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Corby's Orbit
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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Happy 75th Birthday to Ron Gaskin

 Happy 75th birthday card artifact launched today to premier impresario Ron Gaskin, b. 1949, by John Oswald towards last scenes and all incoming asteroids.

Ron Gaskin presented live music under the monikers Rough Idea Presents, What Next, and Next Wave, where his ear and intuition had a HUGE impact. His musical daring will resonate for years to come in the musicians and audiences who knew him. His stock in trade was experimental, creative, free and improvised music, but he wasn't limited by genre or definition. He was, first and foremost, a social convener, forging musical relationships that crossed genres and spanned borders, pairing people in masterful configurations that only he might imagine. As a radio host, programmer and producer his dulcet tones shared his vast musical knowledge and cool aesthetic to campus, community and pirate airwaves at multiple frequencies on the radio band, including CKLN (Toronto), CFRU (Guelph), Trent Radio (Peterborough) and Pirate 90 (Toronto Islands), with his shows AMFM, Huge Radio and Gaskin Calling. Ron approached everything with resolute principle, unconditional love, and a DIY ethic. In his early years he devoted his creative mojo to a number of endeavours, unrelated to the constant musical thread he followed throughout his life. Among them, he established an addiction support and outreach unit (The Trailer House) and an alternative asynchronous learning academy (The Free School) in Toronto, he ran a goat farm in Nova Scotia, and started Sangsara Natural Foods in Peterborough. Ron was a cherished friend to many. He embraced serendipity, celebrating the patterns and parallels in the everyday. He infused everything he did with style and precision. He was an impresario, an agent provocateur, and a good trouble maker. He was a poem texter and a master gift giver. Ron found treasure in the smallest things and the strangest sounds. He saw the invisible and heard the inaudible. He was funny, stubborn and mischievous. Always generous, with a twinkle in his eye. His faith in music, art and community never wavered. Ron was deeply connected to the community of Ward's Island (Toronto Islands), where he lived on and off after Cal's birth in 1993. He was the fire-keeper at many celebrations and supported Island artists, craftspeople and friends in countless ways. He produced music events there, at the St. Andrew by-the-lake Anglican Church, bringing performers from across the harbour and around the world to revel in the glorious acoustics of that sacred space. 

Published by The Globe and Mail from Aug. 28 to Sep. 1, 2020.


Saturday, April 13, 2024

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show Of 12 April 2024 with Tara Kannangara & Sarah Jerrom


Commissioner of Selection - Paul Corby

Podcast available RIGHT HERE

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* Canadian Artists in Asterisk'd RED

Click on images to enlarge

5:00 Extraordinary Tara

* Tara Kannangara ~ Interview / The Name Song / Apartment / Extraordinary People ~ Extraordinary People NEW RELEASE @ Monarch Tavern tonight

5:35 Ultra Alternative Utterances
<<<AI art by Glenn Booker

Gillian Hay ~ Flowers In Your Headspace ~ Magnolia Baby! ~ NEW RELEASE *@ The Painted Lady 26 April

* Tei Shi ~ No Falta ~ NEW RELEASE

* SOLITAIR feat. Shahi Teruko ~ Something About You ~ NEW RELEASE GRBMFC: “The Grand River Black Music Festival & Conference”, from June 14th-16th Kitchener

* Ellen Doty ~ Every Little Scene ~ NEW RELEASE

Chappell Brown ~ Good Luck Babe ~ NEW RELEASE

* Housewife ~ Wasn't You ~ NEW RELEASE

* Alex Henry Foster ~ A Silent Stream ~ NEW RELEASE

* Ghostly Kisses ~ Crimson ~ NEW RELEASE

* SUM 41 ~ Dopamine ~ Heaven x Hell ~ NEW RELEASE

6:00 Magpie Glory

* Sarah Jerrom ~ Interview / Carrion (excerpt) / Crystallization (excerpt) ~ Magpie ~ NEW RELEASE TODAY

6:30 Arts Of Work

* Iskwé feat. Nina Hagen ~ I Get High

* Mike Evin ~ The Ham In You ~ NEW RELEASE @ The Tranzac Friday 19 April with Annabelle Chvostek

