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Corby's Orbit
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Asa - The Way I Feel

I feel pain when they try to bring me down
But as long as this world keeps turning round
I know it won’t last forever
Ok ok my life is moving
But demons are fighting
Ok ok tears are dry now
But demons are fighting

I feel like I’m floating through existence
I feel like I’m living after time
I feel like I’m forced to break the silence
Is that a crime? Is that a crime?
I feel like we’re all following shadows
And shadows they don’t know where to go
I feel like I’m waiting for tomorrow
While today wastes away

It’s not that I don’t know
It’s not that I can’t see
It’s not that I haven’t noticed
It’s driving me insane
It’s not that I don’t know
It’s not that I can’t see
It’s just the way I feel
It’s just the way I feel

I feel like a child without a father
And mama tries oh lord knows mama tries
I feel like the world is on my shoulder
I wonder why, wonder why
I feel like I’m not the only one who’s frustrated
I feel like something’s going wrong
I can’t escape it
I feel like the destinies of those meant
To be the best
Are in the hands of liars now the world is on fire

I feel like we’re not angry enough
That while we wait, time’s ticking away
I feel there’s gonna be an explosion!

It’s not that I don’t know
It’s not that I can’t see
It’s not that I haven’t noticed
It’s driving me insane
It’s not that I don’t know
It’s not that I can’t see
It’s just the way I feel
It’s just the way I feel

More lyrics:
All about Asa:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Playlist for Show of Friday, 19 August, 2011

Illustration by Jean Yves Lemoigne
Playlist for Corby’s Orbit on CKLN.FM, Show of Friday, 19 August, 2011
Host Paul Corby, guests Mike Angus and Greg Lawson
 (brought to you by Love, Hope and Optimism)
11-2 p.m. online. Canadians in red.

11:00 Songs for Jack Layton
Asa – The Way I Feel
Mike Angus – Swallow It Whole / Interview / Be There (You Won’t) / Italy
Kevin Gordon & Lucinda Williams – Down To The Well
Justin Townes Earle – Can’t Hardly Wait

Blues for Jerry Leiber and Nicholas Ashford
Tim Vaughn –Hold Onto My Head
J.J. Grey & Mofro– On Air
Donald Fagen – Ruby Baby
Ashford & Simpson – Get Up And Do Something
Steven Ambrose – Strike My Name
The Beatles – Kansas City

12:00 Eklektik Breezes
Jay Atwood & Susan MacCorkle – Tomorrow Never Knows
Jaz Klash – The Gift
Tasseomancy – Healthy Hands Will Mourn You
Strippers’ Union – Nala
Jorge Martinez – Del Corazon Al Alma
Bahamas – Try, Tried, Trying
Rebekah Higgs -  Girl In The Sweater
 Political Séance
The Paint Movement – Young Lights
The DoneFors - Carry
David Bowie – Panic In Detroit
Young Artists For Haiti – Waving Flag (Alternate Version)

1:00   I Roy spotlight, selected by Greg Lawson
Super Fly / Sidewalk Killer /Alright Alright
Togetherness / Keep On Spinning / Education For Free
Cow Town Skank / Prime Minister / Pusher Man
Devil’s Brother-In-Law / Frankie J and Melinda
Black Man Time / Move Up Roots Man / Peace
There Must Be A Way
Determinations – Sweet Night Dew
Viking’s Remedy – Jackie, Ancel & Winston / Sleeping Dub / Tonight

Thank-you Jack Layton : They'll Call You Freedom

From Jack Layton, MP, Député

Re: Revocation of the CKLN-FM license
February 3, 2011
Dear Chairman von Finckenstein,
I am writing with regard to the CRTC’s recent decision to revoke the license of
CKLN-FM radio.
Independent, community-based radio is essential to our broadcasting system.
Diversity of ideas and analysis is important for a healthy democracy. For these
reasons, CKLN was created many years ago.
I understand that CKLN may have previously fallen out of compliance with CRTC
regulations. The station’s staff, however, has made efforts to remedy these past
problems. They are making progress and are determined to meet all the
requirements of their license renewal.
In light of these efforts, I believe the revocation of CKLN’s license to be
significantly premature. To echo the dissenting opinion of CRTC commissioner
Louise Poirier, I believe that the measure adopted is disproportionate to the fault
in question. It would have been more prudent and consistent with the
Commission’s common practices to issue a mandatory order accompanied by
close monitoring of the licensee. This would have constituted fair treatment for
CKLN Toronto.
CKLN has always worked hard to provide a voice to the marginalized and to
speak out against inequality.  It is vital that these voices not be silenced.

