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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Story In Two Minutes

Playlist For Show Of 28 March

Host: Paul Corby
( brought to you by Tupac Sugar, Emandemz and L.L. Koolaid )

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guest: Jack Marks
5:00 Vaya Con Discos

Nino Moschella ~ Are You For Real? ~ The Fix

*Random Order ~ Pink Cloud~ Black Lipstick Kiss  @ Tattoo tonight

*Quique Escamilla ~ Okavango ~ 500 Years Of Night  NEW DISK

*The BelleRegards ~ Te Quiero ~ Nothing To Lose NEW DISK

*The Cafe Ole ~ Amiga Del Destino ~ Cuano Tardare ~ @ Mezetta Cafe Wedneday, 1 April

5:25 Going For The Higher Marks

* Jack Marks ~ A Song For Me / Interview / There Used To Be An Outlaw (live) / I've Run Out Of Idears (live) @ The Linsmore Tavern tonight

*MonkeyJunk ~ Once Had Feelings ~ All Frequencies NEW DISK JUNO NOMINEE

*Lindi Ortega ~ Black Fly ~ Little Red Boots JUNO NOMINEE

*Kalle Mattson ~ Eyes Speak ~ Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold @ The Horseshoe Tuesday, 31 March NEW DISK

5:45 Honey On Everything

Talvin Singh ~ Sea Breeze ~ Ha 
*Masters Of Love  And Sound ~ Drum Song by Jackie Mittoo ~ Interstellar Dub Encounters 
The Bears ~ The Girl With Clouds In Her Hair ~ Rise And Shine
*Jerry Leger and The Situation ~ When The World Is Ending ~ Live On Stage NEW DISK

6:00 Bouncing A Reality Check

Bob Dylan ~ Up To Me ~ Biograph vol. III
James Vincent McMorrow ~ And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop @ Danforth music Hall Wednesday, 2 April

*Joni Mitchell ~ Night Of The Iguana ~ Shine  Shadows & Light @ The Rex Sunday night
* Fred Eaglesmith ~ Cold War ~ Falling Stars & Broken Hearts @ Hugh's Room Saturday

*Sarah Burton ~ Winnipeg ~ Fire Breather @ The Cameron Tuesday 1 April

TORONTO MUSIC LISTINGS amortized over  *Jazz Lab's Fonds Non Disponables
*Steve Dawson ~ While The West Was Won, The Earth Didn't Know ~ Rattlesnake Cage
* Whitehorse ~ Les Oiseaux De Nuit ~ Ephemeres Sans Repere NEW DISK

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Expert Marks-manship

Inspired and intriguing songwriter Jack Marks will be dropping up to the Orbiting aurora Friday at 5:30, on his way to an evening performance at the Linsmore Tavern at Danforth and Greenwood. Catch his drift.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Reggae in Canada in the Twenty-First Century

The Memberz Reggae Band in Sudbury / 8 February 2014

  Adversity, reputedly, contributes to the purification and sharpening of intent.

  Reggae in Canada, now. That adversity factor exists in critical amounts. Our prohibitive touring climate, vast size, and a virtual media blackout have long contributed to keeping consciousness of the progress of this great global peoples' music from reaching a receptive but disconnected northern public.

The diminution of Reggae's mainstream significance in general, as distinct from its popularity, makes it difficult to expand on an equal playing field into commercial airplay, although, as we know, much of modern pop derives its sound from Reggae innovations. The dissolution of, and lack of support for bands and Canadian-based artists has discouraged many key players, or sent them off to more hospitable climates. By the 1990's, it seemed as if the entire Reggae conversation was closed.

   However, strong performers with a good strategy are still able to take the music to the global marketplace. Exco Levi, for instance, with a regular, song-based output dominates the nominations for annual awards, including this year's Junos. Another Jamaican Canadian, Tony Anthony, does well with Caribbean tours and foreign charts, and native Canadians Dubmatix and Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar have synthesized a reggae-ish hybrid that finds favour with American ears. Artists like Tasha T., Tanya Mullings and Steele also have international fan bases.

  Urban centers such as Calgary, Montreal and Toronto are keeping the flag flying with multiple festivals, informed radio programs and record shops.

  Recent resurgences by 80's bands The Sattalites and Messenjah demonstrate an initiative towards reviving Canada's once-prolific Reggae Band heritage. And in the mid-2000's, American imprint Light In The Attic put out some definitive early Canadian collections, giving fragments of our recorded history a new life, although most of the featured artists had retired or vanished. Currently, solo artists Otis Gayle, Carl Henry and Jay Douglas are performing and recording regularly, but the community that thrived in the 80's around the crucial presences in Toronto of Leroy Sibbles, Johnny Osbourne, Jackie Mittoo, Stranger Cole, Prince Jammy, Babsy Grange Walker and Ernie Smith is a lost tradition, all but forgotten.

