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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

King's Highway. New from The Memberz ~ Reggae Toronto Evolution Continues.

Vibulous new track with Mavriq's lyrics galore. 
A spatial delivery from The Memberz 
~ first single released yesterday ~ 
King's Highway 
~ Neo Roots gone 'pon the attack.

Kings Highway ~ lyrics by Mavriq Be strong - you got to be strong ~ Got King's work in Armageddeon Chorus – Said I was riding on the King's Highway I said I moved to the Midnight train, because freedom was calling, yes she was calling. Verse 1 – The whole thing go down inna the street, down in a di club pure vibes a gwaan and tune a beat. The band na hold a meds tru the vibes a gwaan sweet, the bar a gwaan well juice a drink and food a eat. Woman a grin off dem teeth and man a skank to the beat, all of a sudden the place was tense under heat. When I took a look, police a fly down the street, when mi took a look ratty a fly down the street. Chorus – Said I was riding on the Kings Highway, and then moved to the Mid night train, because freedom was calling, yes she was calling, this morning. Verse 2 – But I guess that’s how the system stays, just give love a chance ghetto youth never stray. What is the wicked man dem promote? Your honor let me tell you how they draped us and punched us in our mouth. In the courthouse I see the heathen dem a gloat, but I can see clearly they are scouts. Asking them, did they find any weed? They said no we smelled the smoke. Alright Mr Wallace you’re a joke. Set the youths free before we sue the court house, set the youths free before the news touches the road. I said you have violated my human rights so many times, now we’re gonna take it to you straight down the line. Bridge – I said I’ve got to live my life, cause I don’t care what the world wanna say, no I don’t care what the world wanna say. I said I’ve got to do what’s right, See I don’t care what the world wanna say, see I don’t care. Chorus – Cause I was riding on the King's Highway, and then moved to the Midnight train, because freedom was calling, yes she was calling Bridge – I said you’ve got to live your life, cause I don’t care what the world wanna say, no I don’t care what the world wanna say. I said you've got to do what’s right, See I don’t care what the world wanna say, I really don’t care. Chorus – Said I was riding on the kings Highway I said I moved to the midnight train, because freedom was calling, yes she was calling

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Playlist For Show Of 24 July

 Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by Deliberate Liberals, Knee-Deep NDP-ers and Migratory Tories )

Guests: Adam Beer-Colacino, Terry Wilkins & Adam Warner of The Sinners Choir

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00 Believerism

* The Soul Motivators ~ Free To Believe ~ Free To Believe @ The Gull & Firkin for Beaches Jazz Streetfest

Sergio Mendes ~ Kalimba ~ Brasileiros @ Nathan Phillips Square for Panamania Sunday 9 p.m.

Galactica feat. Trombone Shorty ~ Cineramascope ~ The Other Side Of Midnight ~ Trombone Shorty @ Nathan Phillips Square Saturday for Panamania

Kendrick Lamar ~ How Much A Dollar Really Costs ~ To Pimp A Butterfly @ Way Home Festival this weekend

5:20 Lies Just Surprise

Alt-J ~ Left Hand Free ~ This Is All Yours ~ @ Way Home Festival this weekend

* Scarlett Jane ~ Tin Can Rebel ~ Scarlett Jane NEW DISK

Sleater - Kinney ~ Was It A Lie? ~ All Hands On The Bad One (2000)

* Lindi Ortega ~ Black Fly ~ Little Red Boots ~ @ Harbourfront Center, Wednesday, 29 July

The Chantays ~ Move It (1962) ~ Revenge Of The Surf Instrumentals

* Derek Miller ~ Devil Come Down Sunday ~ Red Ride Tour @ Fort York Garrison Common tonight

5:40 Rasta-Manticism ~

 Haile Selassie I (23 July 1892 – 27 August 1975)

Kanye West feat. Q-Tip, Common, Talib Kweli ~ We Can Make It Better ~ Hurricane Relief  Kanye West @ Panam Games Finale Sunday

Thievery Corporation ~ Treasures ~ MCCM

Prince Far I ~ Psalm 23 ~ Psalms for I 

Bob Marley And The Wailers ~ Selassie Is The Chapel / Stiff-Necked Fools ~ The Complete Wailers

6:00 Sinner / Soul-Writers

* The Sinners Choir ~ Tell Me Now / True / Interview with Adam Beer-Colacino, Terry Wilkins & Adam Warner / If The Sea Was Whiskey (live) / Preacher Man (live) ~ Vol. 3 EP NEW DISK Launch @ The Rex Saturday 12 p.m. and @ The Dakota Saturday 10 p.m.