Should the decision of the CRTC to revoke CKLN’s license be appealed, I would
strongly urge the commission to reconsider the severity of the measure they
have decided to implement.
Yours Sincerely,
Hon. Jack Layton, MP, P.C.
Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada

Vintage Vinyl Paradise

1.      People who don't need air, food or money are sometimes referred to as vinyl collectors. As many as had heard were at CKLN today to pick up legendary amounts of rare and immaculate records, from over 30 years of programming in local community radio at their Vintage Vinyl Sale. Labelled "CRFM" or "CKLN Do Not Steal", thousands of disks passed into private collections and dealerships, at prices that would make a yard sale regular hesitate to bargain further.
        Surprising quantities of classical, soundtrack, jazz and even mainstream titles were stacked on floors, tables and corners amongst the alt. rock, funk and roots music that the station rose to prominence with in the 80's. (Hmm... not much reggae at all! ) The avalanche of Canadian content was inspiring, setting off memories of bands long forgotten. (Damn! Why didn't I grab that Vital Sines record?). Whole catalogues of artists were on sale. I realized that I had bought many of these titles from hearing them on CKLN in the first place.
      What DID I pick up? 
      Thanks for asking! 
      Here's an insight into my programming from now 'til Christmas:

1    Andre Previn  - Irma la Douce sdtrk. (scratchy but nice)
2.       Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – New York Scene ( Live meditations with Blanchard, Mulgrew Miller, Donald Harrison)
3.       Bill Connors  -  Of Mist and Melting
4.       Bonnie Raitt  -  Home Plate (Her best band: Freebo, John Hall, Bill Payne, Gary Mallaber and Jim gordon's horns)
5.       Captain Beefheart Tribute Album, V.A.  – Fast ‘n’ Bulbous
6.       Carmen McRae -  Carmen Sings Monk ( Immaculate, one of the best jazz vocal albums ever made.)
7.       Crosby / Nash  -  The Best of… 
8.       David Bromberg  -  My Own House / Sideman Serenade
9.       Don Pullen / George Adams Quartet  - Song Everlasting
10.    Ed Bickert /Rob McConnell  -  Mutual Street (against all odds, the sweet interplay of trombobe and guitar duets)
11.    George Winston / Darol Anger / Mark Isham – Country
12.    Hot Tuna – Double Dose (Live)
13.    J.D. Souther  - Home By Dawn
14.    Jack Bruce / Robin Trower – Truce
15.    James Newton  -  Echo Canyon  / James Newton
16.    John Bottomley  -  Library of the Sun
17.    John Sebastian  -  The Four of Us  /  Real Live
18.    Kalahari Surfers – Living in the Heart of the Beast
19.    King Biscuit Boy w. Crowbar  - Official Music (Almost whooped when I saw this one)
20.    Kronos Quartet  -  White Man Sleeps
21.    Laura Nyro  - Season of Lights (Live)
22.    Maria Muldaur  -  Sweet and Slow
23.    Maxine Sullivan  -  1944-1948
24.    Mike Murley –The Curse
25.    Mimi Farina  -  Solo
26.    Muddy , Koko, Willy Dixon Etc. – Blues Deluxe
27.    Nadine Sutherland  -  Until
28.    Norman Blake & Tony Rice  -  Blake & Rice 
29.    Paul Kelly and the Messengers – So Much Water So Close To Home
30.    Paul Winter  - Earthbeat (with Russian Choir )
31.    Phil Ochs   - A Toast to Those Who Are Gone
32.    Ranking Roger  -  Radical Departure
33.    Richard Burton – The World of Dylan Thomas
34.    Rick Roberts – The Best Of…/ Windmills
35.    Ricky Skaggs & Tony Rice  - Skaggs & Rice
36.    Susannah McCorkle  -  No More Blues (with Emily Remler on half the record)
37.    The Double Six of Paris - The Double Six of Paris
38.    The Go-Betweens  - liberty Belle & the Black Diamond Express
39.    Tom Rush  - Ladies Love Outlaws
40.    Plus many e.p.’s and compilations 
     I would have gotten more, but, seriously, I took all I could carry.

