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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Playlist for Corby's Orbit Show of 23 April 2021 with Alec Fraser Jr. and Jonathan Rattos of The Dub Chronicles

 Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought to you by Solitary Solidarity, Volitional Individuality and the Immunity Community)

5-7 p.m. Fridays online an

Canadian Artists Asterisk'd In Red

Guests: Alec Fraser Jr. and Jonathan Rattos of Dub Chronicles

5:00 Beckoning To A Reckoning

* DALANNAH ~ Lullaby For The Missing And Murdered Women

* Susan Aglukark ~ Forgiveness NEW RELEASE

5:15  Insistent Replay

* Jeffery Straker ~ Play That Song Again ~ Just Before Sunrise NEW RELEASE

* The Fugitives ~ Wild One ~ The Promise Of Strangers

Poco feat. Rusty Young  (February 23, 1946 – April 14, 2021)~ Ride The Country ~ A Good Feeling To Know

* Katherine Wheatley ~ Great Big Guitar ~ Landed 

SOPHIE  (17 September 1986 – 30 January 2021) ~ Infatuation ~ Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Ins

* Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra ~ Fleur Variation 3 ~ Twisting Ways: Music by David Braid and Philippe Coté 
NEW RELEASE out 7 ides
May 2021

Paul McCartney & Dominic Fike ~ The Kiss Of Venus ~ The Kiss Of Venus lll Imagined NEW RELEASE

5:45 Should Have Guests

*Alec Fraser Jr. ~ On The Wings Of The Wind ~ On The Wings Of The Wind NEW RELEASE

* The Dub Chronicles ~ Interview with Jonathan Rattos / All Your Days a Breeze (ft Tash Lorayne) / Silver Lining / Herbsman (ft Kumar) / All Your Days a Dub (ft Tash Lorayne) / Simba (Return to the Dub) ~ 

Simba: Return To The Throne NEW RELEASE

6:30 Astro-Notes

* Qristina Brooke ~ Building Blocks ~ Linger

* Bumarang ~ Weasel ~ Weasel NEW RELEASE

* Suzie Ungerleider ~ Baby Blues ~ My Name Is Suzie Ungerleider NEW RELEASE

* Amelia Curran ~ Time Time ~ They Promised You Mercy

* Michie Mee feat. Tonya P. ~ Made It ~ Bahdgyals Revenge NEW RELEASE

* Celeigh Cardinal ~ The Tragically Hip's Ahead By A Century NEW RELEASE

Tony Joe White feat. Dan Auerbach ~ Smoke From The Chimney ~ Smoke From The Chimney NEW RELEASE

Poco ~ I Can See Everything ~ A Good Feeling To Know 


Sunday, April 11, 2021

2021 Canadian Folk Music Awards Nightly Showcases Present The Future Of Folk

 Jason, a Plains-Cree guitarist, and Nadia, a Francophone-Métis singer-songwriter, are Burnstick

What, is it time for the 16th annual Canadian Folk Music Awards already? This mostly volunteer organization has been celebrating Canada's rich community and niche song cultures in the late fall for years, giving a sense of closure and consensus to the yearly harvest of talents and voices. Recovering from the debut of last years spring ceremony that resulted in an emergency rescue broadcast, (apposite to sudden circumstances, of which the less said, the better) this year's series of online shows has been displaying the results of months of planning. 

The festivities have evolved into a series of artist-produced showcases, in full bloom for three consecutive evenings this past week - and a Saturday matinee - followed by two nights of awards, but the event has been sadly devoid of the customary group hugs, fiddle jams and dancing that once enhanced the autumn revelries. They have been full of bright new and glowing old tunes, presented in a variety of moods and formats, with a marked absence of the doomed zooms, awkward freezes and online folk-pas that have hobbled experiments in awards tv programming that we have all seen elsewhere recently.

 Impressively clean staging, warm sound mixes and sympathetic lighting have lent clarity and intimacy to the shows, expertly introduced, edited and segued by the CFMA's production team. Dear Graham Lindsey’s hand is apparent in the uniformly excellent production values. So far, some pretty folk-tabulous talents have been on display, on nightly, hosted broadcasts with artists booked five to a package, three songs each. Bonus for all: the broadcasts remain, so far, archived and available for later viewings. 

On Wednesday evening, as the first of ten acts in the regionally focused series, "From Far & Wide D’ici et d’ailleurs", the cherry-sweet sibling trio The Gilberts set their strings and cymbals in motion in a well lit, warmly resonant room with three magnificent microphones hugging every note . They presented a local ballad, a feathery a capella and a tantalizing pop tune, and all were, apparently, original. (note to Graham - onscreen song credits svp,merci?) 

The delightful Marie-Ève Laure transcended the video distancing factor with an engagingly clear voice-to-heart connection, featuring mellifluous lyricism and contrabasse enhancement. Joe Nolan’s winsome voice and hirsute COVID mane framed a trio of intimate love songs from his Drifters album that sailed out over rolling waves of 60s folk finger-picking. Coco Love Alcorn's Buddha-Gospel music sent out beams of soulful sunshine over ten tracks of looping that created an inspiring aural space and a choir of Cocos. The virtuoso level of the playing of acoustic trio Aerialists whipped up a surprising dessert of sparkles and skills that provided a perfect show stopper, after what had already been an exceptional menu.