  In the provinces, Souljah Fyah of Edmonton, Gentlevirus Reggae in Montreal, and Andru Branch (with legendary Studio One bassist Brian Atkinson aboardand Keith Mullins on the east coast provide beacons of inspiration for local reggae devotees. But the lack of a national infrastucture keeps them isolated. Major touring outreaches by Toronto acts Friendliness and The Human Rights in the west, House of David Gang in the east and The Memberz in the north keep a crucial live social link open to many communities, but for relatively brief periods of time. As live venues have "dried up", so has interest in Reggae on the part of agents and promoters, in spite of an obviously starved audience.

         Otis Gayle & Carl Henry at The Jazz Bistro / September 2013

  At the weakest link, publicists fail to generate a broad enough outreach, locally and nationally, whether blocked by the frosted glass wall of the mainstream or their failure to connect with the core Jamaican audience. A routine "multiculturalist" frequency upon which our cultural gatekeepers transmit opinion has doomed Jamaican music to sharing an exoticised category with all things Caribbean. The famous annual Caribana Festival in Toronto exemplifies the dominance of corporate perspective on the public's general perception of West Indian culture. Feathers and skin. What little bits of reportage on Reggae's current relevance that do get through are typically homogenized or synthesized, or flavoured with a bewilderment.

Through this adversity, the hope and the certainty of Canada's long-awaited major contribution to the international Reggae lexicon still survives. And when it arrives, the fact that it has done so against all circumstances and efforts to the contrary will recommend it and naturally sharpen its power. As what may be the free-est country in the world, we are committed to returning to a standard of excellence which will benefit the future of the world's free-est music.

~from Paul Corby, incorporating information from a conversation with Clifton Joseph ~ Toronto Canada 18 March 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Playlist For Show Of 21 March

Host: Paul Corby
( brought to you by Innocensitivity, Naivetations & Cosmic Convirginity)

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Redman ~ Blow Your Mind ~ Whut? Thee Album @ Rockpile East Friday, 28 March
Method Man ~ Release Yo Delf (Prodigy Mix) ~187 Sdtrk
Steve Earle & Sheryl Crow ~ Time Has Come Today ~ Steal This Movie Sdtrk
Martin Solveig ~ Jealousy ~ Bob Sinclar In The House

Nino Moschella ~ Strong Man ~ The Fix

Skindred ~ We Live ~ Kill The Power NEW DISK

5:25 Original Rituals

*David Wilcox ~ Mow 'Em Down ~ @ Hugh's Room tonight & Saturday
*Wake Owl ~ Buffalo ~ The Private World Of Paradise JUNO NOMINEE
*Fred Eaglesmith ~ Rodeo Boy ~ Fifty Odd Dollars @ Hugh's Room Saturday, 29 March

*Jay Aymar ~ Tune Out Turn Off Drop By ~ Overtime @ The Painted Lady Wed. 26 March 6:30

*Monkeyjunk ~ Yearnin' For Yesterday ~ All Frequencies JUNO NOMINEE NEW DISK


5:45 Pulmonary Motivations

*NO ~ So Scared ~ El Prado ~ @ Lee's Palace Tuesday, 25 March NEW DISK
*Radio Radio feat. Georgette LeBlan ~ Galope ~ @ The Garrison Saturday
*Zaki Ibrahim ~ Draw The Line ~ Every Opposite
*Suzana D'Amour ~ Say Again ~ @ C'Est What? Sunday 7:00

Te ~Lullaby For A Cheshire Cat ~ Flamingo's Gambit ~ Balfolk Dance @ 918 Bathurst Saturday
Gato Barbieri ~ La Vuelta ~ Last Tango In Paris Sdtrk
Springheel Jack ~ Garlands ~ Songs And Themes (Thirsty Ear)

6:15 Holding A Silhouette
*Lindi Ortega ~ Lived And Died Alone ~ Tin Star JUNO NOMINEE
*Molly Thomason ~ Silence Don't Scare Me ~ Columbus Field  NEW DISK
*Amy Campbell ~ This Poetry ~ @ The Tranzac Saturday 3:00-5:00 for Songwriters' Circus
Marcia Ball ~ That's Enough Of That Stuff ~ Louisiana Spice (Rounder)
Sheila Jordan ~ Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone / Song Of Joy @ Chalkers' Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Toronto Omniphonic Musical Events amplified over Tout De Suite by The Miles Davis Quartet 1965-68

Playlist For Show Of 14 March

Host: Paul Corby
( brought to you by Psilocyberspace, Mescalinity and Ellis D.)

