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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Joe Hall-O-Gram

The last day of January - always worth waiting for, AND not the least because my guest, at 5:30, will be the supple Joe Hall ,  lyrical contortionist and melodic acrobat. Weighing in on his upcoming showcase at  the Globe Bistro, Sunday 16 Feb. at 5:00 during WINTERFOLK XII (, and his part in tributes to both Rick Fielding and Tony Quarrington on the same day, Joe will be playing us a few tunes to boot!!

                           A true Toronto legend. Listen out!

A Wild-ish Guitar Wielder-About-Town

AND, at 6:30
Nilan Perera discussing an exciting new project

Tova Kardonne & THE THING IS present
The Lanka Suite
Sundays in February 2014
February 2, 9, & 16 (The Thing Is regular performance Feb 23)
194 Queen St. W.
Doors: 6:30 pm
Cover: $12

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Falling With Grace

Playlist for show of 24 January 2014

Host: Paul Corby
Radio Regent is now available on ROGERS Channel 60 in downtown T.O.

( brought to you by Oil Rights Now, Petroleum Patrolmen and Tarsands Of The Apes )
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Lynn Philips of  Random Order, Tara Williamson and Bev Kreller & Howard Druckman of Hotcha!

5:00 Clair-buoyance

Jill Scott feat. Kirk Franklin ~ Kingdom Come ~ Collaborations 
Lucille Barbee ~ Where Could I Go? (June 1953) ~ Fire In My Bones
*Max Woolaver Band ~ Ascension Day ~ Nazca Hummingbird @ Free Times Tonight

5:15 Modern Grind

The Rides ~ Rockin' In The Free World ~ Neil Young Tribute @ Measure Sunday
*Joe Nolan ~ Autumn Sky ~ Tornado  @ The Cameron Tuesday NEW DISK
*Brian Cober ~ What Will Come ~Austin Wired @  Grossman's Sunday & @ On Cue Wednesday NEW DISK

5:30 Apocalipstick

*Random Order ~ Trans Mission ? Interview with Lynn Philips ~ Do It In Quattro ~ Black Lipstick Kiss NEW DISK CD Release @ The Mod Club Thursday, 30 January

5:50 Far & Weird
UB40 ~ Our Own Song ~ 1986 (Featuring the ANC rallying cry of "Amandla Awethu", it is considered a protest song of the time)
*Language Arts ~ Cough Drop ~ @ Silver Dollar tonight for WAVELENGTH

*Jadea Kelly ~ Hour North ~ Clover CD Release @ Hugh's Room tonight NEW DISK

*Gregg Lawless ~ Piece Of Me ~Footnote ~ CD release @ Hugh's Room Saturday NEW DISK

*The Thing Is feat. Tova Kardonne ~ The Guest @ The Rex Hotel February 2, 9, & 16 (The Thing Is regular performance Feb 23) and on Corby's Orbit Friday, 31 January

Mum~ Eternity Is The Space Between Breaths ~ Smilewound

6:15 Tara Raboom Deyay

*Tara Williamson ~ Interview / Boy ~ Lie Low EP @ The Music Gallery Thursday

6:25 Greenwich Meanwhile

Lynn Morris ~ What Was I Supposed To Do ~ Bluegrass Class of 1990 (Rounder)

Oscar Isaac ~ The Shoals Of Herring / Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) ~ Inside Llewyn Davis Sdtrk. NEW DISK

*Neil Young ~ Birds ~ Live At The Cellar Door 1970 (Warner) NEW DISK Neil Young Tribute @ Measure Sunday

*Hotcha ~ Land O' Lakes / Interview / Coal Black Blues / Vol Vist Du a Gaily Star"@ Winterfolk XII February 14-16
Toronto Music Listings

6:50 High Noone
Herman's Hermits ~ Museum / The End Of The World ~ Retrospective

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ethereal Serenity

Wide Angle Lenses and Near Field Devices

This week, The Orbital Purview Spreads Far and Weird 
and opens the escape hatch for some new and important sounds:

At 5:45 our old friend Lynn Philips (on the right) of Random Order applies a Black Lipstick Kiss ahead of their CD release of that name next Thursday at the Mod Club. A major appearance at WINTERFOLK XII is to follow in mid-February.