6:30 Classified Personals

* Afiaria String Quartet ~ Rob Teehan's The Pursuit ~ Spin Cycle ~ @ Edward Johnson Building Tuesday, 28 July fr American Avant-Garde

Paul Weller ~Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats) ~ Rebirth Of The Cool: Phive 

At this point I was locked out of the studio by accident while seeing The Sinners Choir out.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Sinners Choir Kicking Up Some Stardust Today

The Sinners' Choir will be raising a lively and joyful noise in the middle of the Orbital uproar today.
 Their live performance at 6:00 today will herald the arrival of a new disk "Volume 3", full of original tunes with soulful singing and magnificent musical artistry. 

The trio, Adam Beer-Colacino, Adam Warner, & Terry Wilkins, will have a dual release event this Saturday, July 25th at The Rex from noon to 3:00 and again at The Dakota Tavern from 10:00 p.m. til 2:00 a.m. Get the early word today through the radio wormhole.

You can listen in to Radio Regent at

Monday, July 20, 2015

Charenee Wade Sings Gil Scott-Heron

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Playlist For Show Of 17 july

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by X Samples, Denim Striations, and Spacey Men Jars )

Guest: Tia Brazda

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00 Earth Moving Machinery

Danilo Perez feat. Luciana Souza & Claudia Acuna, Richard Bona ~ Panafrika ~ Motherland @ Nathan Phillips Square Monday PANAMANIA and @ Koerner Hall Wednesday

Pupy Y Los Que Son Son ~ Salsa & Timba @ Nathan Phillips Sq Sunday & @ Pan Am Park Monday PANAMANIA

* Cane Fire ~ Kaiso Blues ~ Kaiso Blues @ Beaches Jazz Festival tonight

Los Amigos Invisibles ~ Playa Azul ~ The Venezuela Zinga Son Vol: 1 @ Nathan Phillips Sq. Saturday PANAMANIA

Amon Tobin ~ People Like Frank ~ Permutation@ Nathan Phillips Sq. Saturday PANAMANIA

5:20 Succinct Eccentrics

* Metis Fiddler Quartet ~ Lord MacDonald`s Reel ~ North West Voyage Nord Ouest @ Fort York Garrison Monday for INDIGENOUS MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL

Tame Impala ~ Yes I'm Changing ~ Currents NEW DISK

Mr. Bungle ~ Mo Meesha Mo Skwaz ~ Disco Volante

Buddy Guy ~ Stay All Night ~ Sweet Tea (Silvertone / Jive 2001)

* The 24th Street Wailers  ~Spitfire ~ Where Evil Grows

Devon Sproule ~ Body's In Trouble ~ I Love You, Go Easy @ The Burdock Tuesday, 16 August

* Old Man Luedecke ~ The Early Days ~ Domestic Eccentric NEW DISK

~ Little Miss Higgins & The Winnipeg Five ~ Moonlit Picnic ~ Bison Ranch Recording Sessions ~ @ Nathan Phillips Square Wednesday, 22 July PANAMANIA

6:00 Astrodisiacs

Zachary Richard ~ Come To Me ~ Last Kiss @ Nathan Phillips Sq., Saturday 9:30 PANAMANIA

Yes ~ The Fish (Shindlaria Praemarurus)~ Fragile 
Chris Squire (4 March 1948 – 27 June 2015)

Betty Harris ~ Ride Your Pony ~ On The Good Foot (Essential Funk Classics)

Ike & Tina Turner ~ Cussin' And Cryin' And Carryin' On ~ On The Good Foot ~ (Essential Funk Classics)
Robert Palmer ~ How Much Fun ~ Sneaking Sally Through The Alley

Angry Mexican DJ's ~ Rock Dior ~ (Palm Pictures 2002)

Dianne Reeves ~ Tomorrow Never Knows ~ Strawberry Fields 

Elisapie feat. Basia Bulat ~ For You ~ Travelling \Love/ @ Fort York Garrison Tuesday, 21 July for, INDIGENOUS MUSIC AND ARTS FESTIVAL 

