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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, July 31, 2020

Re-Broadcast from 2017 ~ Playlist for Corby's Orbit Show of 31 July 2020

                     The Cassini spacecraft taking the closest picture to Saturn in history.

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought To You by Eerie Lakes, Raving Rivers and Unconscionable Oceans 

Guests: Kick-Bucket (Taylor Price), Abigail Lapell, Dana Sipos, and Zeynep Ozbilen
5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Inundation Nation

Bob Dylan ~ High Water Everywhere (For Charlie Patton) ~ Love And Theft 

* Bruce Peninsula ~ Adrenaline ~ Open Flames

* Might Lopez ~ Shot With My Own Gun ~ Tales From The Wood 

* Ann Vriend ~ Will You Be There? ~ Anybody's Different EP

5:15 Bucket Beaucoup
photo by Diva Dee >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Kick-Bucket ~ Interview / Leave Me (live) / Cause (live) 

5:30 Songlight

* Kate Weekes ~ Sing It To The Hills ~ Frost On Black Fur 

* Fraser & Girard ~ Picov Downs ~ Fraser & Girard 

Paul Kelly ~ I'd Rather Go Blind ~ Words & Music 

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals ~ Peaceful Valley ~ Jacksonville City Nights 

* Jerome Tucker ~ No Way ~ Still On Fire 
6:00 Spontaneous Robustion

Flaco Jimenez ~ En Avion Hasta Acapulco ~ Buena Suerte Senorita ~ Cinco De Mayo Olé

Cliff Eberhardt ~ I Want You ~ A Nod To Bob

* Snaggle ~ Tree Assassins ~ The Long Slog 

6:15 Perspicacious Ladies

*Abigail Lapell & Dana Sipos ~ My Beloved (from Roll Up The Night Sky) / Fur And Feathers (from Hide Nor Hair NEW DISK) ~ Interview / Night Bird & Morning Bird / Lighthouse Nights (live) 

6:40 Outer Spice

* Zeynep Ozbilen ~ Ay Dos Anyas / Interview / In The North ~ Zest 

Ron Carter ~ Vientos Del Desierto ~ Brandenburg Concerto

Zero dB ~ The Snare / with (defunct) Toronto Music Listings

photo by Leonard Poole >>>>>>>>>>>

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Playlist for Corby's Orbit Show of 24 July 2020 with Suzie Vinnick, Brighid Fry of Moscow Apartment, Tamar Ilana of Ventanas & Aaron Jensen of Countermeasure

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

Brought to you by Saturn Data, Uranus Analysis & Martians Of Error. 

5-7 p.m. online
Blues & Roots Radio 

Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Suzie Vinnick (2011 Archive), Brighid Fry of Moscow Apartment, Tamar Ilana of Ventanas & Aaron Jensen of Countermeasure

5:00 Currently Pertinent Intentions

* Twin Flames ~ Battlefields ~ NEW RELEASE

* Kim Mitchell ~ Wishes ~ The Big Fantasize NEW RELEASE

* Big Little Lions ~ Time Doesn't Stop ~ Are We There Yet? EP NEW RELEASE

* Sherman Downey ~ Front Porch ~ New Beautiful 

5:20 Rootacious Audacity

* Vivienne Wilder ~ Never Lovers ~ Postromantic

Mike McKenna Jr. ~ The Town ~ At The Edge Of The World NEW RELEASE

JW Jones ~ Drowning On Dry Land ~ Sonic Departures NEW RELEASE Available August 14

* The Smoke Wagon Blues Band ~ The Fat Man ~ The Ballad Of Albert Johnson 

* Crystal Shawanda ~ Bigger Than The Blues ~Church House Blues 

5:40 Veni, Vidi, Vinnick

* Suzie Vinnick ~ Interview 2011/ Oh My (live) / Crazy Bout Lovin Me (live) ~ Me & Mabel

Suzie Vinnick Music

* Roy Forbes ~ The Farmer Needs The Rain / Can't Catch Me (with Rude Segue) ~ Raincheck On Misery / Kid Full Of Dreams

