Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
Listening in All the High Places illustration by John Kricfalusi

Sunday, November 28, 2010


After ten days of going all Repo-man on my audience, raising about 4 figures in pledges for the station, I am looking forward to reconsecrating the show to creative rather than fiscal goals. Coming up December 4th will be bard of the hour Mr. Peter Katz, and more music than you'd ever want to shake a stick at, with, or through.
Abundant Orbital Applause goes out to:
~Shoshannah, Christina, Bill Watson, Dave Hynes, Kate, Queenie, Verlia and all staff and callers for stamina, cheerleading and moral support.
~All pledgers for $uch generosity.
~ Jack Marks, K.C. Roberts, Sheriff Miller, Shakurah Saida, F&M, Jen Lane, Jerry Leger, Jace, Ivy Mairi, Greg Lawson, Luke Jackson, Stephen Fearing, and Rebecca Campbell for performance, personality and persuasion on-air.
~Prize and enticement donors Molly at Warner Brothers, Ken at Killbeat, A Man Called Wrycraft, catl, and Garry Topp.
~Sincere upward thanks for the rising of all to the occasion.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friday Orbiting Radio Busker

Chipping away at yr pocket, all day straight up. Please surrender. Space exploration is expensive.

Guests galore as the galactic climactic Fund Raising Corby Orbits for $ with:

11:00 F&M: Live Anti- Billboard Rock on their CD release and Tour
11:30: Jen Lane: Appearing tonight at Not My Dog w/Amy Campbell and smokekiller (and Tuesday at MITZI's SISTER)
12:00 Massive dreadlocks record treasurer Greg Lawson plays and offers up lost Bob Marley tracks.
12:30 Jerry Leger: Live with his 4th Disk, Looking forward to his show on the 29th at Hugh's Room
1:00 Ivy Mairi: Live"I want you" and "In between love", from the Tom Waits Tribute tonight at Hugh's Room
1:15: Stephen Fearing does Nick Drake Live for the Sunday Tribute Show at Trinity St. Paul's
1:30: Microbunny: Live on air with Rebecca Campbell as Rancho Relaxo gig approaches this evening.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fundamental Fund-Raising Shows Nov.19 & 26

Thanks, Roger Humbert for the photo
We'll be switching from fund-raising to hair-raising and back fairly abruptly, the way the Orbit do, when gravity just doesn't apply. Friday the 19th will feature phone linkage ship-to-surface, hot-to-ground connections with missing blues/bluegrass link Joel Fafard, at the Free Times Saturday, supporting his new disk, Cluck Old Hen. Then a communique from country dolls Ladies of the Canyon's singer Senja Sargeant, anticipating a Dakota gig next Thursday, that will take place noon-ish. Then, songster Joey Wright whose latest, Hatch, featuring such roots music stars as Sarah Harmer, Jenny Whiteley and Amy Millan, takes flight at The Great Hall next Thursday, will call up with a tour update. Ticket opportunities will abound for shows galore, and disk bribes, though for these two weeks, we will be demanding $$$$$s for the famished radio station which, for 50 weeks a year at least, only lives to give.
But Wait!
You want live nebular celebrities?
Well, Shakura Saidah, who takes only YES for an answer internationally, is appearing appealingly at Hugh's Room that very evening, and yet will manage a gracious flightpath into the Orbit for a chat and insight into the inspirations of her vast talent. Radio-telescopes should be trained on the 12:30-1:00 time slot for best clarity. Also, at 1, Funk Titan K.C. Roberts and his sax avatar Jared, riding a new cd and gigs resplendant, will arrive prepared to jam some telekinetic volitional omni-beats straight into your cortex. Put on some headphones and get loose, let's pledge some juice to keep CKLN.FM 88.1 in use, and formidable pour tous! QL?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snow White: The Remix

I have gotten out of my Blog routine since paper play-lists have become non-transferable from the station. They are impossible to print out, but Someday my prints will come back. Until then, enjoy this disneytronic version. Major jams, live beatbox, small choirs, and lonesome asteroids have all made flaming appearances on the airwaves of Corby's Orbit over the last month.
Please stay tuned at 88.1FM Friday afternoons from 11-2.