6:30 Brazda Fan Vibrations

* Tia Brazda ~ Shine / Interview / Breathe Easy ~ Bandshell NEW DISK @ Lula Lounge Thursday 23 July

Paco de Lucia ~ Compadres (Bulerias) /Zyryab / Toronto Music Listings ~ Zyrab

Friday, July 17, 2015

Infra Red Tia Brazda Radiating In The -Orbital Spectrum

At 6:30 today, mod-cabaret torch-bearer, Tia Brazda,  beams aboard the Orbit with musical light particles shining and colliding, for conversation and tracks rampant from her new album, 


           The Album Release Party will be held @ Lula Lounge

Next THURSDAY, JULY 23 2015 7:00 PM — 9:00 PM

before she departs for her major  summerlong American tour.

Catch her while she's hot.
On Radio Regent online out of Regent Park in Toronto every Friday from 5 p.m. til 7

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Conundrum at Toronto's Panamania This Weekeend

A twelve-foot cedar strip canoe with a rawhide membrane will be providing a unique musical opportunity for Toronto and its visitors to invoke deep powerful rhythms. From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, and from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, you will find us offering you beaters and a chance to express your message of dance, groove and universal cultural beats. We`re in the Distillery District. Come to the sound. You will hear us before you see us.

Two gents from the Melbourne Ska Orchestra put the Aussie soul into the Conundrum at Sudbury's Northern Lights Festival Boreal just a little while ago. Here`s how it sounded...........

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Playlist For Show Of 10 July

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by Polar Sandals, Renewable Emergencies, and The Last Resource)

Guests: Alastair Whitehead & Darryl Poulsen of The Slocan Ramblers and Adonis Puentes

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00 Panamaniac Panic

Jeary ~ Wake Up. Pay Attention ~ Jeary NEW DISK

* K.C. Roberts & The Live Revolution ~ Open Your Eyes ~ Parkdale Funk vol. 2 @ Woodbine Park tonight for Beaches Jazz Festival

Les Nubians feat. Talib Kweli ~ Temperature Rising ~ One Step Forward

Joaquin Diaz ~ Los Barberos ~ Mi Corazon @ Nathan Phillips Square Saturday & @ Distillery District Sunday for Panamania

* Adonis Puentes ~ En La Alta Sociedad / Interview ~ Veinte Anos @ The Distillery District for Panamania 16& 17 July

5:20 Verticalligraphy

Shuggie Otis ~ Strawberry Letter 23 (1971) ~ Soul Goes Psychedelic @  Lee`s Palace Monday, 20 July

Rickie Lee Jones ~ The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys ~ It`s Like This @ Danforth Music Hall Monday, 13 July

Lamb ~ In Binary NEW DISK

* Reuben & The Dark ~ Can`t See The Light ~ Funeral Sky ~ Reuben Bullock @ The Burdock Tonight / Full Band @ Nathan Philips Square Tuesday, 14 July

5:40 Country And Wasteland

B. J. Cole ~ Trouble In Paradise ~ Trouble In Paradise (2004)

* The High Bar Gang ~ Paul & Silas ~ Lost And Undone @ Nathan Phillips Square Wednesday

* Slocan Ramblers ~ Streamline Cannonball / Interview with Alastair Whitehead & Darryl Poulsen / April's Waltz / Angeline / Call Me Long Gone ~ Coffee Creek NEW DISK CD Release @ The Tranzac Saturday     

* Gordie Tentrees ~ Lost Guitar ~ Less Is More NEW DISK

6:20 The Ringo Of Authenticity

* The Writers' Society ~ Haunt NEW DISK @ Rancho Relaxo Saturday 

The Beatles feat Ringo Starr (born 7 July 1940) ~ If You've Got Trouble / Boys ~ Beatles Anthology

* Terra Lightfoot ~ The Truth ~ Every Time My Mind Goes Wild @ The Horseshoe Wednesday

Carl Mann ~ Pretend ~ Authentic Blues Rockabilly & Rock N Roll vol. 3 (Sun Records 1959)

* Brother Neil ~ A Reason Why ~ Bonfire Confessions NEW DISK @ 120 Church Saturday, 15 August