5:55 Rockoko Flow

* Lynn Miles ~ Main Street ~ We'll Look For Stars

* Cris Cuddy ~ Rock N Roll Kids ~ Live At The Slab 

6:05 De-Apartmentalizing The Music

* Moscow Apartment ~ Interview with Brighid Fry / Awful People / Meredith Palmer ~ Better Daughter  NEW RELEASE

6:25 Tamar Ilana Dans Le Vent


6:40 Voice Will Be Voice 

* Countermeasure ~ Carry On / Interview with Aaron Jensen / Hold On ~ Guest Sessions NEW RELEASE

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross feat. Annie Ross (25 July 1930 – 21 July 2020) ~ Since I Fell For You (Live) ~ L H & R Redux 

Friday, July 17, 2020

Playlist for Show of 17 July 2020 with Clela Errington and Chris Butcher (Feb. 2016)

Host: Paul Corby
( brought to you by Perrier Coma, Bank Robsby and Cinq Fenetres ) 

This is an archived show from February 2014, back in The Before Times.
It has been bracketed with some new Canadian releases that deserve our attention in the 
presence of the ongoing futurity of our nowadays moments.

5-7 p.m. online and at .and replayed on
Blues & Roots Radio on Tuesday at 9 pm and Wednesday at midnight
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Clela Errington Christopher Butcher of Heavyweights Brass Band 

5:00 Touching Go

* Lyndon John X ~ Still I Survive ~ Waning Sign New Release

* Tamar Ilana ~ (Bulerias) Marbella ~ Mistral New Release

* Moscow Apartment ~ 18 ~ Better Daughter EP New Release

5:20 Harrison Rex 

(George Harrison b. 25 Feb, 1943) 

Selway ~ Something ~ Beatles ReGrooved

The Beatles ~ Think For Yourself ~ Rubber Soul

* Sydney (Delong) ~ Faint Heart ~ My Vow To You E.P. 

* Bullfrog feat.Mark Robertson ~ Snakeskin ~ Bullfrog

5:40 Room For Errington

*Clela Errington ~ More Love & Happiness / Interview / White Dove (live) / Home On High (live) / For The Beauty Of The Earth (live) ~ MORE LOVE AND HAPPINESS  

* Sienna Dahlen ~ Stray ~ Verglas 

6:20 Adiós Maestro

"Paco inspired me in the construction of my own musical world as much as Miles Davis and John Coltrane."—Chick Corea

Paco de Lucia (21 December 1947 – 25 February 2014) ~ Danza Rituel del Fuego ~ Paco De Lucia Interpreta a Manuel da Falla

* The Fretless ~ Big Trip ~ The Fretless 

Zero Seven ~ End Theme ~ Simple Things (2001)

6:40 Brasstronomy Domine

*Heavyweights Brass Band ~ Hypnosis / Interview with Christopher Butcher Brasstronomical

6:30 Ancient Tomorrows

* Ross Neilsen ~ Yonderwall ~ Early Grave 

Otis Rush ~ Reap What You Sow ~ Mourning In The Morning (Cotillion 1969)

Angelique Kidjo ~ Voodoo Child (Slight Return) ~ Oremi

* The Bros. Landreth ~ Salvation Bound (live) ~ '87

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A 2018 Concert To Honour The 10th Anniversary of Elizabeth Shepherd's Parkdale and The Launch of Corby's Orbit


On July 13, 2008, Elizabeth Shepherd released her second album, Parkdale. After creating an international hipster smash in jazz and dance circles with her first album, Start To Move, the transplanted Montréaler settled into a basement apartment in Parkdale, and began work on a new LP, a musical love letter to the neighbourhood that provided her with a new set of responses to her humanistic musical aspirations.

Parkdale was a work that expanded the spectrum of Canadian jazz, by skewing towards a more breezy and cosmopolitan lyricism while embracing exotic time signatures, hip hop syncopation. To celebrate this pivotal conception at a distance of ten years, a concert featuring the music of Parkdale and the brightest talents of the community came together on Sunday, the 15th of July, 2018, at the ballroom in the Gladstone Hotel to re-sing, to re-imagine, to re-invent the most specifically Toronto music of Elizabeth Shepherd's career.