      Tara Williamson will be calling at 6:15 from the frontiers of Peterborough to present the details about her upcoming show Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 8:00pm – 9:00pm at The Music Gallery

And at 6:30 I will be joined by one of the most powerful duos out there, Hotcha!
 Bona fide barnburners in the classic Oh Brother Where Art Thou style, they bring pulsating rhythm to bear on historical songs of social justice and heyrube partying. Watch for them both playing and hosting at WINTERFOLK XII February 14-16 at Danforth & Broadview.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Hit Parade

(Ranked By Significant Frequency of Plays)

If you listen to my show, you know that I don't play many songs much more than once.
However certain durable melodies, velcro lyrics and penetrating hooks got me to
replay the following tunes in 2013:
Painting: Solar Language by Corby

1            1 Don’t Ya  ~  The Jessica Stewart Few
2            2 I Cry   ~  Nancy Dutra  
3            3 Bigger Than Luck  ~  The Fugitives
4            4 Many Moons ~ Mimi Oz
5            5 There Will Be Good Days   ~   Gregory Hoskins and Gary Craig  
6            6 Sally  ~  Jory Nash    
7            7 My Road   ~   Lynn Miles  
8            8 Ol’ Fort Mac   ~   Corin Raymond & The Sundowners
9            9 The Devil And Jesus ~ Eric Burdon
              10 A.J. Goddard Shipwreck   ~  Kim Beggs     
             11These Hands    ~  Dave Gunning   
              12 Eliana Cuevas  ~  El Tucusito
1         13 To The Lost  ~  Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party
1         14 The Perfect Life ~ Moby feat. Wayne Coyne
1       15 What Does That Mean?  ~   Kristi Lane Sinclair  
1       16 Something In The Water  ~    Zaki Ibrahim
1      17 I Fight For Life    ~     Rachelle Van Zanten    
1      18 Nothing About Us   ~   Kevin and Sue Patrick Breit    
1      19 I Wanna Be A Canadian  ~  Deborah Holland
       20 Rust   ~ Karyn Ellis
  My show of February 7 will consist of all of these songs, plus a few extras, played in sequence from bottom to top. Wire yourself profoundly for those two hours to Radio Regent at >

Playlist For Show Of 17 January 2014

Radio Regent is now available on ROGERS Channel 60 in downtown T.O.

( brought to you by Lightsnake, Rattlehouse and Underbearing Overwear )
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guest: Brian Gladstone

Moby feat. Wayne Coyne ~ The Perfect Life ~ Innocents
Fog (Coldcut Mix) ~ Pneumonia ~ Zen RMX

Chris Bowden (Easy Access Remix) ~ Crockers and Killers ~ Zen RMX

5:20 A Gladstone Gander

*Brian Gladstone ~ Office Tower Blues / Interview Re: For A Day In The Park (Live) / A Song For Everyone (Live)

5:40 Untethered Reports

*Ron Hynes ~ Roy Orbison Came On ~ Cryers Paradise @ Winterfolk XII Saturday, 15 February
Zachary Richard ~ Last Kiss ~ Last Kiss
*Joe Nolan ~ I Know The Difference ~ Tornado NEW DISK

6:00 Out-strumentals

Toumani Diabate & Ballake Sissoko ~ Kora Bali ~ New Ancient Strings (Hannibal 1999)
*Ladom Ensemble ~ Baiao de 4 ~ Ladom Ensemble NEW DISK @ Hugh's Room Sunday 16 February 1:30 p.m.
*Steve Dawson ~ Butterfly Stunt ~ Rattlesnake Cage NEW DISK

6:15  Orillia Big Show

*Gordon Lightfoot ~ Go Go Round ~ Lightfoot ~The Way We Feel @ Hugh's Room Jan.17-19
*Trent Severn~ Road Less Travelled ~The Way We Feel @ Hugh's Room Jan.17-19
*Kevin Fox ~ Fool In Love ~ Songs For Cello And Voice ~The Way We Feel @ Hugh's Room Jan.17-19

6:30 Infrablue

Charles Earland ~ Blowing The Blues Away ~ Blowing The Blues Away (HighNote 1997)
*Charlie A'Court ~ The World Around Me ~ Triumph & Disaster @ Koerner Hall Monday for Maple Blues Awards
Tony Bennett and Bill Evans ~ Some Other Time (Take 7) ~ The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album (Concord 1975)

6:45 Be! Hear! Now!

Kazu ~ Kari ~ With Potential Listening Alerts for Toronto and District Hovering Above
*Mark Berube ~ Another Century ~ Russian Dolls
*Tara Williamson ~ July ~ Lie Low EP ~ @ The Music Gallery Thursday, 30 January and On Corby's Orbit next Friday 24 January NEW DISK
*The Blue Shadows ~ Field Of Gold ~ Lucky To Me (1995)
Cliff Martinez ~ More Hands ~ Only God Forgives Sdtrk

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Playlist For Show Of 10 January 2014

Host: Paul Corby      
( brought to you by Parsley Cloudy, Sage Advice, Rosemary Maybe & Twilight Thyme )
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.
Dedicated to: the late Amiri Baraka and Phil Everly
5:00 Storm Of Consciousness

Skwatta Camp ~ Umoja (
Umoja is an all-female village located in northern Kenya) ~A Rough Guide To South Africa
Malopoets ~ The Sound Of The People ~ Malopoets (1985)
Mbongeni Ngema ~ Magic At 4 A.M. ~ A Rough Guide To South Africa
Randy Weston ~ Niger Mambo ~ Khepera @ The Paintbox Bistro Saturday @ 8:00 & 9:15

