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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, June 26, 2020

Playlist For The Greatest Songs Of Canada Day Show 2017 / 2020

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought to you by  Borealism, Primeval Doings and Timber Tantrums)

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Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Call Me Freedom

* Alanis Morissette ~ Thank U ~ Supposed Former Infatuation  Junkie

* Poor Angus ~ Barrett's Privateers ~ Gathering

* Gordon Lightfoot ~ Black Day In July ~ Did She Mention My Name?

* K'Naan / Young Artists For Haiti ~ Waving Flag

5:20 The Way It Could Have Been

* The Weakerthans ~ Pamphleteer ~ Left And Leaving

* The Band ~ Acadian Driftwood ~ Northern Lights Southern Cross

* Adrian Miller ~ City Of Paradise ~ Mother Earth

* David Clayton Thomas & The Bossmen ~ Brainwashed 

* Crosby Stills Nash & Young ~ Ohio 

* Shirley Matthews ~ Big Town Boy 

5:50 Infinity Always Gives Me Vertigo

* The Rankin Family ~ Rise Again ~ North Country

* Bruce Cockburn ~ Mystery ~ Life Short / Call Now

* Lynn Miles ~ The Coldest Winter In The History Of The World / High Heels In The Snow ~ Winter

6:15 No Apologies For Being

* Alessia Cara ~ Wild Things (New Kid Remix)

* Buffy Sainte Marie ~ Magic Is Afoot (God Is Alive) ~ Illuminations

* Ron Sexsmith ~ God Loves Everyone ~ Cobblestone Runway

6:30 Like A Bird Or Like A Kid

* The Guess Who ~ Share The Land ~ Wheatfield Soul

* Fortunate Ones ~ Wherever You Go ~ The Bliss

* Geoff Berner ~ The True Enemy ~ Whiskey Rabbi

6:45 The Dazzling Darkness

* Joni Mitchell ~ Shine ~ Shine

* Ron Hynes ~A  Good Dog Is Lost ~ Get Back Change

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Canada's Best Songs. Every One Is Listening. And Every One's Awake.

The heights of perception and depths of empathy required
to touch souls with the healing comfort of music 
would seem to have been distributed to the sons and daughters of our country most generously.
In honour of a very different & difficult Canada Day...

Here. Have some of this.

These are the best of the greats.

Made with glowing hearts.

Listen live 5-7 p.m. Friday @ Radio Regent
and 9 p.m. Tuesday and midnight 
Wednesday @ Blues & Roots Radio

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Playlist For Corby`s Orbit Show of 19 Juneteenth 2020 with Julian Taylor and Jay Cleary

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought to you by Storms of Consciousness, Motor Cyclones and Tornado Paste )

Guests: Julian Taylor and Jay Cleary

Podcast here 

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Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Extra-Torrential Guitars

Ernie Ranglin (born 19 June 1932) ~ The Bubbler ~ Gotcha! 
photo: Ernie on Toots` Reggae Got Soul video for Playing For Change.

* Songs Of Tales ~ Non-Fiction ~ Life Is A Gong Show (Roots 2 Boot Records) NEW DISK 

* Joe Nolan ~ Jaguar ~ Drifters (Fallen Tree) NEW DISK

* Paul Grady ~ Quèbec Song ~ Careless Boy E.P. NEW DISK

Tommy Bolin ~ Fandango ~ Whips and Roses

5:30 Cops & Ragas

Hakim Bey feat. Bill Laswell ~ Boycott Cop Culture ~ T.A.Z. (1994)

Miles From India Band feat. Dave Liebman ~ Ife (Fast) ~ Miles From India @ Koerner Hall ~ 3 October 2020

5:50 Taylor Made

* Julian Taylor ~  The Ridge / Interview / Ola, Let`s Dance / Love Enough ~  The Ridge (Howling Turtle)  NEW DISK Julian Taylor The Ridge

* Sherman Downey ~ To-Do List ~  New Beautiful  NEW DISK


6:15 Fingazz Crosses Over

* Ammoyé (Reggadiction Remix) ~ Imperfections NEW SINGLE

* Andru Branch & Halfway Tree ~ Rock Steady ~ The Singles NEW RELEASE

Interview with Jay Cleary / Memories of Desmond Wilson aka Fingazz R.I.P.

