Mary Chapin Carpenter, One Night Lonely (Lambent Light); Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper); Reggie Harris, On Solid Ground (Reggie Harris Music); Anne Hills, Accidental August (Hand & Heart Music); Diana Jones, Song to a Refugee (Goldmine); Peter Keane, Blues/Ballads/Cowboy Songs(Peter Keane); John McCutcheon, Bucket List (Appalsongs); Murray McLauchlan, Hourglass (True North); Maria Muldaur with Tuba Skinny, Let’s Get Happy Together (Stony Plain); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy).
New Discoveries: The Accidentals; Crys Matthews; Katie Oates


Jeff Robson: Host, Tell the Band to Go Home and Fly with your Shadow, CJUM 101.5 UMFM, Winnipeg.

Del Barber, Stray Dogs: Collected B Sides, Volume 1 (Independent); Sierra Ferrell, Long Time Coming (Rounder); Charles Wesley Godwin, How the Mighty Fall (Independent); John Wort Hannam, Long Haul (Black Hen); James McMurtry, The Horses and the Hounds (New West); John R Miller, Depreciated (Rounder); Joe Nolan, Scrapper (Fallen Tree); Serlin Greaves, Sad Songs for Sale (Fifth Kid); Leeroy Stagger, Dystopian Weekends (Independent); Suzie Ungerleider, My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider (Stella);
New Discoveries: Jerry Joseph, Stephanie Lambring, Jake Vaadeland


Lyle Skinner: Host, Prairie Ceilidh 92.7 FM CKJS, and Waxies Dargle CJUM/UMFM 101.5, Winnipeg, MB:

Cara, Grounded (Artes Music); Gnoss, The Light Of The Moon (Black Fly Records); Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys, The Wishing Tree (Pure Records); Leahy, Good Water (Self-Release); Mànran, Ùrar (Mànran Records); Seán McCann, Shantyman (Lean Ground Music); The McDades, The Empress (Free Radio Records); Christy Moore, Flying Into Mystery (Sony Music); Old Blind Dogs, Knucklehead (OBDmusic); Sharon Shannon, Live At De Barra’s (Kata Songs)
New Discoveries: Faeland, Bethan Nia, Katherine Priddy


les siemieniuk: Writer broadcaster (CBC and CJSW), former GM Calgary Folk Music Festival

Art Bergman,  Late Stage Empire Dementia (weewerk);The Brother Brothers, Calla Lily (Compass Records); T Buckley, Frame by Frame  (Independent); Willie Dunn, Creation Never Sleeps Creation Never Dies (Light in the Attic); The Fugitives, Trench Songs (Borealis); Rhiannon Giddons (with Francesco Turrisi), They’re Calling Me Home (Nonsuch); Amythyst Kiah, Wary + Strange (Rounde Records); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy Records); Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Theory of Ice  (You’ve Changed Records); Leeroy Stagger, Dystopian Weekends (True North)
New Discoveries: Bebe Buckskin, Leith Ross, Doug Hoyer


Brenda Tacik: Host, Deeper Well, CJTR, Regina Community Radio.

Maria Dunn, Joyful Banner Blazing (Distant Whisper); Sierra Ferrell, Long Time Coming (Rounder Records); Diana Jones, Song to a Refugee (Proper Records); Rob Lutes, Come Around (Lucky Bear Records); Tim O’Brien, He Walked On (Howdy Skies); Matt Patershuk, An Honest Effort (Black Hen Music); Chris PierceAmerican Silence (Pierce Records); Allison Russell, Outside Child (Fantasy Records); Yael Wand, Saltwater Heartwood (Reduction Road Music); Watchhouse, Watchhouse (Yep Roc Records);
New Discoveries: Margo Cilker; Buffalo Nichols, Shakey Trill.


Eric Thom: Music Writer, Toronto:

Norman Blake, Day By Day (Smithsonian); Jack De Keyser, Tribute (Blue Star Records); Tinsley Ellis, Devil May Care (Alligator); Mac McAnally, Once In A Lifetime (Mailboat Records); Kelley McRae, Can You Change The Heart of Me? (Independent); Randy Lee Riviere, Wyoming (Wilderness Records); The Steel Woods , All of Your Stones (Thirty Tigers/The Orchard); Dulcie Taylor, Rediscovered (Mesa/Blue Moon); Bill Toms & Hard Rain, Keep Movin’ On (Terraplane); Various Artists, Barry Waldrep & Friends Celebrate Tony Rice (Delta Grass).
New Discoveries:  Sam Moss; Single Girl Married Girl; Cleo Sol


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