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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Playlist For Show Of 29 September

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Radiant Regions, Recess Ratios and Rating Your Agent)

Guests: Howard Gladstone and Kim Beggs

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 New Elevation Records

Kirk Franklin ~ September ~ Interpretations ~ Celebrating The Music Of Earth Wind And Fire

* Hilario Duran ~ Papiosco's Match ~ Contumbao NEW DISK

Afrocubism ~ La Culebra ~ Afrocubism ~ World Circuit (2010)

* Eliana Cuevas ~ El Manantial ~ Golpes Y Flores NEW DISK

* Autorickshaw ~ Eleven! ~ Meter NEW DISK~ CD Release @ Small World Music Center tonight

5:30 Figuring The Hourglass

* Howard Gladstone ~ My Heart Won't Let Me Keep Still / Rider's Song (Cordoba) / Interview / The Road Is Me ~ Hourglass NEW DISK ~ CD Release @ Hugh's Room Live Thursday 5 October 

* Rick Danko ~ Times Like These ~ Times Like These (2000)

6:00 Kim Up For Air

* Kim Beggs ~ Frozen Horizon / Interview / The Prettiest Flowers (live) / Hurts The Worst (live) ~ Said Little Sparrow NEW DISK ~ CD Release @ Burdock 6 October 

6:15 Burn Units

Thievery Corporation ~ Sexelevatorial ~ Abductions And Reconstructions ~ @ Rebel Tuesday 2 October

* Tasha T. ~ Fire In Me ~ Hot New Singles NEW DISK

Albert King ~ Don't Be Cruel / One Night ~ Blues For Elvis ~ Three Kings @ Hugh's Room Live Saturday

6:30 Rise And Peace

* Ariana Gillis ~ Freedom ~ Headfull Of Stars  NEW DISK ~ CD Release @ Hugh's Room Live tonight

Mandolin Orange Big Men In The Sky ~ Hard-Hearted Stranger @ Horseshoe Wednesday 4 October

Bruce Hornsby ~ The Tide Will Rise ~ Harbor Lights (1993)

* Heillig Maneuver ~ Ba Komé ~ Thoughtful Fun NEW DISK ~ CD Release @ Jazz Bistro Friday & Saturday 6&7 October

Julia Holter ~ Feel You ~ In The Same Room (2016)

Ry Cooder ~ We Shall Be Happy ~ JAZZ (1978)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Playlist For Show Of 22 September

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Astronomic Upturn, Slavings Accounts & Outcome Tax)

Guests: Suba Sankaran, Ed Hanley and Dylan Bell of Autorickshaw

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Algorhymes

* Julie & The Wrong Guys ~ Heartbeats ~ Julie & The Wrong Guys NEW DISK

Sam Outlaw ~ Everybody's Looking For Home ~ Tenderheart ~ @ Great Hall Monday 25 Seeptember

Peter & Gordon  ~There's No Living Without Your Loving ~ The Best Of...~ Peter Asher @ Hugh's Room Live Tuesday 26 September

* Susan Aglukark ~ O Siem ~ White Sahara 

5:15 Meter Mates

* Autorickshaw ~ Nature Bhai / Interview with Suba Sankaran, Ed Hanley and Dylan Bell / Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard (live) / Hare Shiva ~ Meter NEW DISK ~ CD release @ Small World Music Center Thursday & Friday September 28 & 29

5:30  Blue Peregrinations

* Young Rival ~ 4:15 ~ Young Rival 

* David Vest ~ West Coast Saturday Night / Stop This Madness / Interview ~ Devestatin' Rhythm ~ @ Hugh's Room Live tonight

Koko Taylor  (September 28, 1928 – June 3, 2009) ~ Walking The Backstreets ~ The Earthshaker (Alligator 1978)

Danilo Perez ~ Galactic Panama ~ Providencia / Toronto Music Listings 

Tommy Castro & The Painkillers ~ Them Changes ~ Stompin' Ground NEW DISK (Alligator )