Guitarist Benjamin Barille’s nuclear knuckles astounded everyone right out of the gate on Thursday night. With his ornate song structures he took his supporting cast, on cajon, violin (Jessica Hana Deutsch!) and upright bass, careening along his compositional escarpments. A photo of John Coltrane over his shoulder gave testimony to the height of Benjamin’s musical aspirations. The indelible song experiences that Sarah Jessica Scouten imprints on the ear with her honesty, humour and imagery are always a life event, and to hear her crystal sharp solo delineation of songs from her Confessions album made me lonely for her old country gang-jams at the Cameron House.

The sentimental sway and consanguinity of Beausejour’s music bound heartbreak and inspiration together, all at the same moment, with the comfortable blend of voices that sounded as if they had been united in harmony since birth. Beòlach spread out their banquet of articulate and lively instrumental sweetness with crescendos of fiddle melody and step dancing. NOW it’s a party. Then a shady atmosphere of spookiness manifested itself with Sussex’s dimly-lit and compelling voodoo dementia stylings, bristling with reverberant moodiness and the lonesome ghost of Robert Johnson.

Friday night’s Indigenous showcase featured two artists who would also be performing on the Saturday night awards show: Julian Taylor, who has finally made a huge stride into the big time with his album of confessional autobiography, The Ridge; and Leela Gilday, who provided strong healing power and initiatives for communal courage through her music, flanked by the colourful energy of her sisters bold and vibrant paintings.

The pride of Manitoulin Island, Crystal Shawanda, signaled her ability to fulfill a highly charged commitment to singing out her hopes and regrets, with a voice full of waterfalls and whirlpools, which, as she sings it, is bigger than the blues. A.W. Cardinal of Blue Moon Marquee, gave vent to some bluesy intentions, taking up Crystals exultant TGIF vibe with sinewy jazz smoke curling around every groove. The gentle and confident affections always generated by Burnstick held us in a charmed mist while their voices tangled and tingled with a soaring sense of purpose. William Prince, a paragon of soulful communication, brought his stoic calmness and wrenchingly empathetic integrity to everyone present, reaching across the technology into each listening heart with his goodness.

 Having the opportunity to hear this music at the leading edge of spring has given a large group of folk-thusiasts a sense that there are vast horizons before and behind us, and that, as host Jean Hewson said while introducing The East Pointers, Traditions Belong To The People Who Shepherd Them Into The Next Generation.

Make sure you find them on Facebook and YouTube, if you haven't yet.

Last show tonight at 8:00.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Playlist For Show Of 9 April 2021 with CFMA Nominees


Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought to you by Explanation Marks, Hash Touques & Semi-Cool Ones)

5-7 p.m. Fridays online an

Podcast Available At: Mixcloud

Canadian Artists Asterisk'd In Red

5:00 Soak Music


* Big Little Lions ~ We Were Young NEW RELEASE

Lia Sampai ~ La Caixeta ~ Amagatalls De Lum PRE-RELEASE (Available 14 May)

* Rise Ashen & Trevor Walker ~ Lift Dub ~ Common Ground NEW RELEASE

* Pharis & Jason Romero ~ New Day ~ Bet On Love CFMA Noms: Traditional Album / Vocal / English Songwriters / Vocal Group / Ensemble of the Year / Producer Of The Year (Marc Jenkins)

5:30 Folk Swaggin'

* Moscow Apartment ~ Two Timer ~ Better Daughter 
CFMA Nom: Young Performer

* Coco Love Alcorn ~ What I Need ~ Rebirth CFMA Nom: Contemporary Singer Of The Year

* Aviva Chernick ~ Arvoles Yoran ~ La Serena CFMA Nom: World Album Of The Year

* The Barrel Boys ~ Highway ~ Mainline CFMA Nom: Vocal Group Of The Year

Dan Penn ~ The Rest Of My Life ~ The Country Soul Revue

Sufjan Stevens ~ A Free Man In Paris ~ A Tribute To Joni Mitchell
painting by Marc Chagall>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

* Lynn Miles ~ Old Soul ~ We'll Look For Stars CFMA Nom: Solo Artist Of The Year

* William Prince ~ Old Souls ~ Reliever CFMA Nom: Contemporary Album/Singer / English Songwriter / Solo Artist / Single Of The Year

* Big Little Lions ~ All Of These Moments ~ Big Little Lions CFMA Nom: Vocal Group Of The Year

Thievery Corporation ~ All That We Perceive ~ The Richest Man In Babylon

Foals ~ In Degrees ~ Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

* Crystal Shawanda ~ New Orleans Is Sinking ~ Church House Blues CFMA Nom: Indigenous Songwriter Of The Year

6:15 Inspiration Dates

* Sussex ~ Drive ~ The Ocean Wide 
CFMA Nom: Ensemble Of The Year 

Mark Isham ~ In A Silent Way ~ The Silent Way Project (Columbia1999)

