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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Corby's Orbit Blog Hits Reach Record Of 2000 In September

Friday Show Fun For Sure

This Friday
AT 5:00
Sarah Jane Scouten,
CFMA Nominee 
for The Cape
                            Traditional Album of the Year,       Traditional Singer of the Year
AT 5:30
 To Talk About Singing @ LULA LOUNGE On Her 
With The Heavyweights Brass Band
1585 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON
Thursday, October 9, 2014•Doors 6:00PM•Show 7:00•$15
And at 6:00, bring on the Tangonistas

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September In Toronto Made Evident ~ Music for Mind and Memory

My spring and summer were Turned up to Ten with teaching 400 art students and finishing my own art show, The Perception Of Danger
which we un-hung this past weekend.
So now the sounds are back in center frame and I've been able to get lots of entertational, infomusing and emotastic music into my ears this month.

Jaffa Road performed in front of the new Visitors' Center at Fort York on the last weekend of summer. It was uplifting
to hear music explicitly promoting peace on grounds where the terror and dehumanization
of soldiery were once cultivated.

The annual harvest of beats from around the globe began at this past week with the launch of 
The Small World Music Festival.
The Roberto Rosenman Quartet inaugurated a new comfortable listening space in the building with
advanced lighting and sound enhancements.

Jocelyn Barth and Clela Errington
brought an aura of serenity to the proceedings at
TNCC's Prayer for Peace on a mid-September Sunday
in Scarborough.

Saxo pilot Paul Metcalfe levitates while expressing a contretemps 
with gravity at the On Common Ground Festival
at Fort York. 
Drumhand's new Cd, Contretemps, is now available.

Allan Fraser and Marianne Girard awed a small crowd at
on Gerrard with beguiling songcraft and deep focus, just prior to heading into the studio
with legendary producer Paul Mills.

The virtuosic and original Sinner's Choir, labouring in the song mines
to extract nuggets of harmony and melodic ore are
regularly rocking the Cameron House on Tuesday nights.
Seen and heard here with the maverick sax miner Gene Hardy.

Critics Circling ~ Polaris Jury debriefing ~ Julia LeConte (NOW), Mark Teo (AUX), Liisa Ladouceur (Freelance), Melody Lau (MUCH) and moderator James Keast (EXCLAIM). The verdict: they are pleased with the reactions and validations accorded to the announcement of this year's winner, 
Tanya Tagaq.

If you missed Jane Bunnett and Maqueque 
who played their last show of a 4-month tour at a packed Hugh's Room,
at the end of September you missed a lot.
They collectively established a new high water mark
for virtuosic feminine musical identity, progressive jazz in Canada, 
the generational, international pride of young performers,
the supreme inspiration of Cuban musical innovation,
and the best jamming that Jane has ever grabbed down out of the ether.
Truly glorious.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Playlist For Show Of 26 September

Host: Paul Corby

( brought to you by Unquestioned Answers, Unbelievable Foundations and Conditional Hate  )

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guest: Drew Gonsalves of Kobotown

*Maqueque ~ Ain't No Sunshine ~ @ Hugh's Room Saturday

*Yamantaka // Sonic Titan ~ Sea Sickness Part 1 & 2 ~ UZU (Polaris Prize nominee)

*Tanya Tagaq ~ Tulugaq ~ Animism (Polaris Prize winner)

Chrissie Hynde ~ Dance! ~ Get Close @ Massey Hall 30 October

5:30 Minor Keys In Major Locks

*Ellen Doty ~ I Fall For You Again ~ Gold @ Lula Lounge Thursday 9 October & On Corby`s Orbit next week  NEW DISK
Patsy Cline ~ Crazy 
*Elizabeth Shepherd ~ I Gave ~ The Signal   NEW DISK
Dizzy Gillespie feat. Sarah Vaughn ~ Lover Man ~ Rebop! The Savoy Remixes
*Saukrates ~ FYEO feat. SonReal ~  Amani EP NEW DISK
Giant Steps NYC feat. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Impressions John Coltrane`s 88th Birthday Celebration @ The Rex Friday and Saturday