6:45 Maxter - piece

George Benson ~ Kiss & Make Up ~ Jazziz On Disc

Candy Dulfer ~ Sunday Afternoon ~ Toronto Music Listings

* Sarah Harmer ~ I Am Aglow ~ I'm A Mountain


Friday, July 10, 2015

There Will Be Treats

Cookies will go deliciously well with the Slocan Ramblers' new release 
Coffee Creek .
We will be airing the musical linens with the lads today at 6:00, sampling tracks, and touching base as they head into a July11  CD Release
 at the Tranzac Main Hall, Toronto, 7:00 pm this Thursday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Stars Within the Northern Lights Festival Boreal - 44th Edition

Friday night began with the careful unpacking of a heavy vertical coffin, as Sudbury welcomed the first unveiling of the heroic statue of the legendary 
Stompin' Tom Connors 
to the music of Scarlett Jane.
"Fortunately he didn't have to stay at the Lido this time around."

        Trying to get a selfie, I got a photo taken by the sculptor himself, Tyler Fauvelle.

The traditional Friday rainfall couldn't stop the proceedings on any of the stages, even the unofficial ones.

Families, musicians, yarn bombers, raconteurs,
painters, vendors (even a solo entrepreneur with cuddly toys), swimmers chefs, techies, activists, cosplayers, lovers, publicists, photographers, yoga dancers, masseuses, fork-lift drivers, campers, bartenders, and other assorted sparks filled the hilltop for three days.

Ben Sures, with surprise bass player Suzie Vinnick, spread equal amounts of comedy and commentary abroad with his wry performance of original pop songs. Later he manned the swag table with Love Will Kick Your Ass t-shirts and a choice of four metallic pens for his autographing duties. .

Sudburian favourite Mimi Obonsawin held the stage, brought the dusk, and filled the seats with her personal songs of struggle and courage.

West Coast Cubanista Adonis Puentes churned up swirling skirts and drove his expert team of rhythmatists to levitate the entire mainstage audience as the moon rose over a  Sudbury Saturday Night.

"Just call me The Harm." Sarah Harmer gave her new fans and a crowd of devotees all the great songs that have made her an emotional spirit guide for the nation over the last two decades. Newcomer to the band, bassist Ben Whiteley, put a muscular impetus into a tightly rocking performance that took everyone to the brink. Sarah polished the night off with a high-tide finale of Lodestar, and returned for a solo acoustic encore.

Meanwhile, dangerous levels of suds were being poured out at off-site venue, The Townehouse, where 
House Of David Gang and Kobo Town gave the crowd some very good reasons not to sit still.

Mystic melodies fluctuated thrillingly through the high ground of the hill as Montreal`s Les Poules a Colin and Bombadils teamed up on the Family Stage on Sunday afternoon.

The delicate and intricate acoustic artistry of Jayme Stone's astonishing tribute to old time music, The Lomax Project, took flight onstage with the finely-wrought string slinging of Tatiana Hargreaves and Joe Phillips, and the shivering silver voice of Margaret Glaspy.

Reuben And The Dark received a mixed blessing of adulation and over-the-top teen spirit as a crowd of summer campers swarmed the stage-front for their restrained set of melancholic rock. Nevertheless, lead singer Reuben Bullock couldn`t help but high-five the energetic millenials, between attempts to discipline the rowds amongst them, who ``really had to work on their listening.``

Sheer force of musical will overcame a large crowd`s impulse to get home in time for The National as
Dan Mangan`s band, Blacksmith burned ferociously, matching the passion of the lyrics blow for blow to close out the Festival on Sunday night. 
And there were robots.

The Conundrum at Northern Lights Festival Sudbury

On an igneous protrusion of the ancient continent of Arctica, on the shore of Lake Ramsay in Sudbury, we planted a drum this past weekend. It is a 12-foot cedar strip canoe covered with a rawhide skin.
 Designed by Bethany art conceptualist 
David Hynes (right), 
the Conundrum brings children, boulevardiers, rhythm mongers and other assorted curious cats into a magnetic field of throb and thump.
 The subsonic waves have a power of attraction that is sensed more in the feet and internal organs than in the ears. 
Musicians recognize its fascinations immediately.
Kobo Town found a deep groove on the instrument.
The appeal of the sound is unanimously invigorating. It can even revive an extinct species.
The Orbiteer and Quique Escamilla`s Bassist-at-Large, Dan Mock, who was on the downbeat for a deeply rolling performance of Be My Baby and a run at Led Zep`s Communication Breakdown.