photo: House Of David Gang with Jay (left) and Fingazz (center)

* House Of David Gang feat. Desmond Wilson  ~ Good Vibration 

Little Axe ~ Midnight Dream ~ Putumayo Presents Blues Lounge

6:45 Heart-icle Accelerators

* Jerry Leger ~ Tell A Lie ~ Time Out For Tomorrow 

* Noah Reid ~ Underwater ~ Gemini NEW DISK

B.o.B. ~ Just A Sign ~ Strange Clouds 

The Byrds ~ We`ll Meet Again ~ Mr. Tambourine Man ~ for Dame Vera Lynn R.I.P.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Intense Events and Emerging Surges

On this week`s show, from Julian Taylor, a taste of his new record, The Ridge, and a salute by Jay Cleary to T.O. reggae keyboard massive Desmond Wilson aka Fingazz R.I.P.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Bruce Cockburn at 75 Celebrates Half A Century Of His Music

As Bruce Cockburn reaches his 75th year, we can rejoice that he is still a stealer of fire, dancing his sunwheel dance in the falling dark of the dragon’s jaws. Roots Music Canada joins the rest of the world in celebrating his birthday, his music, his Junos, his doctorates, his investiture into the Order of Canada, his inductions into numerous musical Halls of Fame, his redemptive presence as a cosmic troubadour in Samuel R. Delany’s Dhalgren & The Shack by William P. Young, his performances on Saturday Night Live and at Pete Seeger’s birthday party, and his perilous witness, from the front lines of fear, at scenes of political violence around the globe.
Examine his talents. How much faceting can one diamond sustain? Lyrical master of specifically Canadian imagery, startlingly complex guitar explorer, bold mystic with Christian / Taoist / Buddhist / Sufi sleeves proudly spread, one of the original bilingual folk singers (ses textes ont été imprimés en français depuis l’époque de Trudeau), international peace-seeker, singer of both delicacy and urgency, shy public figure, punky Gemini, outspoken political critic and beacon, muscular ecologist, memoirist (Rumours Of Glory, 2014), gentleman feminist, and member of the all-star Canadian chorus, the Northern Lights, that rose up to roar out the crucial ”Let’s show ‘em Canada still cares!” line on the African famine relief anthem “Tears Are Not Enough.”
Bruce is waiting out this current deterioration of normal at home in San Francisco, “quite a lot busier than what used to be normal,” he reported, “(fathering), listening and reading: Fernando Pessoa’s novel The Book of Disquiet, William Gibson’s Agency, and poetry by Charles Bukowski, Joan Logghe and Wislawa Szymborska. For music, it’s pretty random. Recent listens include YouTube videos of David Russell’s stunning guitar playing as well as various performances by Voces8, Charles Mingus’ Tijuana Moods (an old favorite), the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street, and Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht.”
In honour of this birthday, one of Bruce’s first musical friends who celebrated his own 75th in March,, Sneezy Waters, recalled the beginning stages of his journey, saying “When I failed Grade 12 (from too much folly) my parents thought it would be a good idea to switch schools and buckle down. So at Nepean H.S. I ran into Bruce. He told me he played guitar, so I brought my Martin to school one day, and after school we went over to his house to jam. He brought out his guitar, which was a big Gibson hollow-body, just like Wes Montgomery played, and a lovely Ampeg jazz amp. He played so well but wasn’t the least [bit] boastful. He also loved Grant Green’s playing. We really had a good time and arranged many more jams.
“We eventually formed a band called The Children, along with my friends Nev Wells, Sandy Crawley and Chris Anderson. He played some keyboards for us and also played a 12-string, along with a Telecaster.
He was writing back then and encouraging the rest of us to write songs.
The rest, for both of us, is history.”
Fellow musician Ian Tamblyn, who worked with him on 2008’s Dancing Alone: The Songs of William Hawkins, remarked on Bruce’s “composure and openness” in the studio. He also had the honour, in 2014, of presenting Bruce with an honorary Doctor of Laws degree at Carlton University for his work in environmental, First Nations and social causes. In his presentation, Ian noted that “Bruce has had three overriding themes in his work: his great spiritual search, his dedicated call for social justice in the world, and his articulation of the collision of human relationships in these dangerous times.” He continued, “Bruce Cockburn has been both bold and courageous, whether it be in his work with Lloyd Axworthy to end the use of land mines, his environmental work with David Suzuki and Greenpeace, his work on behalf of the Unitarian Service, or his demands for democratic and environmental rights in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mozambique or Mali.”
His outstanding personal qualities have kept him rooted in long-lasting friendships. Publicist Jane Harbury, who has been buddies with him since their days together at Toronto’s fabled Riverboat, respects him for being always “funny, smart and gracious.” She elaborated: “He doesn’t change on a personal level. He has an ability to make people want to love him. And he remembers everything.” She recalled him best, “coming in the back door of the club in a fluffy old hat with his big dog Aroo.”
Illustrator Michael Wrycraft, who has designed the last nine of Bruce’s album covers, revealed that, “although he comes across as serious, Bruce is actually very light-hearted. Once you get past his professional presence, you find out he has a great laugh.” Their creative collaboration in bringing the unique visuals that accompany every new record together is consistently stress-free (with the exception of the altered American cover of You’ve Never Seen Everything, “which the record company thought looked like speed metal, or the devil.”). Of Bruce’s part in the process, Michael confided, “He plants a germ, a tiny seed of an idea, usually drawn from the album title; and after extensive chat, I come back with the work, and he says “That’s great!” Bruce’s loyalty to Michael’s vision has now stretched over 21 years. Manager Bernie Finkelstein has guided his career for over 50 years now, based upon a handshake.
Michael Reinhart is a composer/singer-songwriter and visual artist who has released five albums, the most recent being eCHO. He lives and works in both Montréal, QC and Edmonton, AB. Recently he’s been creating several new instrumental guitar pieces. He has been a Cockburn fan since his teens. “I loved that on those seminal albums, with so many instrumentals featured, above all I could hear the rich wood tone of the guitar, moreso than the metal of the strings, an analogue sound I still aspire to myself. I’ve never been much interested in doing cover versions, but among the few that I have attempted, ‘Foxglove’ was one that, despite the initial frustrations and physical pain involved, was invaluable to my finding my own way, my own style, my own sound.”
Michael has composed a gamboling birthday air to pay tribute to his musical mentor
On behalf of all of his friends and fans at Roots Music Canada, we would like to say “Steady on Mr. C., and well done.”
A recent release, Bruce Cockburn – True North – 50th Anniversary Box Set with five LPs became available this month.
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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show Of 12 June 2020