             Thanks to Mike and Chris (above) and Jacky for organizing a smooth, fun and unique shopping experience.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Expresso Abso Tracto at the AGO Toronto

Dave and Linda and I went in out of the solar geometry of the August gorgeosity yesterday and visited the tracings, marks, stains, and discolourations that were jammed into the fuel lines of art in the late forties and burst into Abstract Expressionism New York.
Arshile Gorky, the Groucho Marx of the anti-glyph, met us at the door, with three succinct arguments against symbolism. "What do you feel?", he asked, and we had to dig deep, because we already knew his answers. Tragedy. Loss. Pain. And the intangible secret wind blowing behind the canvas draperies of beauty.
Big paintings were in scarce supply, but two huge exclamations by women dominated the next level of revelation. Eliminating the figures and organic imagery characteristic of the feminine eye, Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler bend us backwards, up into the scrutiny of emotional calligraphy.
Jackson Pollock is well represented, though nothing big enough to get lost in has travelled from New York. His Easter lily painting is a generous moment of pure colour in the complex grotto of his famous splatter.
Louise Bourgeois, on paper, and a wall or two of black and white photography by Siskind and Harry Calahan illustrate how second-nature this way of seeing has become to our strategic repertoires in these later days of image solution.
A totemic sculpture of wood, rope and ceramic opened the way to the colourfield experiment. As the pretense of connection to the visceral starts to dissolve in the far expeditions of Rothko and Motherwell and the chill of Franz Kline, our interest became critical.
After the drunken collapse of the AbEx style near the end of the exhibit and the gift shop hazard, I suggested we return to the front hall to thank Gorky (and his brothers, William Baziotes and De Kooning, who was playing jazz on the harp of the traditional female figure in a well-lit corner) for a wonderful eye-party. No one had invited Paul Klee or Charlie Parker, who would have been honoured to have been thought of as the most original of expressive avatars. Invite yourself sometime, see what you think. And feel.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Playlist for August 19, 2011

Illustration by  BlackJonc
Host Paul Corby, guests David Francey and Steven Ambrose
 (brought to you by antique apparati, tears of the Amazon and Abstract Expressionism,)
11-2 p.m. online. Canadians in red.
11:00 New Canadian Mysticians
Ian Kelly – What You Like
Shelly O’Brien – Gather In The Clouds
The Weather Station – Know It To See It
The Deep Dark Woods – Sugar Mama
Library Voices – Anthem for a New Canadia
Whitehorse – Broken
Jennifer LFO – The Whale
Song Generators
Danny Schmidt – Houses Sing
Howard Baer – My Luve is Like A Red Red Rose
Jorma Kaukonen – Izze’s Lullaby
Bonnie Ste-Croix – Gone Without a Word
Lindi Ortega – I’m No Elvis Presley
World Doctors
Gilles Peterson – Como Como
Nana Vasconcelos, Mauricio Maestro – Chegada
Interview with Bob Timmins re: Brazilian Consulate Protest Monday
12:00 David Francey Visits
David Francey – Morning Train, Interview, The Waking Hour
Country Show-offs
Chet Atkins – Mountain Melody
The Modern Grass Quartet – Back to Mexico
Organic Jazz Orgy
Heavyweights Brass Band – The Plunge
Gypsophilia – Skirmish
Hoagy Carmichael – Billy-a dick / Look Out Below
Terry Clarke – Flanders Road
1:00 Steven Ambrose Visits: All Rise
WTAL – Be Glorified
Steven Ambrose – Start All Over
Interview with Steve
Steven Ambrose – Love’s Breaking Out / Fiddlin’ With The Funk
Stevie Wonder – Stubborn Kind of Fellow
Disciples of Soul
Asa – Why Can’t We?
Selah Sue – This World
Beres Hammond – Live On / Celebrate Life
Sounds of Blackness / Craig Mack – Spirit
J.J. Mofro – Country Ghetto (Live)
 Illustration by Dan Arbro

Friday, August 19, 2011

What Music Says: Act Now!

The Brazilian Congress is on the verge of approving a major rollback of the Brazilian Forestry 
Code, already causing a huge spike in deforestation.
Leading forest guardians have been victims of murder and intimidation.

This is one of the defining environmental struggles of our times; the assault on the Amazon 

must stop! We, the international community, need to stand in solidarity with the growing 
numbers of Brazilians calling for environmental sanity and respect for human rights in the 
Amazon. Together, we can make a difference.

take action!  
Monday, August 22 · 3:00pm - 4:30pm

at the Embassy of Brazil in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

77. Bloor Street West

In Toronto we will be painting our hands RED and placing red war paint on our face to be in 

solidarity with the Indigenous People!

