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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Playlist for show of July 26

Guest: Emilyn Stam of Té
(brought to you by Mustachioed Mine, Bearded Ours and Hirsute Yourself)
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00 Earth While Music

Genghis Barbie ~ Sisqo's The Thong Song ~@ Harbourfront Saturday, 8:00 p.m.
*Jayme Stone ~ Soundiata ~ The Other Side Of The Air CD launch @ Hugh's Room Wed., 1 August NEW DISK

Té ~ Steak Bourré / Interview with Emilyn Stam / The Dream Of A Cheshire Cat @The Hogtown Cure Sunday, July 28 @ : Dundas and Dufferin (3-5pm) PWYC & Pedestrian Sunday Kensington (7-9pm), @ Not My Dog, Tuesday, July 30 . 1510 Queen St W. PWYC, @ The Local Thursday, August 1  8-11pm. PWYC

*Alex Cuba ~ Rompecabésas @ Mississauga Celebration Square tonight

5:30 Space Shuffle

*Brownman Ali ~ Catholic School Girls ~ Gravitation NEW DISK @Beaches Streetfest Friday & Saturday 7-11 
*Amanda Rhéaume ~ Passed Down The Line ~ Keep A Fire NEW DISK CD release tonight in Wakefield
*Mimi Oz ~ Many Moons ~ Three Of Swords NEW DISK
*Wake Owl ~ You'll Never Go ~ Wild Country @Edgefest Wed. 1 August, Downsview Park
*Tom Eastland ~ Jade & Bone ~ @ Free Times Sunday

6:00 Jollification Situations

*Paul Reddick ~ Photograph ~ @ Castro's Lounge Sunday 4 p.m.
Room Full Of Blues ~ It All Went Down The Drain ~ 45 Live NEW DISK
Sammy Davis Jr. ~ Guys And Dolls ~ The Shelter Of Your Arms
Kid Creole & The Coconuts ~ (No More ) Casual Sex ~ Private Waters In The Great Divide (1991)
*Justin Bieber feat. Usher ~ Somebody To Love Remix ~ @ Air Canada Center tonight
*Lindi Ortega ~ The Day You Die ~ @ Yonge / Dundas Square tonight

6:30 Intense And Purposes

*The Mood ~ Freedom Of Speech ~ What's On The Surface And What's Underneath
*Factories & Alleyways ~ Hallelujah (NO! Not that one!)  ~ Canadiana NEW DISK
Eric Clapton ~ Born In Time ~ Pilgrim
*Royal Canoe ~ Birthday ~ Today We're Believers NEW DISK
Harvey Mandel ~ Before Six ~ Striated with a vein of Toronto Music Listings / The Lark feat. Charlie Musselwhite ~ Cristo Redentor
*Dave Gunning ~ These Hands ~ No More Pennies 

Barbra Streisand ~ Everybody Says Don't ~ Back To Broadway ~ by Steven Sondheim

Everybody says don't 
Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't it isn't right
Don't it isn't nice
Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't walk on the grass
Don't disturb the peace
Don't skate on the ice
Well I say do, I say,
Walk on the grass it was meant to feel
I say sail! Tilt at the windmill
And if you fail you fail!

Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't
Everybody says don't get out of line
When they say that then lady that's a sign
No times out of ten
Lady you are doing just fine.

Make just a ripple come on be brave
This time a ripple next time a wave
Sometimes you have to start small,
Climbing the tiniest wall
Maybe you're going to fall
But it is better than not starting at all.

Everybody says no stop
Musn't rock the boat musn't touch a thing
Everybody says don't
Everybody says wait
Everybody says can't fight city-hall
Can't upset the court
Can't laugh at the king!

Well I say try,
I say,
Laugh at the King or he'll make you cry
Loose your poise
Fall if you have to but lady make a noise...

