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Corby's Orbit
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

September In Toronto Made Evident ~ Music for Mind and Memory

My spring and summer were Turned up to Ten with teaching 400 art students and finishing my own art show, The Perception Of Danger
which we un-hung this past weekend.
So now the sounds are back in center frame and I've been able to get lots of entertational, infomusing and emotastic music into my ears this month.

Jaffa Road performed in front of the new Visitors' Center at Fort York on the last weekend of summer. It was uplifting
to hear music explicitly promoting peace on grounds where the terror and dehumanization
of soldiery were once cultivated.

The annual harvest of beats from around the globe began at this past week with the launch of 
The Small World Music Festival.
The Roberto Rosenman Quartet inaugurated a new comfortable listening space in the building with
advanced lighting and sound enhancements.

Jocelyn Barth and Clela Errington
brought an aura of serenity to the proceedings at
TNCC's Prayer for Peace on a mid-September Sunday
in Scarborough.

Saxo pilot Paul Metcalfe levitates while expressing a contretemps 
with gravity at the On Common Ground Festival
at Fort York. 
Drumhand's new Cd, Contretemps, is now available.

Allan Fraser and Marianne Girard awed a small crowd at
on Gerrard with beguiling songcraft and deep focus, just prior to heading into the studio
with legendary producer Paul Mills.

The virtuosic and original Sinner's Choir, labouring in the song mines
to extract nuggets of harmony and melodic ore are
regularly rocking the Cameron House on Tuesday nights.
Seen and heard here with the maverick sax miner Gene Hardy.

Critics Circling ~ Polaris Jury debriefing ~ Julia LeConte (NOW), Mark Teo (AUX), Liisa Ladouceur (Freelance), Melody Lau (MUCH) and moderator James Keast (EXCLAIM). The verdict: they are pleased with the reactions and validations accorded to the announcement of this year's winner, 
Tanya Tagaq.

If you missed Jane Bunnett and Maqueque 
who played their last show of a 4-month tour at a packed Hugh's Room,
at the end of September you missed a lot.
They collectively established a new high water mark
for virtuosic feminine musical identity, progressive jazz in Canada, 
the generational, international pride of young performers,
the supreme inspiration of Cuban musical innovation,
and the best jamming that Jane has ever grabbed down out of the ether.
Truly glorious.

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