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Monday, May 30, 2022

Corby's Orbit Playlist for Show of May 27, 2022 with Guest Host Howard Gladstone

Podcast at:

5:00 Hugh's Room Live Shows

Suzie Vinnick |All I Wanna Do | Share The Love Around 2018

June 3 | 3030 Dundas W


Raoul and the Big Time | You My People | Live recording

June 10 | 3030 Dundas W


Jerry Leger | Kill It With Kindness | Nothing Pressing NEW RELEASE

May 31 | Paradise Theatre


Shawna Caspi  | Wait, Love | Hurricane Coming 2021

June 25 | 3030 Dundas W


Paul Reddick | Mourning Dove | Ride The One 2016

June 23 | 3030 Dundas W


5:25 Michael Laderoute – Celebration of Life

June 12 – Tranzac Club Toronto   3:30pm


Steve Paul Simms | Deck of Dreams |  Michael Laderoute: Our Friend/ Soundcloud


Glen Hornblast | Full Moon Rider | Michael Laderoute: Our Friend/ Soundcloud


Michelle Rumball | A River I Know | Michael Laderoute: Our Friend/ Soundcloud


Michael Laderoute | Lonesome Without You | A River I Know 2005


5:40 Sing Festival – A Cappella


FreePlay | An Englishman in New York | Talk To Me NEW RELEASE

May 29 | 3030 Dundas W


The Kinsey Sicks | I Did Survive | unknown album

June 2 | Concert Hall


Take 6 | A Quiet Place | Take 6

June 4 | Eventbrite


6:00 International Indigenous Music Summit (online)

June 8-12

Leela Gilday | Falling Stars | North Star Calling 2019


Digging Roots | Sweetwater |  Digging Roots


 Amanda Rheaume | Supposed to Be | Supposed To Be



Logan Staats | Deadman | Single 2021


DJ Shub & Snotty Nose Rez Kids | War Club | War Club

JUNO WINNER | Indigenous Music 


 6:20 Mel Brown Festival –

Carlos Morgan ~ Interview / We're Gonna Make It / Joni Nehrita ~ High Tide Low Tide ~ Love & Protest / Mel Brown ~ Slalom ~ Chicken Fat (Impulse) / Carlos Morgan ~ Have A Little Faith

Mel Brown Blues Festival in Kitchener / Waterloo this weekend


6:45 Final Bows


Melanie Peterson | Ruined Love | NEW RELEASE SINGLE


Greg Hobbs | Alcohol | Michael Laderoute: Our Friend/ Soundcloud


Julian Taylor | Ballad Of A Young Troubadour | The Ridge


Ori Dagan | Clicked On | Click Right Here NEW RELEASE


Jay Yoo & Mark Kazakevich |   | Dual Unity

ALBUM RELEASE – May 31 | Jazz Bistro 

Liberating Exploratory Planetary Proclivities


Saturday, May 21, 2022

Playlist for Corby's Orbit Show of 20 May 2022 with Ori Dagan


Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

5-7 p.m. Fridays online HERE
and Tuesdays at 9pm & Wednesdays at midnight on

GUEST: Ori Dagan

Brought to you by Insular Peninsulas, Startling Terrain and Brutal Buttes)

Canadian Artists Asterisk*d in RED

5:00 Going Coastal 

* Shift From Tha 902 ~ Home Town ~ NEW RELEASE

* Isaac Murdoch ~ Keep It In The Ground ~ NEW RELEASE

* LxVNDR ~ Feelin' Myself ~ (Black Buffalo Records) 

* George Crotty Trio ~ Snow Globe ~ Chronotope  PRE - RELEASE 22 July

* Daniel James McFadyen ~ August, I'm Yours

* Crystal Shawanda ~ Cry Out For More ~ The Whole World's Got The Blues (2014)

* Dave Carroll ~ The Giant ~ Until One Day

* John Finley ~ Party Party (Live At The Paradise 2021) NEW RELEASE

5:45 The Ori App

* Ori Dagan ~ Interview / Hashtag World / Viruses / My Finger Slipped ~ Click Right Here NEW RELEASE ~ @ The El Mocambo Thursday 26 May for CD / Vinyl Launch

6:05 Outer Reaches Of Inner Spaces

Plinio Fernandes ~ Assanhado ~ Saudade NEW RELEASE

* Carly Rae Jepsen ~ Western Wind ~ Western Wind NEW RELEASE

* Absolutely Free ~ How To Paint Clouds ~ NEW RELEASE

6:20 High-Level Radiations

Giveon ~ Lie Again ~ NEW RELEASE

Pink Oculus ~ Kung Fu NEW RELEASE

* Reeny Smith ~ Good-bye NEW RELEASE

* Tyra Jutai ~ Not Right Now ~ NEW RELEASE

Regina Spektor ~ Up The Mountain NEW RELEASE

* Justine Giles ~ Save Myself  NEW RELEASE

Sorry ~ There's So Many People That Want To Be Loved NEW RELEASE

* Susan Aglukark ~ Tikitaummata ~ The Crossing NEW RELEASE 

Ghost Funk Orchestra ~ Modern Scene NEW RELEASE

Miles Okazaki ~ In Some Far Off Place ~ Thisness NEW RELEASE

Leyla McCalla ~ La Bal Est Fini ~ Breaking The Thermometer NEW RELEASE

Monday, May 16, 2022

Juno Dress Rehearsal 2022


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Thanks to providential serendipity, a happy afternoon was spent by the Orbit at Beer-Brand Stage on Toronto's lakeshore, listening to the most popular musicians in Canada putting on foundation layers for The Game Face, in preparation for their performances at the 2022 Juno Awards broadcast later that night.