Hozier feat. Allison Russell ~ Wildflowers & Barley ~ NEW RELEASE

* Julie Aubé ~ Stop On A Dime ~ Boiling Over ~ NEW RELEASE

* Enyonam ~ Self Conscious ~
NEW RELEASE single release party at The Dakota Tavern in Toronto on April 28 – where she will also be highlighted as the Freefall Sunday featured artist

* Brenan Brothers ~ Fly With The Wind ~ Valley Of Silence ~ NEW RELEASE

* Roddy Ellias ~ Prelude ~ Moon Over Lake NEW RELEASE ~ Roddy Ellias Quartet - Felicity Williams (voice), Ted Crosby (saxophone/clarinet) and Josh Cole (bass) - at the Jazz Room in Waterloo this Saturday, April 13th 8:00 pm and at Drom Taberna at 2 pm on Sunday, April 14th

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show of 5 April 2024 with Steve Paul Simms


Commissioner of Selection - Paul Corby

Podcast available RIGHT HERE

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* Canadian Artists in Asterisk'd RED

Click on images to enlarge

5:00 Blindfold Halo

* Clever Hopes ~ Thrown It Open ~ NEW RELEASE

* Haley Blais ~ Somebody's Son ~ NEW RELEASE @ Lee's Palace Monday 8 April 

*Christina Smith ~ Half Past L8 ~ NEW RELEASE

* ASKO ~ nisis ~ NEW RELEASE

* David Francey ~ Time For The Wicked To Rest ~ The Breath Between ~ JUNO Winner Traditional Roots Recording 2024

Ehsan Matoori & Maliheh Matoori ~ Our Sorrow ~ Our Sorrow ~ NEW RELEASE

Bastards Of Soul ~ It's Gonna Be Alright ~ Give It Right Back ~ NEW RELEASE

* Ryan Wayne ~ No Easy Way Out ~ 
NEW RELEASE TODAY @ Dakota Tavern 2 p.m. Saturday 6 April  

5:35 The Things Of Nature

Marina Allen ~ Red Cloud ~ NEW RELEASE

iogi ~ The Ceiling ~ NEW RELEASE

Jordan Hamilton ~ Roses ~ NEW RELEASE

* Roddy Ellias ~ Chant ~ Moon Over Lake ~ NEW RELEASE

Ani DiFranco ~ The Thing At Hand ~ NEW RELEASE

5:50 Ever Simms When

* SP Simms & Maya T. ~ Play For Time / Interview with Steve Paul Simms /
 In My Bones / Cold Black Night feat. Maya Toman / La Llorona / Watching The Wind Blow ~ Weather's Gettin' Loud ~ NEW RELEASE CD LAUNCH @ Kensington Sound Studios 170 Baldwin Street Tuesday 9 April - WEST of Spadina in the belly of Kensington Market. Showtime is 7:30 - 9:30. Doors open at 7 and admission is $20

6:20 Optimum Ecliptical Optics

* Reggaddiction ~ The Guess Who's These Eyes ~ @ 3030 Dundas West tonight

* Lucy MacNeil ~ Radio Sweethearts ~ Angel Whispers ~

* The New Pornographers ~ Think About Me ~ Just Tell Me That You Want Me ~ A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac

* Sarah Jerrom ~ The White Elk ~ Magpie ~ PRE-RELEASE 12 April / Interview on Corby's Orbit on Release Date!

Bossacucanova feat. Cris Delanno ~ Aguas De Marco ~ Uma Batida Diferente

* Tara Kannangara ~ Lisa Turtle ~ Extraordinary People EP ~ NEW RELEASE TODAY - 12 April / Interview on Corby's Orbit Toronto release show on Friday, April 12, at The Monarch (Presented by Wavelength) co-bill w/ Corey Gulkin & Essie Watts - TICKETS HERE

Afro Celt Sound System ~ Colossus ~ Volume 3 Further in Time

* Kaia Kater feat. Allison Russell ~ In Montréal ~ Strange Medicine ~ PRE-RELEASE 15 May 

6:55 The Body Tries To Cry

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy ~ Fleetwood Mac's Storms ~ Just Tell Me That You Want Me ~ A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Canadian Folk Music Awards Nominees Take High Priority On Orbital Playlists

Experience the Heartbeat of Canadian Folk:
The 19th CFMA Awards in St. John's!

