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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show Of 28 July 2023

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby                               

( Brought to you by Barbie Wire, Doll Drums & Heavy Mattel)

* Canadian Artists in asterisked red

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5:00  Ignitial Inclinations 

Sid Sriram ~ The Hard Way ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Daniel James McFadyen ~ Sunshine ~ Songs To Show Your Friends EP ~ NEW RELEASE 

Jamila Woods ~ Tiny Garden ~ Water Made Us ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Mally Bless ~ Smoke My Herbs ~ In Love With Livin'

MaJa ~ A Vivir En Desacuerdo ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Waymzy ~ Drive Test ~ Inchoate 

* Brittany Kennell ~ Together We're Rich ~ I Ain't A Saint

* Clone feat. Kelly Zombor ~ Queen ~ NEW RELEASE 

5:35 Long Wave Radio

* Charlotte Cardin ~ Jim Carrey ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Jessie Reyez & Sam Smith & Cat Burns ~ Perfect ~ NEW RELEASE 

Sevana ~ 'Lowe Me 

Andrew Bird ~ Mo' Teef ~ Outside Problems ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Mindbender Supreme feat. Tough Dumplin ~ The Love That Love Produced ~ The King Of Queen Street ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Wolfie's Just Fine ~ Good Enough ~ Everybody Is Dead Except Us ~ 

* Jayli Wolfe ~ Blood Orange ~ God Is An Endless Mirror ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Gayance feat. Janette King ~ Dead End ~ Mascarade  ~ POLARIS PRIZE NOMINEE

* Haviah Mighty & Omega Mighty ~ Zoom Zoom ~ NEW RELEASE 

6:10 Hip Eponymous

* Eli Rose ~ As De Coeur ~ Hypersensible ~  PRE RELEASE Oct. 29

Oxylade ~ Intoxycated ~ NEW RELEASE

* POSTDATA ~ Try ~ Run Wild ~ PRE RELEASE Sept. 22

* Francois Bourassa Quartet ~ Prologue ~ Swirl: Live At Piccolo ~ NEW RELEASE

John Vincent lll ~ Highway Woman ~ Songs For The Canyon ~ PRE RELEASE

Nina de Vitry ~ History ~ PRE RELEASE

Astro Van ~ Jump The Edge ~ PRE RELEASE

6:40 Ricochets Lounge

* Luna Elle ~ Tempo ~ NEW RELEASE 

* La Force ~ October ~ XO Skeleton ~ PRE RELEASE Sept. 29

* Adrian Dennis ~ New Blues ~ Moon Rising ~ NEW RELEASE

* Cam Kahin ~ Try Again ~ When It's All Over ~ NEW RELEASE 

* Dominique Fils-Aimé ~ Feeling Like A Plant ~ NEW RELEASE 

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Jon Brooks Hosts Sad Mondays At The Cameron


Listen, listen, listen well. Toronto songwriter Jon Brooks is back onstage.

He is at the Cameron House on Monday evenings all summer at 6:00 for weekly illustrious and heroic song sessions he refers to as Sad Mondays.

The second edition, of eight, was performed this past week for a few dozen adherents and drop-ins, some of whom had driven eight hours to get there, including musical partisans Alec Fraser. with his partner Maggie Fraser, Roger Zuraw and Sean Gorman.

Formatted to feature new work in the first hour and becoming gradually open to suggestions in the second half, Jon maintains a steady repartee and an intimate rapport with his audience, creating a positive trance state with the help of guitar sorcerer Neil Whitford, (right) and, more often than not, Vivienne Wilder, along with some pre-recorded tabla.

His issues include helping the animals, saving the world, and the progression of empathy, with an eye to digital technology, the plight of the refugees and the ongoing attempts to abduct our collective intelligence by the forces that be.

He perseveres.

All summer.

Remember, remember, remember what I tell.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show Of 14 July 2023



Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby                               

( Brought to you by Pterodata, Brontosources and Philosoraptors)

* Canadian Artists in asterisked red

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5:00 Solar Isotopes

* Jon Mullane ~ The Sun In The Summertime ~ California EP NEW RELEASE

* The Prairie Dogs ~ I Can Almost See The Sun 

* Brock Stonefish ~ Turtle Island 

* Rachel Bobbitt ~ King Size Bed ~ The Text Collector ~ NEW RELEASE

* Matt Gerber ~ The Most Beautiful Corner ~ NEW RELEASE

L'Rain ~ New Year's Unresolution ~ NEW RELEASE

Benny Bock & Nora Stanley ~ Peaches ~ NEW RELEASE

Becca Mancari & Brittany Howard ~ Don't Even Worry ~ NEW RELEASE

Sampha ~ Spirit 2.0 ~ NEW RELEASE

5:40 Sermons & Serums 

* Big Little Lions ~ It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere ~ AMPM ~ NEW RELEASE

* The Refugees ~ Gram Parsons' Sin City ~ California ~ NEW RELEASE

Melody Gardot & Phillippe Powell ~ This Foolish Heart Could Love You ~ Entre Eux Deux: The Paris Sessions ~ NEW RELEASE