6:00 Orbital Rose

Calypso Rose ~ Far From Home / Wah Fu Dance / Interview with Drew Gonsalves ~  Kobotown & Calypso Rose @ Revival Saturday for Small World Music Festival
Stranger Cole ~ Everyday Tomorrow ~ @ The El Mocambo tonight

6:20 Epic Topics

*Fish & Bird ~  Lonely Resonator ~  Something In The Ether  NEW DISK (Fiddle Head Records)
*James Hill ~ The Brightest Lights ~ The Old Silo NEW DISK
*Ron Hawkins & The Do Good Assassins ~ Small Victories ~ Garden Songs NEW DISK Pre-Release @ The Horseshoe Thursday 2 October for Johnny Cash Tribute Night
*Kathleen Edwards ~ Goodnight California ~  Asking for Flowers
Marcia Ball  The Tattoed Lady and the Alligator Man   The Tattoed Lady and the Alligator Man NEW DISK

6:40  Wheeler Estate Agent

*Mike Murley ~ The Curse / Thanking Duke (1988 ) @ The Home Smith Bar tonight and @ The Rex Thursday, 2 October for a Tribute To Kenny Wheeler Toronto Live Music Listings incanted surtout

6:50 Country To Popular Belief

*The Slim City Pickers ~ Endless Summer ~The Slim City Pickers NEW DISK
Merle Travis ~ I Am A Pilgrim ~ Will The Circle Be Unbroken 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominees Announced today in Ottawa

CFMA rep Bob Soucy and The Folklore Center's  Arthur McGregor performed the benedictions.

  The nominees for the Canadian Folk Music Awards, celebrated from November 27-29   in Ottawa, were announced today. Many Corby's Orbit favourites (in red) plus many talented  yet-to-be-knowns were given the judges' approval for eligibility.
Hyper-Orbital photographer 
Leonard Poole caught the announcement ceremony, featuring a short set by Jill Zmud, who was surprised to find that she was nominated in the Contemporary Album of the Year category.

 Also attending was uber-  entrepreneur Harvey  Glatt,  due / long overdue  to  receive Folk Music  Ontario's Estelle Klein  Award at the FMO  conference  next  month. The award  honours the work of an  individual or group  that has made  significant  contributions to  Ontario’s folk music  community. A full list  of the nominees follows >>>
Young Performer of the Year nominees include:
 Keiffer Mclean for Drama in the Attic
 Rebecca Lappa for Ode to Tennyson
 Quinn Bachand for Brishen
 Kacy & Clayton for The Day Is Past & Gone
Benjamin Rogers for Wayfarer
The New/Emerging Artist of the Year nominees include:
 The Bros. Landreth for Let it Lie
Robyn Dell’Unto for Little Lines
 Scott Cook for One More Time Around
 Quinn Bachand for Brishen
 Kacy & Clayton for
 The Day Is Past &Gone
Celebrating innovation in creating new folk sounds, the Pushing The Boundaries category puts a spotlight on:
 Tanya Tagaq for Animism
 MAZ for Chasse-Galerie
 Mark Berube for Russian Dolls
 The Fretless for The Fretless

 West My Friend for When The Ink Dries
Songwriting is a key component of folk music. This year’s English Songwriter of the Year nominees are:
 Shari Ulrich for Everywhere I Go (Shari Ulrich)
 James Keelaghan for History (James Keelaghan)

 Lennie Gallant for Live Acoustic at The Carleton (Lennie Gallant)
 Del Barber for Prairieography (Del Barber)