One of the performers, Denielle Bassels said: “Parkdale" is a beautiful homage to a part of town that I am so familiar with. Hearing Elizabeth Shepherd struck me in a whole new way. Never since Nina Simone have I seen a woman in Jazz so masterful in their compositions. Her rhythms and harmonies are complex without feeling contrived and her compositions are all at once intelligent, raw, and transparent. Her voice is ethereal yet approachable, she speaks to you. For me, I hear that it is alright to be vulnerable and masterful at once. She brings a whole new light to being a female in jazz today."

Nick McLean - Keyboards, Musical Director
Brownman Ali - Trumpet
Scott Kemp - Original Parkdale bassist
Colin Kingsmore - Original Parkdale drummer


Red Whyte & Tollar

Chloé Watkinson

The Memberz Reggae Band

Raha Javanfar

Collette Savard and The SavantEs

Valeria Matzner

Jessica Stuart

Denielle Bassels

Jocelyn Barth

Friday, July 10, 2020

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show of 10 July 2020 With Al Tuck and John Finley

Commissioner of Selection
: Paul Corby 

( brought to you by The Pandemically Hip, A Foot In Covid Water & Masked Webster )

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests : Al Tuck (2014) & John Finley (TODAY)

5:00 It Tuck Time But It Tuck Place

(An archived segment of Corby's Orbit from 12 July 2014 on CKLN.FM. Al Tuck was in T.O., or Downtown Canada as he calls it, recording his tenth album, Fair Country with Aaron Comeau).

Michael Franti & Spearhead ~ Stay Human (Stereo Steambath Remix) ~Six Degrees 100

*Al Tuck ~  Five-O / Interview / Bootleggers' Whiskey (live) / Stop Hitting On Louise (live) / There Is A God (live) ~ Stranger At The Wake / Fair Country Al's new record is here: Days of the Looking Glass

Illustration from the New York Times                      5:40 Refresh-itations

Ennio Morricone (10 November 1928 – 6 July 2020) ~ Harvest ~ Days Of Heaven Soundtrack

* Hauler ~ The Widow's Vow ~ Hauler NEW RELEASE

* Alexiane (feat. Salif Keita) ~ Gold ~ Bad Sounds EP NEW RELEASE 

    * Bocana (feat. Emilie-Claire Barlow) ~ El Rio Copalita NEW RELEASE 

* Chris Grey ~ Reasons ~ Falling Apart NEW RELEASE

6:00 Finley Tuned Soul

* John Finley

Party Party / Interview / Let Me Serenade You / Hallelujah / Who Will The Next Fool Be ~ 

Soul Singer 


John Legend ~ Never Break / Don't Walk Away (feat. Koffee) ~ Bigger Love NEW RELEASE

Rascals ~ Right On ~ Search And Nearness (Atlantic 1971)

6:45 Young and Shepherd

* Elizabeth Shepherd ~ Sicilienne ~ Parkdale ( Do Right 2008)

* The Jessica Stuart Few ~ Open Doors ~ Same Girl EP

Chico Hamilton feat. Eric Dolphy ~ Beyond The Blue Horizon ~ Gongs East! (Warner 1959)

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Orbiting Around the Songs with Al Tuck and John Finley

Tune in, tune up, tune around and into the Orbit Friday for an archived segment of Corby's Orbit from 12 July, 2014 originally broadcast on CKLN.FM. Al Tuck was in T.O., or Downtown Canada as he calls it, recording his tenth album, Fair Country with Aaron Comeau. 
He spent some time chatting and performing a few tunes in the studio.

Meanwhile in a segment linking us on into the future, 
legendary T.O. song stylist John Finley
 is about to make the boldest musical affirmation 
of his career with the release of Soul Singer
a Juno-bound new album releasing next Friday, July 17 

Featuring four pre-release songs and a lengthy interview
John touches on the meaning of Soul, the genesis of the new record and memories of his outstanding history as a performer and songwriter.