Get ready for a celebration of music and community at the Canadian Folk Music Awards (CFMA) 2024, set to unfold in the vibrant city of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, from April 3rd to 7th. This year, we're taking the festivities to unprecedented heights with an awe-inspiring lineup that includes two Awards Gala Concerts, three Nominee Showcases, and an array of events that promise to delight audiences.


April 3-7, 2024: A full slate of events leading up to the grand Awards Gala Concerts.

Awards Gala Concerts: April 6th and 7th at The Majestic Theatre. Hosted by TOM POWER and EMILIA BARTELLAS, featuring live performances and the presentation of 10 awards each night. 

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show Of 29 March 2024


Commissioner of Selection - Paul Corby

Podcast available HERE

( Brought To You By Excessive Excelsior, Ribbon And Blues & Rapping Paper)

* Canadian Artists in Asterisk'd RED

Click on images to enlarge

5:00 Keep Away The Devils

* Emily Triggs ~ Summer In Nevada ~ The Great Escape ~ NEW RELEASE
* Burnstick ~ Closer ~ NEW RELEASE

* Jah'mila ~ Bad Habit ~ NEW RELEASE

* Gloom Division ~ What Love ~ I Don't Know How But They Found Me ~ @ The Axis Club Tuesday 2 April

* Vivienne Wilder ~ Never Lovers ~ Postromantic

Arrested Development feat. Montsho Eshe ~ Overachiever ~ 

* Kellie Loder~ The Month Of May ~ NEW RELEASE

* Ancient Teeth ~ What Ya Feelin' ~ Humanizer ~ NEW RELEASE

Shelby Ruger ~ Blue Moons ~ NEW RELEASE

* Abigail Lapell ~ Rattlesnake ~ Anniversary ~ NEW RELEASE

5:40 When The Light Comes Through
illustration: Magritte - The Banquet

Angelica Garcia ~ Color De Dolor ~ Gemelo ~ 

* Tokyo Police Club ~ Catch Me If You Can ~ NEW RELEASE

* Ruby Waters ~ Bucket ~ NEW RELEASE

* Charlotte Day Wilson ~ Canopy ~ Cyan Blue ~ NEW RELEASE

* Touching ~ Ocean Of Smiles ~ I Can Be Two People At Once ~ NEW RELEASE

* Sue Foley ~ Maybelle's Guitar ~ One Guitar Woman ~ 

* Tyler Joe Miller ~ Broken Man ~ Spillin' My Truth ~ NEW RELEASE

* The Pukka Orchestra ~ Every Man And Every Woman ~ Chaos Is Come Again ~ NEW RELEASE

* J.J. Shiplett ~ American Accent ~ A Way Through Time ~ NEW RELEASE

6:15 Inner Honours

* George Crotty ~ Hidden Within ~ Inner Nature ~ PRE-RELEASE Monday 1st of April - Listen or purchase HERE

6:20 Whateverhaveyou + Sassy

* Softcult ~ Spiralling Out ~ Heaven ~ PRE-RELEASE May 24

Sierra Ferrell ~ American Dreaming ~ Trail Of Flowers (Rounder) ~ NEW RELEASE

* Quote The Raven ~ Dead Man's Pond ~ Golden Hour (2018)

* Blue Moon Marquee ~ Hound Dog On A Chain ~ Scream Holler & Howl 

Eric Bibb ~ Mole In The Ground ~ Live At The Scala Theatre ~ NEW RELEASE

* Scott Marshall ~ Optimism ~ The Solitude Suite ~ NEW RELEASE

Carmen McRae with Shirley Horn ~ Sarah ~ Dedicated To You (1991)

Two Shells feat. FKA Twigs ~ Talk To Her ~ NEW RELEASE

* Reid Jamieson feat. Carolyn Victoria Mill ~ Buffy Sainte-Marie's Take My Hand For Awhile ~ NEW RELEASE