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

Contains an edited re-broadcast of Corby's Orbit originally aired at CKLN.FM on 14 February 2014. Plus new stuff.

( Brought to you by Tardy Favours, Light Bloomers, & Journeys Come Lately )

Guests: Vivienne Wilder and Lynn Miles

Podcast here 

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Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Afro-Requiem

Manu Dibango (12 December 1933 – 24 March 2020) ~ Dangwa ~ Soul Makossa 

Majek Fashek (March 1963 – June 1, 2020) ~ Let It Shine ~ Little Patience 

Rachid Taha (18 September 1958 – 12 September 2018) ~ Je Suis Africaine ~ Je Suis Africaine 

5:20 Renewable Emergencies

* Mike Janzen ~ Bit By Bit ~ NEW SINGLE

* Emilie Claire Barlow ~ Stumpy's On The Loose Again ~ NEW SINGLE

5:30 Unspoiled Wilder-ness

* Vivienne Wilder ~ Jimmy / Interview / Ricky / Never Lovers ~ postromantic (Fallen Tree) NEW DISK

5:45 Blue Yonders

* Wayne Nicholson & John Campbelljohn ~ Knocking At your Door ~ Elmore's Blues NEW DISK

*  Raoul & The Big Time ~ Killing My World ~ You My People (2009)

Harvey Mandel ~ Baby Batter ~ Baby Batter ~ For Greg Corby 

6:00 Past Lynn Miles Ago

* Lynn Miles ~ Moth / Sad / Interview / How To Be Alone (live) / Love Is Red (live)  / My Road (live) ~ Downpour (2013)         