Aquecimento Global by

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playlist for 12 August, 2011

Playlist for Corby’s Orbit on CKLN.FM, Show of Friday, 12 August, 2011
Host Paul Corby,
guest host John Leeson of
(brought to you by flares in the sun, tears in the web and instinctive design,)
11-2 p.m. online. Canadians in red.

Joyful Rock
DD/MM/YYYYY – I’m Still In The Wall
The Square Root of Margaret – Hallucinate Your Holiday
John Lennon – Tight As
Library Voices – Generation Handclap

Blues Comes To Town
The 24th Street Wailers – Got A Way With Me
Downchild Blues Band – Soaring
David Gogo – Do You Know How It Feels?
Doug Wamble – Think About It All

Song Wielders
Sarah MacDougall – Sometimes You Lose, Sometimes You Win
Rodney Crowell – The Rise & Fall of Intelligent Design
The Weather Station – Yarrow & Mint
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Little David Play on Your Harp

Afro Havana Cultura
Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Soul Drummers’ Mix - Diondlablala Njalo
Gilles Peterson mixes Ogguerra – Arroz con Pollo
D’walla remixes Gilles Peterson – Lagrimas de Soledad

Funks y Flores
Aline Morales – Avoou
Jill Scott & Eve – Shame
Rose Royce – Do Your Dance
Maestro Fresh Wes – Backbone Slide Power Mix

Higher Consciousnesses
Selah Sue – Please (feat. Cee=lo Green)
The Mighty Diamonds – Go Seek Your Rights
Phil Kellogg – And Then It Rained (feat. Henry Kaiser)

John Leeson’s Selection
1.    Khaira Arby - Khaira
2. Stella Chiweshe - Zungunde

3. Libyan mix
 a) Muammar Gaddafi (mixed by Noy Alooshe) - Zenga Zenga
 b) Dr Adel Idris Almsheeti - I Will Remain
Two Amazigh songs:
4. Ossan - unknown title
5. unknown (it was only a minute or so)
6. Bombino - Tar Hani
7. Creole Choir of Cuba (aka Grupo Vocal Desandann) - Se Lavi
8. Billy Joe Shaver - If I Give My Soul
9. Carolina Chocolate Drops - Snowden's Jig
3.       Toronto Entertainment Listings
 (background) Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou - The Homeless Wanderer
Sign-off : David Crosby and Graham Nash – Where Will I Be? / Page 43

Friday, August 12, 2011


Two days of independent music and visual art - for all ages - in and around Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island.

Saturday, August 13
6:00 - Moon King
6:45 - Jenn Castle
7:30 - Monogrenade
8:15 - Evening Hymns
9:00 - Julie Doiron
9:45 - More or Les

Sunday, August 14
6:00 - Muskox
6:45 - Dog Bus
7:30 - Steamboat
8:15 - The Wooden Sky
9:00 - DD/MM/YYYY
9:45 - Rich Aucoin

Also featuring:

Land Lake Land, a collaboration between artists and performers curated by WhipperSnapper, featuring installations and site-specific interventions by Yuula Benivolski (Jenn Castle), Scott Cudmore (Evening Hymns), Joshua Barndt and Adrian Dilena (The Wooden Sky and DD/MM/YYYY).

Plus film screenings • Art installations • Open studios • BBQ • Swimming • Bonfire • Games • And more!

Doors 4pm each day

Tickets available in advance at Soundscapes and Rotate This only.

Saturday - $12 advance / $15 at the door
Sunday - $12 advance / $15 at the door
Weekend Pass (festival only, no camping) - $20 advance / $25 at the door
*does not include ferry fare

Supported by:
Toronto Arts Council
Ontario Arts Council
Scion Canada
Soundscapes Music

Thursday, August 11, 2011

John Leeson will be in the Orbital Selector Seat Tomorrow

The global music matrix monitor for Toronto shows is right here

Find out what he has been listening to Friday afternoon at 1:00.