Everybody says don't
Everybody says can't
Everybody says wait around for miracles
That's the way the world is made
I insist on miracles if you do them,
Miracles might come true,
Then I say don't...
Don't be afraid! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Beaches Jazz Fest aka The Funk Capital of Canada

  Strolling and sometimes struggling along Queen Street East last night for a few miles, it became apparent that  the motions of the day and the trembles of the night alike were arrayed primarily along striations in various outcroppings of funky music.
  Toronto's vintage and emerging artists were showcasing boundless motivation towards dance-mongering from Woodbine to Balsam, and will,again, tonight and tomorrow, absolutely for free. It's ideal!
God Made Me Funky

                                                                       George Olliver

K.C. Roberts

Neil Chapman 

Street Dancers for Patrick Tevin's New Orleans Rhythm

Brownman Ali & the Brownman Electryc Trio

Té Amo

is here in Canada all the way from Holland to share the traditions of Balfolk
                                    (Seen above and below at Dufferin Grove Market yesterday)
Through original tunes influenced by French, Balkan, Celtic, Scandinavian and North American folk musics, this quirky quartet of clarinet, guitar, accordion and 5 string fiddle performs music written for dancing.

 Bourrées, Gavottes, Jigues, Cercles, Scottishes, Waltzes and Mazurkas are just a few dances made popular in  Western Europe.

This week they are in Toronto: 

Friday, July 26 @ The Ward’s Island Café. 7-9pm, PWYC.

Saturday, July 27: Backyard Balfolk. Music and dance workshops. 2:00-9:30. Contact for details.

Sunday, July 28 @ the Hogtown Cure: Dundas and Dufferin (3-5pm) PWYC & PS Kensington (7-9pm)

Tuesday, July 30 @ Not My Dog. 1510 Queen St W. PWYC

Thursday, August 1 @ The Local. 396 Roncesvalles Ave. 8-11pm. PWYC

And on Corby's Orbit today

Also at

Blue Skies Festival: Aug 2-4
Smithers: August 6&7
Goderich Celtic Festival: Aug 9-11
Summerfolk Festival: Aug 16-18

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Playlist For Show Of 19 July 2013

Guests:Tara Holloway & Ambre McLean
(brought to you by Battle Pillows, Fluffed Axes and Jammer Parties)
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00 Ear Conditioning
*Bronsense ~ Drumming Sphere @ Silence in Guelph tonight NEW DISK
Habana Sax ~ Mambomania ~ Brain Storm
*Broken Social Scene ~ Mother Mother ~ Sing Me The Songs (Kate McGarrigle Tribute) NEW DISK
Compay Segundo ~ La Cleptómana ~ Guantanamera The Essential Album NEW DISK
*Eliana Cuevas ~ Agua Congrejo Y Sal ~ @ Lula Lounge Monday 22 July
*Chic Gamine ~ Between Then And Now ~ @Mel Lastman Square tonight

5:30 Perihelion Balloons
*House of David Gang ~ Toronto Ontario ~@ Rotary Club in Sault Ste. Marie Saturday
First Day Of Summer Tour
Derrick Morgan ~ Forward March ~ Ska's The Limit (Island)
*Ptarmigan ~ Freedom ~Eliak & The Dream
John Reischman ~ Side By Each ~ Walk Along John NEW DISK
*Anna Atkinson ~ Careful My Dear ~ @ The Rivoli Sunday

6:00  Dimension My Name

Madlib ~ Peace / Dolphin Dance ~ Shades Of Blue
Justice ~ Phantom Pt. 2 / Access All Arenas

*Ambre McLean ~ Not Myself / Interview / Tricky Truth @ The Vault w. Tara Holloway Saturday

*Peter Appleyard (1928-2013) ~ Avalon / Just In Time ~ The Vibe Sound Of Peter Appleyard (1958)

*Braids ~ In Kind ~ Flourish // Perish NEW DISK

K-OS ~ MTV ~ Black & Blonde NEW DISK

6:30 Severe Rocking 
Steely Dan ~ Green Earrings @ Molson Amphitheatre Sunday

The Silent Comedy ~ God Neon ~ Friends Divide

*Coyote ~ Wood Islands ~ Tracks EP NEW DISK

*Imaginary Cities ~ 9&10 ~ Fall Of Romance  NEW DISK

*Cris Bartos ~ Love Is The Ocean ~ @ Grafitti's Wednesday 24 July

Georges Delerue ~ The Escape Artist Suite with Toronto Music Listings garnished loosely above (Truffaut Festival on TCM tonight)

Eric Clapton ~ My Father's Eyes

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Americanarama - A Cauldron Of Songs

  In the heart of the heat, with our gloriously untanned sun-screened skins glossy and our shirts slowly becoming a tone darker with sweat, the remedy of honest music prevailed yet again at  Americanarama. Because that word, Americanarama, was invented by rockin' hometowners Hollerado, and the genre of music called Americana was actually created on a record called Music From Big Pink, with famously local origins, the whole night was a bit of a roots homecoming for us last Monday night in Toronto.