 Chris Ronald for Timeline (Chris Ronald)
The French Songwriter of the Year nominees are:
 Laurence Hélie for À Présent le Passé (Laurence Hélie)
 Klô Pelgag for L’Alchimie des monstres (Klô Pelgag)
 Alexandre Poulin for Le mouvement des marées (Alexandre Poulin)
 Antoine Corriveau for Les Ombres Longues (Antoine Corriveau)
 Julie Aubé, Viviane Roy et Katrine Noël for Mon Homesick Heart (Les Hay Babies)
The Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year nominees are:
 Tanya Tagaq for Animism (Tanya Tagaq)
 Vince Fontaine for Colors (Indian City)
 Amanda Rheaume for Keep a Fire (Amanda Rheaume)
 Buffy MacNeil and Larry Boutilier for Surrounded (Buffy & Larry)
 Jasmine Netsena for Take You With Me (Jasmine Netsena)
World Music is an essential foundation of the global sound of folk music, tipping the hat to tradition of countries and cultures. This year’s nominees who excel in this field are:
World Group of the Year:
 MAZ for Chasse-Galerie
 Shtreiml for Eastern Hora
 TANGA for HavanaElectro
 Moustafa Kouyaté & Romain Malagnoux for Les frontières imaginaires
 Brishen for Brishen
World Solo Artist of the Year:
 Quique Escamilla for 500 Years of Night
 Jorge Martinez for Carnaval
 Susan Aglukark for Dreaming Of Home
 Amanda Martinez for Mañana
 Robert Michaels for Via Italia
Folk music is rooted in tradition but sometimes also looks ahead to more contemporary interpretations. Here are this year’s nominees in the traditional and contemporary categories:
Traditional Album of the Year:
 Còig for Five
 Poor Angus for Gathering
 Moustafa Kouyaté & Romain Malagnoux for Les frontières imaginaires
 The High Bar Gang for Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion
 Sarah Jane Scouten for The Cape
Traditional Singer of the Year:
 Kim Beggs for Beauty and Breaking
 Fafard & Schwartz for Borrowed Horses

 Mélisande [électrotrad] for Les métamorphoses
 Sarah Jane Scouten for The Cape
 Ventanas for Ventanas
Contemporary Album of the Year:
 The Bros. Landreth for Let it Lie
 Colleen Rennison for See The Sky About To Rain
 Jill Zmud for Small Matters of Life and Death
 Matt Andersen for Weightless
 The Strumbellas for We Still Move On Dance Floors
Contemporary Singer of the Year:
 Matthew Barber for Big Romance
Jadea Kelly for Clover
 James Keelaghan for History

 Del Barber for Prairieography
 Matt Andersen for Weightless
Instrumental artists are leading the pack in nominations this year. Here are the complete list of nominees in these categories:
Instrumental Group of the Year:
 The Andrew Collins Trio for A Play On Words
 MAZ for Chasse-Galerie
 Còig for Five
 Brishen for Brishen
 The Fretless for The Fretless
Instrumental Solo Artist of the Year:
 Maxim Cormier for 2
 Gillian Boucher for Attuned

 Steve Dawson for Rattlesnake Cage
 Jayme Stone for The Other Side of the Air
 Robert Michaels for Via Italia
Rounding out the category nominations are these excellent talents:
Vocal Group of the Year
 The Fugitives for Everything Will Happen
 Gathering Sparks for Gathering Sparks

 The High Bar Gang for Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion
 The Marrieds for Saving Hope
 Sweet Alibi for We’ve Got To
Ensemble of the Year
 The High Bar Gang for Lost and Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion
 Brishen for Brishen

 Notre Dame de Grass for That’s How the Music Begins
 The Fretless for The Fretless
 Ventanas for Ventanas
Solo Artist of the Year
 Matthew Barber for Big Romance
 Shari Ulrich for Everywhere I Go
 James Keelaghan for History

 Lennie Gallant for Live Acoustic at The Carleton
 Del Barber for Prairieography
Children’s Album of the Year
 Helen Austin for Colour It
 Rattle and Strum for Rattle and Strum
 Alex Mahé for Réveillons les bonnes chansons
 Kathy Reid-Naiman for When It’s Autumn
 Fred Penner for Where In The World
Producer of the Year
 Marc Maziade for Chasse-Galerie (MAZ)
 Tom Terrell and Karl Falkenham for City Ghosts (The Modern Grass)
 Luke Doucet for Éphémère sans repère (Whitehorse)
 The Fretless with Joby Baker for The Fretless (The Fretless)
 Steve Dawson for St. Louis Times (Jim Byrnes)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Playlist For Show Of 19 September

                                                          Art By Nikita Veprikov

Host: Paul Corby

( brought to you by Kaleidoscopic Collisions, Laser Lacerations, &  Fractal Fractures )

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guest: Julian Taylor

Videos at

5:00 Needles And Threats

*Eh440 ~ Never Gonna Give You Up ~ Turn Me Up @ David Pecaut Square Tuesday CWOF Festival
Matisyahu ~ Watching The Wheels Go Round ~ Instsant Karma ~ @ The Phoenix Tuesday, 23 September
*Elizabeth Shepherd ~ Lion's Den ~ The Signal  NEW DISK
Lizz Wright feat. Joe Sample (February 1, 1939 – September 12, 2014) ~ Fool's Gold 