Rastafest and Vinylfest

Tribute Canoe Project for Grandfather William Elder Commanda

Photo courtesy Calum's Day Media Productions
Reportage by Phil Weir

After the Circle of all Nations workshop last Saturday, 
on ideas of making progress on realizing Grandfather’s vision for Victoria Island I was alone and a man approached me.  He said quite simply, “I would like to build a birch bark canoe on Victoria Island”.  I told him such a thing sounded wonderful and so he explained to me that he had wanted to, and was planning to say the same thing to Grandfather William Commanda, - but he has left us.

Marcel wants to work with Chuck Commanda, who is William’s grandson, to make this canoe on Victoria Island.  Also others will help such as perhaps Daniel Beauchanef, long distance paddler. 
The location of the canoe-building will be between the walls in the open, low, east end of the old ruins of the Carbide mill, where the first light shines on a new day, just after the light of the Morning Star fades to light. For many years that structure has been described as unsafe or unclean, but the NCC and the People of Canada, via recent funding from the Federal Government, have just finished reinforcing the walls, fixing it all up, and making it into a very nice space to make a canoe. The fence currently around the building can be modified to ensure entry for Marcel and his crew, and to ensure security for the project.  He will not need electricity.
As Marcel, myself and several others talked over the idea we realized that this would be a tribute canoe for William Commanda. What better tribute could there be than a birch bark canoe?  The canoe will be built right there in the foundation of his dream, the Asinabka National Indigenous Centre.  And someday, when the Centre is built, it will be brought up into the main part of the new building.  It will stay inside the Asinabka Centre much of the time, but will also be brought out and actually paddled for ceremonies and special occasions.
When we all said goodbye to Grandfather in his lodge beside his house and his lake from last Wednesday to Friday when he was buried, he lay in a birch bark canoe. As Algonquin friends explained it to me, “He has now left us and gone on his journey to the spirit world”. But the light of the Morning Star still shines.  I, like so many other people, want to learn much more about the knowledge and traditions of the Algonquin and other First Nations, Métis and Inuit of Turtle Island and beyond. The canoe is one of the greatest gifts, and as many have said, it is Canada. We are all in the same boat, eh. This tribute canoe, built on Victoria Island, Sacred site, will be a good way we can help remember him, his welcoming, his sharing, his inclusiveness, his love, his peace.  And it will be beside the waters of Kitchissippi, by Chaudière, where the waters run, and do not forget.

Hopefully everyone, in every capacity, will be part of the consensus that already exists about a tribute canoe for William Commanda, built on Victoria Island, in the heart of what will become his realized vision for the Asinabka National Indigenous Centre. See links:

The Vision :
The Plan:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Playlist for August 5 2011: Special Guests Saidah Baba Talibah, Jerry Leger & the Situation, and Clara Engel

Corby’s Orbit
CKLN.FM online
Friday 5 April 2011
Artists in red are
From Canada
Show is
Dedicated to:
Algonquin Elder and

Alyssa Delbaere –
Ebb and Flow
Reel Metis
spiritual leader
William Commanda,
Rokia Traore
Kote Don
Recyclers Remix
Maison Mere

M.J. Cyr
Ladders E.P.
known by the honourary
title of “grandfather,”
who died in his home
early Wednesday
Vieux Farka
Chris Annibil
Maison Mere
He was 97.

Doug Paisley /
Don’t Make Me

Neil Young/
Johnny Depp

Cheik Lo
Il Est Jamais
Trop Tard

The Weather
Know It To
See It
All Of It Was

Sarah MacDougall
It’s a Storm
(what’s going on?)
The Greatest
Ones Alive

Emmanuel Jal
Maison Mere

Moondog & the
London Saxophonic
Bird’s Lament
Sax Pax for a

Selah Sue
Selah Sue

Saidah Baba Talibah
Bang it Back/
Interview/ High

Heavyweights feat.
Saidah Baba Talibah
Rock Me
Don’t Bring
Me Down

Dino Valente
Children of the Sun
Dino Valente

Jerry Leger
Truth Is All
Around You /
The Joke’s On You/
New Song (live)

Clara Engel
Madagascar / Blind
Me / Interview
2 Songs Live

Bruno Capinan
Gozo / Bolero

Sex Mob
Sign Of The Times
Liminal/Sun Remix
The Din of

David Woodhead’s
Goats in the

Ensemble Unique
Turk Turk
Life Journey
Life Music

The Nix Dicksons
Old Shore Road
The Nix Dicksons

Kidd Rasta & the
Kidd Rasta & the

King Ujah
Put Down the Gun
Glorify the King

Peter Tosh
Bush Doctor