  Molson's Amphitheatre (rebranded The Moistened Armpit Theatre) hosted Bob Dylan's second date of the tour with its usual inhospitality of overpriced food and alcohol, loutish security and blank jumbotrons.

  Richard Thompson's Electric Trio, promptly stepping up to the plate at the advertised start-time of 5:30, accomplished a half hour of complex string theory and rousingly intricate rhythm before half of the audience had even arrived. The sting of the sunlight's onslaught concentrated the available audience into peripheral embankments of shade far away from the stage area.

  A quick turnaround brought My Morning Jacket on at 6:15. Their pivotal anthem The Way That He Sings came second in the set and was magnified to full throttle from the start, unlike the slow build-up of the recorded version. Cataracts of long hair, saxophones, feedback and sonic blare followed wave upon wave, stunning the audience with the passion and perseverance of these true stone rockers. The shade began to spread out a little more. MMJ closed off with Run Thru, which ended with a raging coda longer than the song. As my friend Dave said, "They did everything but set themselves on fire."

  Listening to songs like Sugar Mountain and Dolphin's Smile during Wilco's set-up (what was it, Bob's iPod?) brought home an awareness that the youngsters who composed more than half of the crowd were just the control group for a Sixties throwback ego-system.

  Jeff Tweedy and his six compadres certainly brought the party, starting with their most agreeable hits, laid out for the Wilco newbies. (Wilco: Expressing compliance or agreement, esp. acceptance of instructions received by radio.)

  A lengthy run through a tune in 11/8 time left even the completists dozing off. The fire was stoked, ultimately, when Richard Thompson returned to the stage to joust ferociously on Fairport Convention's Sloth with Wilco arch-soloist Nels Cline in one of those rare two-guitar carousals devoid of wank. Then a demure Feist came out and dueted on You And I with Tweedy, bringing some Canadianarama to the proceedings.
( An attempt a bit later to build a bit more maple into the show was choked by Feist's inability to come up with coherent lyrics for the second verse of Leonard Cohen's  Suzanne). Wilco's finale reached a solid pinnacle when Tweedy brought My Morning Jacket back for a spirited charge at the Neil Young workhorse Cinnamon Girl. Every face in the place smiled.

                                                                     Picture by Chris Pizzello   
  With the sun well set and scalper prices plunging, Bob Dylan and his pearly-suited troupe (including Hogtown fret-polisher Colin Linden) stepped into a landscape of hanging kleig lights and twin fire chambers with gold and blue tones pulsing off the drums to rock out on Things Have Changed, his Academy Award-winning theme from Wonder Boys. The song set the template for a set heavily loaded with post-millennial compositions: three from Tempest, two from Love & Theft, and one each from Together Through Life & Time Out Of Mind.

  Dylan sang the first few songs wandering amongst his crew and blowing his characteristic reveilles on harmonica between verses that took off to melodic off-roads and romantic vibrato. As he arrived at the piano stage left, he leaned into it and stuck to playing rhythm and improvising licks there for some midset reinventions of Tangled Up In Blue, A Simple Twist Of Fate, A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, and She Belongs To Me.

  As he ramped up to Twelve Gates To The City with Jeff Tweedy and Jim James back for harmonies and acoustic scrubbing, there was an exuberance emerging from the shaman himself, referencing our own beautiful city, that spread into the crowd and bouyed up All Along  The Watchtower and his standard encore number,  Blowin' In The Wind. 

  Offshore breezes picked up from the fade as the ensemble posed for the curtain call, then, in the middle of the beautiful city, the multitude came ashore with the effects of urgent apocalyptic visions and rapturous love lyrics bristling & refreshed in their memories.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Playlist for Show of July 12

Host: Paul Corby from Toronto / Atlantis
( brought to you by Entropical Beaches, Kinetic Locales and Power Grid Pools) 5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00 Life Over The Ears
*Zaki Ibrahim ~ Daylight ~Iqra In Orange / Be (Atjazz & Julian Gomes Remix 2013)
*Kristi Lane Sinclair ~ Oh Boy ~ The Sea Alone
Burning Bridget Cleary ~ Oh My Little Darling ~ Pressed For Time
*Nancy Dutra ~ Sweet Tomorrow ~ @ The Tranzac Wednesday, 17 July