* Ron Hynes ~ Cryer's Paradise ~ Cryer's Paradise (1993)

6:40 Intention Span

* Michael Reinhart ~ Spring Fever (For Bruce Cockburn's 75th birthday) NEW COMPOSITION

*Julian Taylor ~ Over The Moon ~ The Ridge NEW DISK

Dion DiMucci feat. Paul Simon ~ Song For Sam Cooke ~ Blues With Friends NEW DISK

Sam Cooke ~ Today I Sing The Blues ~ Encore (1958) 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Postromanticism in Bloom

There will be another brand new/second hand Orbit broadcasting this Friday, June 12 on Radio Regent , mixing the newest of the new Canadian releases, a nod to Black History Month, and a vintage visit to a past Orbital flightpath.

This Friday is also the release date for Vivienne Wilder's rocktastic EP, postromantic on the Fallen Tree record label.She will confide about its resonances of love in a reviving world.

Then settle in for a classic interview / live performance with soul-folk fave Lynn Miles, recorded while she was touring in support of her key 2014 album of romantic pragmatism, Downpour.

Upward ever!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Corbys Orbit Playlist For 5 June 2020

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

An edited re-broadcast of Corby's Orbit originally aired at CKLN.FM on 6 May 2010

( Brought to you by Metre Showers, Stand Up Comets  and Tempo Tantrums )

Guests: John Walker, Raul Rekow, Dennis Chambers Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr

Podcast here 

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Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Maple Tomorrows

* Truths & Rights 1981 ~  Get Up ~ Time For Us To Unite NEW DISK

* Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps feat. Lenya Wilks ~ Wish ~ Long Time Ago Rumble NEW DISK

* HiFiLo ~ FTL ~ Speak Your Name NEW DISK

5:15 Songcasters

Sarah Jarosz ~ I'll Be Gone ~ World Gone To Ground NEW DISK

* Sarah Harmer ~ The Lookout  Are You Gone NEW DISK

* Clara Engel ~ Old Feathered Devil ~ Hatching Under Stars NEW DISK

* Kari Van Der Kloot ~ It May Not Always Be So ~ The Architects NEW DISK

* Layla Zoe ~ Black Oil ~ Retrospective Tour 2019 NEW DISK

5:45 A Drummer's Dream 

Interview with John Walker, Raul Rekow, Dennis Chambers & Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr

Steely Dan feat. Dennis Chambers ~ Kid Charlemagne ~ Alive In America 

Orchestre Super Mazemebe ~ Samba ~ Mazembe 

6:40 Physical Futures

Belle-Skinner ~ Big City Blues ~ NEW SINGLE

* Charlie Acourt ~ I Get Joy ~ Come On Over

* Mike McKenna Jr. ~ High Ground ~ At The Edge Of The World NEW DISK

* Big Little Lions ~ Rise NEW SINGLE

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Backbeats and Forecasts ~ Star Drummers Shine in Orbit

Ten years ago, Montréal director John Walker's documentary, "A Drummer's Dream", exposed the thoughts and talents of world renowned drummers Nasyr Abdul Al-Khabyyr (Dizzy Gillespie), Dennis Chambers (Steely Dan & Santana), and (the late, great) Raul Rekow (Santana).

I was fortunate enough to be granted an hour-long interview on "Corby's Orbit" with these luminaries of percussion when we were still broadcasting out of CKLN.FM. We got up to some real talk about international drumming heroes, the inspirations of drumcraft and deep explorations of the universe of rhythm.

That hour is presented here again for your edification.

This week's show will also feature the best of new, progressive music that has been released into the ear-o-sphere since the great pandemic retreat began.
I will be including blues from the Maritimes, R&B from Manitoba and fresh excerpts from the global tunefulness that keeps nowadays songwriters busy all their lives.

There will be ample programming in recognition of June as Black Music Month.

Corby's Orbit airs Friday from 5-7 p.m. EDT on Radio Regent and at 9 p.m. Tuesday and midnight Wednesday on Blues & Roots Radio.

Wontcha come up and listen for a bit please?