5:15 Off And Up In The On
*Meredith Shaw ~ Joey ~ Place Called Happy @ The Cameron Wednesday 6:00-8:00

*Amy Thiessen ~ Kingdom Come ~ In Between Good-Byes NEW DISK
*Emm Gryner ~ Pioneer ~ Torrential  NEW DISK @ David Pecaut Square Wednesday CWOF Festival
*Trent Severn ~ Snowy Soul ~ @ Castro's Sunday

*Melanie Brulee ~ Small Town & The Prey ~ @ Distillery District Saturday for Francophone Festival

5:40 Retrospectations

Suzanne Vega ~ Cracking / Freeze Tag (1985) ~ @ Oakville Center for The Performing Arts Saturday
*Karyn Ellis ~ Pretty Little Soldier ~ More Than A Hero @ Musideum Saturday

*Don Thompson feat. Kenny Wheeler (14 January 1930 – 18 September 2014) ~ For Kenny Wheeler ~ Forgotten Memories
Rosie Vela ~ Magic Smile ~ Zazu (1986)

6:00 Taylor Made

*Julian Taylor ~ No Guns! / Interview / Heatwave (live) / Why Would You Do That? (live) @ The Horseshoe tonight and @ The ROM Friday 7 November

6:20 Closer Dosages

LTJ Bukem ~ Music ~ Drum & Bass
David Buchbinder feat. Mor Karbasi ~ La Galana @ The Aga Khan Museum for Routes Of Andalusia Saturday
Marcia Ball ~ The Squeeze Is On ~ The Tattooed Lady And The Alligator Man (Alligator) NEW DISK
*James Hill ~ She's Still Got It ~ The Old Silo NEW DISK
*Steph Cameron ~ Five Dollars ~ Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady NEW DISK

6:40 Vivacity Limits

*Jane Bunnett ~ Mamey Colorao ~ Maqueque ~ @ Hugh's Room Saturday, 25 September

*Bill Mays feat. Neil Swainson & Terry Clarke ~ Grofe's On The Trail ~ Bick's Bag Toronto Music Listings Affixed With Epoxial Security

Peter And Gordon ~ Buddy Holly's True Love Ways

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Perfect Cool

Julian Taylor In Orbit Friday

Too well-dressed for casual radio, we will be beaming Julian Taylor into the Orbital Showroom via the Haberdash Module for some tunes and his takes on this past summer of shows in support of his wildly slick and totally sick       
Tech Noir

released last May; and we will investigate his upcoming (Thursday and Friday) mission to rock the Horseshoe into submission.
Be aware or be so not there.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jasmine Netsena: Winner

“Folk-rooted songstress Jasmine Netsena dazzles with her new debut album.”
- New Canadian Music 

Jasmine Netsena won Best Folk/Acoustic CD last week in the Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards for her debut record “Take You With Me”. The awards feature emerging and established indigenous artists from all over North America.

Jasmine released her debut CD “Take You With Me” in April 2014, and since then has crossed the country doing over 30 shows in 7 provinces, in a few weeks span. Her hard work has paid off and the fans she has picked up, along the way, Jasmine says have really come through for her. “It’s an amazing feeling to know your work has the support of your friends and fans, from across the country”.

Jasmine has shared the stage with many acts including Emerson Drive, Crystal Shawanda and will be part of the Bluefeather Music Festival, taking stage the same night as Buffy Saint Marie, in Whitehorse, on November 7th. This Northern based artist, Fort Nelson, BC, is very thankful to everyone for their support and votes “Thanks to all my friends and fans for giving me the honour of this award”.

The Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards (APCMAs) were handed out in Winnipeg over 2 nights September 11 and 12 in Winnipeg, with full broadcast on the Aboriginal Peoples’ Television Network.
2014 is shaping up as a banner year for Jasmine Netsena, thanks to this vibrant and richly rewarding album. It is indeed one you will want to take with you.
We are all very proud for her.

Jasmine Netsena | Official Website : News, Photos, Videos & More...