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Autorickshaw Pilots Into the Orbit and David Vest Comes In Out Of The Blue

Autorickshaw, long-time large in Toronto, have brought METER, their fifth album, to reality. It 's being unleashed at Small World Music Centre next week, on the 28th and 29th of September. Featuring the mercurial vocal flavours of Suba Sankaran, Ed Hanley's complex tabla recipes and Dylan Bell on crisp butter-fried bass, the sound that the trio has been distilling for almost fifteen years emerges funky and capricious into a fresh new style and relevance. Suba and Ed will align live with the Orbit at 5:15 for an intense convo and live jam. Be so there.

Further to the joint, a piano deity from across the Rockies is flying in for a show at Hugh`s Room Live: David Vest will give us a ding before his sound check to share his current concerns and concepts and discuss his performance this evening, Friday, 22 September with his band of vicious musicians, The Willing Victims.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Saturday Is Market Day: Kensington Jazz Fest`s Tasty Wares.

Aaron Davis transcends dimensions.

Nancy Walker melds pungence and poignance in her palette. 

Elizabeth Shepherd addresses expressive and panoramic lyrical portals at Tom's Place, a hidden haberdashery tucked into the fabric of the Kensington community.

Deep in the shade of rhythm, Eddie Bullen cultivates the cool.

Denielle Bassels enhances the arboretum of Cafe Pamenar with her fluid, florid vocal embroidery.

Piquance, pep and pearly whites flashing from Andrea, Lauren and Krista  of The Willows. 

Jacob Gorzhaltsan sweats out a sax solo to give Blue Jay Bart his first real whiff of jazz.

Shane hunkers down on a sweet, gritty, street-dirty groove.

Parking spots are difficult to find in Kensington, but guitarists always have their pick. Ted Quinlan rolls into the festival in style.

What is more beautiful: the music or the emotion that it summons ?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Playlist For Show Of 15 September

Illustration by Kenny Scharf

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Willowpellas, Metagascars & Newfoundlaments )

Guests: Lauren Pedersen, Krista Deady & Andrea Gregorio from The Willows, Donné Roberts and Yuki and Matthew Byrne 

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Dangeraniums

* David Myles ~ Dreaming ~ Real Love  NEW DISK

Paul Kelly ~ Love Is The Law ~ Nothing But A Dream @ Mod Club Wednesday 20 September

* Feist ~ Baby Be Simple ~ Pleasure @ The Carlu Monday 18 September for Polaris Prize Gala
* Tanya Tagaq ~ Sivilivinivut ~ Retribution  @ The Carlu Monday 18 September for Polaris Prize Gala

Carolyn Wonderland ~ I Found The Lions ~ Miss Understood @ Phoenix tonight 

* Suzie Vinnick ~ Led Zep's Rock And Roll ~ 33 Stars @ Prohibition for Kensington Jazz Festival Saturday 4 p.m.

* Royal Canoe ~ Love You Like That ~ Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit The Great Hall Sunday

5:30 Weave Only Just Begun

* The Willows ~ Breakfast In Bed \ Fuddie Duddie \ Interview \ Boy Oh Boy (live) ~ Tea For Three NEW DISK @ 4 Life Natural Foods Saturday for Kensington Jazz Festival 4 p.m. & CP24 Sunday a.m.& @ Jazz Bistro Wednesday 20 September

5:45 Melody Waters

Yes ~ Siberian Khatru ~ The Ultimate YES @ Massey Hall Saturday

* Mike O Neill ~ Don't Forget To Breathe ~ Wild Lines 

* Julian Fauth feat. Donné Roberts ~ Done Got Over That ~ Ramblin' Son @ Basso Blues Friday & Saturday

6:00 Sino-Madagascanadiana

* Donné Roberts ~ Ariengue ~ Internation \ Interview \ My Friend Malembo (live with Yuki) \ Filmonga (live with Yuki) @ Lola Sunday for Kensington Jazz Festival & @ Gate 403 Saturday 30 September