5:20 Fire Puffs
Weezer ~ Surf Wax America ~ performing the Blue Album @ Downsview Park tonight
*Campus Thieves ~ Magic Man ~ Campus Thieves
*Mushy Callahan ~ Burn ~ Man On The Run
Wilco ~ I'm The Man Who Loves You @ Molson Amphitheatre for AMERICANARAMA Monday, 15 July
*The Fugitives ~ Bigger Than Luck ~ Bigger Than Luck EP

5:45 Incendiary Tendencies
*I-Sax ~ Jahzz Time ~ @ Seven44 Tuesday, 16 July 7 p.m.
*Eliana Cuevas ~ Nuevo Vida ~ *Espejo
*Abdominal & The Obliques ~ Inoutro / Breathe Deep@ Honest Ed's Fringe Tent Sunday 7 p.m.
Bob Holroyd ~ Drumming Up A Storm 

6:10 Respiratory Prevailments
Mama Rosin ~ Sitting On Top Of The World ~ Bye Bye Bayou
*David Gogo ~ I Shoulda Lied @ Hugh's Room Monday, 15 July and Peterborough's Holiday Inn Gazebo Friday, 19 July
*I-Sax ~ Finfinne Blues with Toronto MusicListings adrift on the surface
*Bronosphere ~ The New Ringtone @ Silence in Guelph Friday, 19 July
Bjork ~ Moon Biophilia Tour @ Echo Beach Tuesday, 16 July

6:30-7:00 Absentee DJ / Alpha Mail
Pepper: Remixes & Rarities ~ a 1998 EP by Alpha, featuring remixes of five tracks from their debut album, ComeFromHeaven plus three previously, unreleased tracks, "Honey", "Pepper" and "Over". 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Playlist for show of Friday, 5 July 2013

Host: Paul Corby
(brought to you by Edge Adjudicators, Peripheral Visionaries,  & Stark Rim Minders)
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00  Chance Of Powers 
Emeli Sande ~ Wonder ~ Our Version Of Events
Ashanti ~ Rain On Me Remix ~ Collectables

5:10 Knowing It Off By Heart
Big Bobby Blue Bland ~(1930-2013)~ Sitting On A Poor Man's Throne / I Intend To Take Your Place / It Ain't The Real Thing

5:30 Lyrical Flood Gates
*Dave McCann & The Firehearts ~ Inferno ~ Dixiebluebird
*Al Tuck ~ There Is A God (Part ll) / Stranger At The Wake (Part l)
*Annabelle Chvostek ~ Equal Rights ~ Rise @ Hugh's Room Wednesday, 10 July

5:45 Between The Lions
The Heptones ~ Equal Rights
Blue King Brown feat. Eliot Martin ~ Not Too Late @ Lula Lounge Sunday
Bruno Mars ~ Show Me @ Molson Amphitheatre Saturday
The Specials ~ Free Nelson Mandela @ Koolhaus Tuesday, 9 July

6:00 Lightning Bulbs
*Jayme Stone ~ Radio Wassoulo ~ The Other Side Of The Air
* The Barr Brothers ~ The Devil's Harp @ TURF Festival

*Jay Arner ~ Bird Of Prey
*Emberfield ~ Lost & Dreaming
*This Is Harold ~ We Are, We Are

6:20  Firecracker Daze
Wavves ~ Mystic 
Craig Armstrong feat. Bono ~ Stay (Faraway, So Close) ~ Eargasm
Bob Dylan ~ Sugar Baby @ Molson Amphitheatre Monday, 15 July
Count Basie arr. By Neal Hefti ~ Li'l Darling 
bejewelled with Toronto Music Listings 
Brother Sun ~ Shine 
John Lennon & Yoko Ono ~ Hard Times Are Over ~ Double Fantasy

Friday, July 5, 2013

T.U.R.F. Lucks Out

Opening night of Toronto's first downtown Urban Roots Fest, (denying, denying, denying the forecast) featured steady sunlight, enthusiastic crowds and a misty rural mystique within sight of the CN Tower.

I'll be featuring these artists and many more too this afternoon from 5:00-7:00 on Radio Regent Toronto.

Montreal's The Barr Brothers (left) and Britain's Camera Obscura
 Joel Plaskett made it all real with dedicated showmanship and an intimate patter between songs that honed the audience's partying powers. Only light beer left at the end of his set.

                                                                                       More to come over the next two days