* Code Quartet ~ Beach Community ~ Geneaology (Justin Time) NEW RELEASE

* Mike McKenna Jr. ~ Travellin' Man ~ Travellin' Man CFMA Nom: Contemporary Album Of The Year 

Valerie June ~ Stardust Scattering ~ The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers 

* Bernice ~ Groove Elation ~ Eau De Bonjourno NEW RELEASE

Kokoko! ~ Kitoko ~ Fongola

6:40 Intimate Ultimatums

* Dalannah ~ Lullaby For The Missing And Murdered Women NEW RELEASE

* Susan Aglukark ~ Forgiveness ~ NEW RELEASE

Millennium Parade ~ Fly With Me

painting Left-Handed Fiddle by Corby>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Canadian Folk Music Awards and Showcases Coming To Us Live - ALL WEEK!

photos by Corby and Leonard Poole
All six shows will be streamed via the CFMA website,  on Facebook and on YouTube. 
Please “like” our facebook page here for easier access to the live stream →

The 2021 Canadian Folk Music Awards Schedule: 

Wednesday April 7th – 8:00pm~9:15pm ET → From Far & Wide 1 

Hosts: Vic Close & April O’Donoughue


Thursday April 8th –  8:00pm~9:15pm ET → From Far & Wide 2

Hosts: Graham Lindsey & April O’Donoughue


Friday April 9th -8:00pm~9:15pm ET → The Indigenous Music Showcase on SiriusXM 

Hosts: Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais & MJ Dandeneau


Saturday April 10th – 12:00pm~1:15pm ET → Children’s Performer Showcase‘ – CFMA Cross-Canada Pyjama party’ 

Host: Jocelyne Baribeau


Awards Show Night 1: Saturday April 10 @ 8:00PM ET

Hosted by Jean Hewson and Benoit Bourque


Awards Show Night 2: Sunday April 11 @ 8:00PM ET

Hosted by Jean Hewson and Benoit Bourque


Saturday, April 3, 2021

Playlist for Corbys Orbit Show of 2 April 2021 with Dani Nash


Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought to you by Forever Jung, All Reich Now, and Kentucky Freud Chicken)

5-7 p.m. Fridays online an

Guest: Dani Nash

Podcast Available At: Mixcloud

Canadian Artists Asterisk'd In Red

5:00 Corroborating Heavy Dance

* Curtis Andrews ~ Tom Ta Tom Taka Tom Takita Tom ~ Speaking Hands NEW RELEASE

Jon Batiste ~ Adulthood ~ We Are (Verve) NEW RELEASE

Bjork ~ There's More To Life Than This (Non-Toilet Mix) ~ Venus As A Boy Singles

U-Roy ~ Your Ace From Outer Space ~ Version Galore

* Sarah Jerrom ~ Things That Came Out Of The Sea ~ Dream Logic NEW RELEASE

Jess Klein ~ Little White Dove ~ Draw Them Near

Onipa ~ We No Be Machine ~ We No Be Machine 

5:40 Nash Tags

* Dani Nash ~ When I Run / Interview / Fantasy / New Trend / 

Be Honest ~ Dani Nash (Victory Pool)  NEW RELEASE

6:00 Movementations

Joy Harjo ~ Allay Na Lee No ~ I Pray For My Enemies ~ Sunyata Records/Sony Orchard Distribution NEW RELEASE

* Donovan Woods ~ Clean Slate ~ Without People NEW RELEASE

* Chris Ronald ~ City Girl ~ 

* Peter Katz ~ The Calm Within The Storm ~ NEW RELEASE

Jungle ~ Keep Moving ~ Loving In Stereo NEW RELEASE

Mike Plume ~ Remember To Forget ~ Lonesome Stretch Of Highway (Royalty Records)  NEW Video / Single

Chris Cain ~ Hush Money ~ Raisin' Cain (Alligator) NEW RELEASE

Ziggy Alberts ~ Heartbeat ~ Searching For Freedom NEW RELEASE

* Joseph Brooks Organ ~ Lovelorn ~ Lovelorn NEW RELEASE

* Busty & The Bass ~ Venus (feat. Terrell Morris, Kallitechnis & Tika The Creator) / Jupiter (feat. Verdine White) ~ ET Suite NEW RELEASE

* Braids ~ Slayer Moon (Secret City) NEW RELEASE

6:40 High Beams And Rafters

Benny Mails ~ These Days ~ Transgressive Records Sampler 15 NEW RELEASE

Flume feat. HWLS & SlowThai ~ High Beams ~ Transgressive Records Sampler 15 NEW RELEASE

A Lighter Shade Of Brown ~ Hey DJ (Ken-Lou New School Vocal Version) 

Zella Jackson-Price ~ I'm So Happy To Know I'm His Child ~ Say Amen Somebody Sdtrk. (1983 DRG)

Delois Barret-Campbell & The Barrett Sisters ~ He Brought Us Say Amen Somebody Sdtrk. (1983 DRG)

Richard Robbins ~ Balloon ~ Jefferson In Paris Sdtrk.