Donné Roberts and Yuki, with Lauren Pedersen, Krista Deady and Andrea Gregorio of The Willows

6:30 Rock Star

* Matthew Byrne ~ Adelaide / Kitty Bawn O'Brien / Interview / Horizon Lines NEW DISK @ Hugh's Room Live Thursday 28 September

6:40 Explordinary

Seu Jorge ~ Life On Mars? ~ The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou ~ Seu Jorge @ Massey Hall

* Murder Murder ~ Pale Rider Blues ~ Wicked Lines & Veins NEW DISK

Charles Lloyd ~ Mirror ~ Mirror (ECM) \ Toronto Music Listings

Nelson Riddle's Orchestra ~ Route 66 \ Naked City ~ The Best Of...

* David Clayton Thomas ~ Dancing To Labelle ~ The Evergreens

Thursday, September 14, 2017

September's Selected Salubrious Song Celebrants

Early in the show, patch in for dreamy jazz a capella, live with 
The Willows, who will be launching their new CD 
Tea For Three and kicking off their cross-Canada tour at Jazz Bistro next Wednesday, 20 September.

Wed 20 September
The Jazz Bistro | Toronto, ON

Sat 23 September
Manhattan's | Guelph, ON

Sun 1 October
Mahtay Café | St. Catharines, ON

Thu 19 Oct 
Forth | Winnipeg, MB

Fri 20 Oct
Venue TBA | Regina, SK  

Sat 21 October
The Bassment | Saskatoon, SK

Thu 26 October
Blackbird Cafe | Edmonton, AB

Sat 28 Oct
Grateful Fed | Kelowna, BC
Sun 29 October
Cottage Bistro | Vancouver, BC

Mon 30 Oct
Lorenzo's Place | Enderby, BC

Tue 31 October
Ironwood Stage & Grill | Calgary, AB

Thu 2 November – Sun 12 November
Christmas in November 2017 | Jasper, AB

Thu 16 November
Lula Lounge | Toronto, ON
w/Tia Brazda

Fri  24 November
Live on Elgin | Ottawa, ON
w/Tia Brazda

Sat 25 November
Upstairs | Montreal
w/Tia Brazda

Then an afro-blues wave will roll aboard with a live listen to T.O. guitar champ 
Donné Roberts, who is participating in Kensington Market Jazz Festival this Sunday at Lola, 4 p.m.

And at around 6:30 intensely curatorial Newfoundland guitarist Matthew Byrne will call in from Saskatoon on his way across the country with news of his latest release 
Horizon Lines. 
The album carries on the vital legacy of laments, waltzes and shanties that galvanize the history of The Rock. Matthew will be at Hugh's Room Live on Thursday the 28th of September with his unique talents and repertoire.
Matthew Byne dates
September 15 - Saskatoon, SK, The Bassment
September 16 - Regina, SK, Grassroots Regina
September 21-22 - Membertou, NS, Contact East Showcase
September 23 - Kitchener, ON, The Registry Theatre
September 24 - Holland Landing, ON, Gary's Garage
September 27 - Oakville, ON, The Moonshine Cafe
September 28 - Toronto, ON, Hugh's Room
September 30 - Wakefield, QC, Black Sheep Inn
October 1 - Sharbot Lake, ON, Sharbot Lake Inn
October 2 - Montreal, QC, Casa Del Popolo
October 4 - Fredericton, NB, Lansdowne Concert Series
October 5 - Mount Stewart, PE, Trailside Inn
October 6 - Berwick, NS, Union Street Café
October 8 - Yarmouth, NS, Yarmouth County Museum
October 11 - Halifax, NS, The Carleton
October 12-13 - Cape Breton, NS, Celtic Colours Festival
October 19-21 - Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Showcase Alberta
October 25 - Corner Brook, NL, Rotary Arts Centre
October 26 - Lewisporte, NL, Citadel House
October 28 - St. John's, NL, George Street Church