5:20 Energy Surgeons

Junior Brown ~ I Hung It Up ~ Semi- Crazy
*Blackie And The Rodeo Kings ~ Gotta Stay Young ~ North New Disk
The Everly Brothers ~ I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail ~ Songs Our Daddy Taught Us (Phil Everly-January 19, 1939 – January 3, 2014)

Neil Young ~ Winterlong ~Decade @ Massey Hall Sunday for Honour The Treaties Tour

Tuba Skinny ~ Papa's Got Your Bathwater On ~ Rag Band
Tommy Castro ~ Center Of Attention ~ The Devil You Know (Alligator) New Disk
The Ride ~ Don't Want Lies ~ Can't Get Enough New Disk

5:45 Heartdrums and Earbeats

*Mimi Oz ~ Bye Bye Heartbeat  ~ @ The Cameron tonight, @ The Supermarket Sunday and @ Handlebar Monday
*Rae Spoon ~ I Want ~ My Prairie Home @ The Great Hall tonight 
*Young Galaxy ~ Pretty Boy ~ Ultramarine

6:00 Mixed Meteors

TangleEye feat. Trombone Shorty & Bright Light Quartet ~ Chantey ~Alan Lomax' Southern Journey Remixed
           Trombone Shorty @ The Phoenix Thursday, 15 January 
Don Drummond ~ Cool Smoke ~ Greatest Hits ~ (Treasure Island)
Billie Holiday (Yesking Remix) ~ I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm ~ Verve / Remixed / Christmas
*Shinjuku Zulu ~ Scarborough Fair / A True Dub Of Mine ~ Various Chimeras 
*Colin Stetson ~ What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? / This Bed Of Shattered Bone (with Somebody Blew Up America by Amiri Baraka superimposed) ~ New History Warfare vol.3 ~ To See More Light New Disk

6:30 Taylor's Gift

*Joanna Chapman ~ Smith Smile For Me ~ Love Me Deeply ~@ Hugh's Room Saturday
James Taylor ~ Up From Your Life ~ Hourglass ~ "Sweet Baby James" Tribute @ Hugh's Room tonight
Kat Goldman ~ The Dream ~ Gypsy Girl ~ "Sweet Baby James" Tribute @ Hugh's Room tonight
James Taylor ~ Boatman ~ Hourglass

6:45 Hooked On Sonics

The Chico Hamilton Quintet (Chico Hamilton : September 20, 1921 – November 25, 2013 / Jim Hall : December 4, 1930 – December 10, 2013)  ~ Blue Sands / with Toronto Music Listings embossed / The Sage 
The Platters ~ Twilight Time ~ The Flying Platters Around The World (Mercury 1959)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy NEW YEAR~Happy New Earth~Happy New Energy~Happy Newcastle~Happy New Loudness~Happy New Tranquility~Happy New Horizons

                    Illustration By Franchesco, used with presumed tolerance on the part of the Artist

During my holiday hibernation from all bloggishness and showcasting, I have been listening to new things, yes, of course. I have also been reviewing and rediscovering the choices I made for Best Albums of 2013. ( )Yes, more than just records, creations equivalent to a gallery show or a monograph by a community of consistently progressing craftspersons. With the producer as curator, microphones as media and purchases as personal advance commissions for future work.

I have my own prejudices and prerequisites, and the limitations of time and temper in listening to as much as I can. My body likes music as much as my mind does, and sometimes even more, but my heart trumps both the beauty and the beast in me.

There is no reason that Colin Stetson, Mark Berube, Haram or Corin Raymond didn't make the cut, except that I stopped at 50 worthy titles. I left out Lorde and Drake and those who have had a good hearing elsewhere. Do check out their recent work, and take chances whenever possible to listen forward to places your body and mind may not yet have reached. The heart will lead you. I hope you will continue with my program and try to hear the wonder jumps that ravish my listening lifebeats. To each...

Corby's Orbit will return to Radio Regent for my first show of the new year next Friday, the tenth of January. Until then, LISTEN UP! 

I Can't Get Over Valerie June

Thought I had your number
Stuck in my phone
But I can´t find it nowhere
And beside it´s been too long
Borrowed time and ain´t got a dime
Peter to pay Paul
But still I hear that whistle blow
Saying you can get through it all

Oh got no place in this old world
Shackle bound, but still I roam
Said got no place in the old world
Shackle bound, but still I roam

Runnin´ from my family
Driftin´ from my home
Thinking not of who I am
Thinking only of where I´m going

Young with all the answers
Found out on my own
That everything I thought I knew
It was a lie twined and twisted true

Got no place in this old world
Shackle bound, but still I roam