Host Simu Liu kept himself amused by dancing, posing, mixing with his entourage and arm-pumping the prop Juno that was handed out repeatedly for "Baby Don't Hurt Me / What Is Love" and "Sandstorm Melvin Remix", the two bogus titles that were being accepted by random volunteers in the absence of the winning celebs du jour. 

Many Canadian music luminaries were on hand for their sound checks however, and photos and phone vids were generously permitted for the hundred or so fans who were there, with the single exception of Avril Lavigne, who wanted to keep things dark.

Her rehearsal performance, beneath a cloud of black balloons, went swimmingly, with a band of florescent bouncing bandmates and a shimmer in her voice that has not lost any of its intense lustre in the last 30 years. Arcade Fire's elaborate closing setup took a long while and featured a fluttering air tube dancer that was cut from the broadcast.

The ever-patient Toronto audience was so tediously well-mannered that Win Butler eventually cracked, "Why so quiet? Arcade Fire is standing right in front of you."

Outstanding choreography by Haviah Mighty's crew 

and the Indigenous power-pack of DJ Shub and Snotty Nosed Rez Kids' cavalcade of hoop dancers, leathers and feathers, and prismic waves of neon fringe were actually more compelling in broad daylight than they appeared on tv later, with so many shadowy cuts and rapid pans.

Opening act Arkells had a horn section that chunked up their sound in a way that excited the mosh pit into looking away from their phones for a minute. Simu's dance duet with Regina's Breakthrough Artist of the Year

Tesher and his team gave actual visceral form to the meaning of Asian Heritage Month. Charlotte Cardin, on the energy slipstream from her triple win the evening before professionally steamed through her set in a white t-shirt with, apparently, a lot on her mind.

RoseAnne Archibald gave an inspired speech about the role of the arts in the struggle for the actual truth that is necessary in reconciliation. And Regent Park poet Mustafa had all present holding their breath through his elegiac rendition of Stay Alive. 

Deborah Cox's set was in full force, holding nothing back with her amazing band and chorus.

There was much to applaud and savour in this spirited presentation, which seemed to be probably the best production of the Junos since the A.C.C edition in 2011. Or maybe that's just the Toronto in me talking.

Regent Park's Mustafa Wins Alternative Juno Award


A light was shining on and through Regent Park this past weekend as long-time local poet-in-chief Mustafa took the Alternative Album of the Year Juno award for his 2021 album When Smoke Rises on Saturday. He used his acceptance speech to eulogize friends from the community.

"I wrote a record on death. I wrote a record on loss. On the loss of friends in Regent Park. And I had to do it because as they were breaking down my community, I realized in that moment that the only people that were going to be able to document the memories of my friends were the people that knew them. I watched Canadian publications announce the deaths of my friends using mug shots, descriptors being dated criminal records and I knew then that I would have to rewrite their memories.
I'm not going to speak about how I am the first Black Muslin to get this award. I think that being THE FIRST OF ANYTHING should now be critiqued more than celebrated." 

"I want to thank Ali's mom who is here today. I hope I did justice to the memory of your son....and I want to send a prayer to all of the young people who passed by way of violence, who passed without any retribution or reason. And I hope that we can continue to dismantle the state-sanctioned violence, the systemic violence in all of our communities. And I hope that Canada tries to actively pull it from the ground because I feel like Canadian systems are constantly trying to bury the horrors of what those systems are doing to our communities."

Thank you guys so much man."

On Sunday, surrounded by his friends, he performed Stay Alive on the Juno stage and CBC television in a bullet-proof vest labelled "POET". You can watch it here:

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Corby’s Orbit Playlist For Show Of May 13, 2022.


Guest Host ~ Howard Gladstone

(Brought to you by Spatial Interest Groups, Hubble Hobnobbing and Venusian Schmoozin').

Podcast available at:

5:00 Total Recool

Ori Dagan | Rebirth of the Cool | Click Right Here NEW RELEASE

May 26 @ El Mocambo

Jay Yoo & Mark Kazakevich | More To It | Dual Unity NEW RELEASE

May 31 @ Jazz Bistro 

Lunar Bloom | Call Me A Woman | Running Deep NEW RELEASE

Onna Lou | Diamante | Saber NEW RELEASE

5:20 Let's All Talk About Bruno

Bruno Capinan - Interview with Paul Corby / Deuses Deusas / Quelquer Lugar / Ode Ao Povo / Brasileiro ~ Tara Rara NEW RELEASE out TODAY

5:45 Roots Peers

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings | Lost Those Blues Again | O Glory NEW RELEASE

Iskw√© & Tom Wilson | Blue Moon Drive | SINGLE NEW RELEASE

Susan Aglukark | Journey Home | The Crossing NEW RELEASE

Maria Dunn | Second Hand Skates | Joyful Banner Blazing JUNO NOMINEE

6:00 Hot Doc

Doc MacLean ~ Interview / Bone Train | Narrow House

Africa Blues (unreleased) / Jimmy Lee Jackson’s Blues (unreleased)

Streamline (solo acoustic - unreleased) 

6:30 Status Cymbals

Myles Goodwin | For Ukraine | single NEW RELEASE

Benj Rowland | Opeongo Line| Community Garden NEW RELEASE

Cowboy Junkies | The Way I Feel / Love In Mind | Songs Of The Recollection NEW RELEASE

Pierre Kwenders | Kilimanjaro | Jose Louis and The Paradox Of Love NEW RELEASE

Ori Dagan | Viruses | Click Right Here  NEW RELEASE

Jay Yoo & Mark Kazakevich | Freedom | Dual Unity NEW RELEASE TODAY