* Reid Jamieson ~ Mama's Day ~ NEW RELEASE

* Noah Zacharin ~ Tons Of Road ~ Points Of Light ~ NEW RELEASE


6:00 Science You've Been Gone


* AVRY ~ Pillows ~ NEW RELEASE

* Eric Ryan feat. Kaiyel ~ Floored ~ NEW RELEASE

* Danny Michel ~ The Lighthouse (Wedding Song) ~ Ghost Town ~ NEW RELEASE

* Rise Ashen ~
Shaemara's Weightless Remix ~ NEW RELEASE

LMC ~ Bryan Adams' Run To You Remix ~ NEW RELEASE

* Johnny Eaton ~ Here's The Thing ~ Here's The Thing ~ NEW RELEASE

Anne-Marie feat. Shania Twain ~ Unhealthy ~ UnhealthyPRE RELEASE July 28

6:30 Conceptual Theo-rhetorics

Domi & JD Beck feat. Mac DiMarco ~ Two Shrimps ~ Not Tight ~ 

Sanjay Hari & Gift Chiwa ~ Jigaban ~ Afro Lounge ~

* Ken Whiteley feat. Davod Azad ~ I'm So Glad I'm Here ~ NEW RELEASE

Radio Citizen ~ Everything ~ Berlin Serengeti ~ (2008)

* Art Bergmann ~ A Hymn For Us ~ NEW RELEASE

* Mary Lou Sicoly ~ Get Outta Town ~ Lemon Meringue Pie ~ NEW RELEASE

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Photos From June Tunes And Shows 2023

At the end of May, at Exco Levi's tribute to Denise Jones, my band The Memberz brought decisive reggae inspiration to The Garrison's dance floor. We connected deeply with the audience while celebrating the release of the new African-made video for our single, What Ah Joy, backed up with promotional t-shirts, buttons and real talk.

Treson offered some original acoustic compositions before the 
reggae vibes took over.

June began with a two-day show of some of my more jazzical paintings at The Beach Guild of Fine Art's spring exhibition.

An evening with monster guitarist and songwriter Noah Zacharin was brief but intensely rewarding as he wove his fingertips together into musical points of light.

The Memberz closed Roots Music Canada's party celebrating five years of Canadian roots music coverage at The Tranzac with a short set of originals.

Denielle Bassels took some time for the Orbit with an interview at The Only Café to spotlight her latest collection of new tunes entitled Little Bit A Love.

Duncan Hopkins, foundation Canadian jazz bassist, hosted Ted Quinlan and Reg Schwager's elaborate string theories at Hirut on the Danforth along with melodic drummer Ted Warren as they explored the music of Kenny Wheeler.

A party of devoted Beatles singers harmonized through two sets of fab tunes with expert assistance from Fergus, Neil Chapman, Bob Cohen and Julie Long on Fathers Day.

Catchfiya brought beats and future tones to Al Qahwa's CD release for Weyn Allah.

Soul jazz from Boston saxman Braxton Cook brought a Sunday crowd into the middle of Avenue Road to rejoice on the first weekend of T.O. Jazz Fest.

Saturday, July 1, 2023

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show Of 30 June All New All Canadian Canada Day Special with Alex Exists


Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby                               

( Brought to you by Canadisiacs, Beaver Peltings & Maple Leavings)

* Canadian Artists in asterisked red

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5:00 Illuminated Nominees

* Liam MacKenzie & The Moondogs ~ Circle On The Sun ~ Once Again Here's... EP ~ NEW RELEASE

* Jane Bunnett & Maqueque ~ Tomorrow ~ NEW RELEASE

* Dan Mangan ~ Fire Escape ~ Being Somewhere ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

* DEBBY FRIDAY feat. UNAS ~ I Got It ~ Good Luck ~ 

* Khotin ~ Fountain, Growth ~ Spirit Release ~  POLARIS NOMINEE

* Laila Biali ~ Blame It On My Youth ~ Your Requests ~ TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival Saturday with The Ostara Project

* All Hands Make Light ~ Sparrow's Lift ~ Darling The Dawn ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

* Begonia ~ The Only One ~ Powder Blue ~ POLARIS NOMINEE @ Toronto Jazz Fest Saturday 9pm

* Mariel Buckley ~ Everywhere I Used To Be ~ Everywhere I Used To Be ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

* Badge Époque Ensemble ~ Clouds Of Joy ~ Clouds Of Joy ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

* Murray Lightburn ~ Once Upon A Time In Montréal ~ Once Upon A Time In Montréal ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

* Nico Paulo ~ The Master ~ Nico Paulo ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

* Tami Neilson with Willie Nelson ~ Beyond The Stars ~ Kingmaker ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

* Aquakultre ~ Don't Trip ~ Don't Trip ~ POLARIS NOMINEE

6:00 Fame And Fire

* Alex Exists ~ Interview / Mindful Madness feat. Martha Johnson / John Lennon's Instant Karma / Camera Boy ~ Everybody's Famous ~ 
NEW RELEASE @ Bar Cathedral Thursday 13 July for Record Launch Concert 

6:20 Healthy Shelters For Emotion Sickness 

* Chris Blades ~ I'm In Love ~ NEW RELEASE

* Courtney Wolfe ~ Can You See Me? ~ NEW RELEASE

* Sarah Jane Scouten ~ Wilder When I Was With You ~ NEW RELEASE

* Katie Tupper ~ She Said ~ Where To Find Me (A&C) ~ NEW RELEASE

* Del Barber ~ One Good Year ~ Almanac ~ NEW RELEASE

* Sophie Lukacs ~ Forama ~ Bamako ~ NEW RELEASE

* Olivia Maisel ~ The Nearness Of You ~ A Moment In Time ~ NEW RELEASE

*  Andy Shauf ~ You Didn't See ~ Norm ~  POLARIS NOMINEE

* Divine Brown ~ Next Best Thing ~ The Love Chronicles (2006) 

* Carly Rae Jepsen ~ Shy Boy ~ NEW RELEASE

* Dan McLean Jr. ~ The Man I Am ~ NEW RELEASE

* Walk Off The Earth ~ O Canada (Live)

* Rose Cousins ~ I Were The Bird (Loop)

& Bruno Capinan ~ Gozo (Loop)