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guest: Karyn Ellis

5:00 Sign Ripples
Lizz Fields ~ I Gotta Go (DJ Spinna Remix) ~ Galactic Soul
*Afterfunk ~ The Way It Is ~ @ The Rivoli tonight NEW DISK
*Brian Blain (Joel Blain Remix) ~ The Ghost of Clinton's Tavern~ New Folk Blues 2.0 NEW DISK
Fourtet ~ As Serious As Your Life ~ @ Tower Automotive Bldg. for Foundry Music & Arts Festival tonight
King Britt feat. Ursula Rucker ~ Human Beings Want To Be Happy ~ Live Without Dead Time

5:20 Venue Call My Name
*Cris Cuddy Acoustic Unit ~ Gone Again ~ @ Recover The Hover Benefit, Market Hall, Peterborough Sunday (photo below)

*Jesse Laine ~ Beautiful Life ~ @ Relish Saturday
*Harlan Pepper ~ Risky Busines ~ Take Out A Twenty And Live Life To The Fullest @The Cameron Tuesday NEW DISK
*Kevin Drew ~ You Get Caught ~ Darlings NEW DISK

5:40 Between The Shamrocks And A Hard Place
*Poor Angus ~ Barrett's Privateers ~ Gathering 
*Mary Margaret O'Hara ~ Have You Gone? ~ @ The Horseshoe's Martian Awareness Ball Monday

The Gloaming ~ Freedom / Saoirse ~ The Gloaming (Justin Time)
*John Showman ~ Dusty Miller @ The Cameron Tuesday
Flook ~ Happy Jigs ~ Flatfish

6:00 Karyn and Beyond Karyn 

*Karyn Ellis ~ How The Tiger Lost Her Roar / Interview / Rust (live) / Cosmic Cowboy (live) @ Free Times Cafe Saturday

*Alejanra Ribera ~ Mars ~ La Boca NEW DISK
*The Devin Cuddy Band ~ She Ain't Crying Over Me ~ Volume One JUNO NOMINEE

Skindred ~ Ninja ~ Kill The Power NEW DISK
Ben Harper and the Skatalites ~ Be My Guest ~ Going Home: A Tribute To Fats Domino

Precipitate Musical Events In Toronto forecast over "Like Spring's Drop" by Alexis Baro (@ Musideum tonight)

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Art Goes Out To You

Flower Shop After The Storm - Acrylic on panel 30"x18"

Evolution Of Nothing #1 by David Hynes

Showing some recent paintings at Birchcliff Bluffs United Church at Warden and Kingston Road this Saturday from 11:00 - 2:00.The Ideas Of March with collages by my friend David Hynes. Come for the grapes and trendy water, stay for the colours.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Karyn Ellis, Zooming In From The Cosmos

All the satellites will be blinking as global muso Karyn Ellis settles into  the orbital slipstream Friday for some  songs and brightfulness, in support  of her Saturday evening show at The Free Times Cafe. Looking at a 6:00 touchdown, so be thoroughly tuned in, up, and at 'em.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Playlist For Show Of 7 March

Host: Paul Corby
( brought to you by Tourmaline-agers, Amethysteries and Apatitlement )

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Shari Ulrich, Julia Graff & Bill Garrett
5:00 Marching Orders

Atom & Toshiyuki  feat. Fernanda Takai ~ Aqua del Marzo ~ Red, Hot & Rio

*Afterfunk ~ The Fugitive ~ Afterfunk EP @ This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton Saturday & @ The Rivoli Friday 14 March NEW DISK

*Souljazz Orchestra ~ State Terrorism ~ Manifesto @ This Ain't Hollywood, Hamilton Saturday

William S. Burroughs ~ No More hitlers No More stalins ~ Dead City Radio

5:20 Too Much Frosting Not Enough Cake

Michael Jerome Browne ~ G20 Rag ~ The Road Is Dark ~@  Free Times Cafe tonight

*Matt Powell ~ Any Other Way ~ Kiss the City ~ @ The Local tonight

*Lindsay May ~ Over & Over ~ Girl With Grit Free Times Cafe tonight NEW DISK
*The Royal Streets ~ Somethink ~ Kings & Queen NEW DISK

5:40 "The Sky Is Not Even The Limit"

*Kathryn Rose ~ Infinite Life Of Days ~ Something I Can Use ~ @ Hugh's Room for Songs Are Like Tattoos ~ A Tribute to Joni Mitchell Saturday

*The Ault Sisters ~ Ribbon In The Sky ~ Timeless ~ @ The Jazz Bistro Tuesday, 11 March

* Adam Solomon ~ Haya Niliye Nae ~ The Tree Of Life @ Gladstone Melody Bar SATURDAY 9-11:00

*Little Miss Higgins ~ Chateau Poulet ~ Bison Ranch Recording Sessions JUNO NOMINEE
*Kim Beggs ~ Way Too Soon ~ Beauty & Breaking @ The Tranzac Sunday 5:00-7:00
*John Dickie ~ Lucille ~ Fullerton's Celebrity Jam @ The Linsmore Tavern Sundays 3:00 - 7:00

6:00 Oui, Ma Shari 

* Shari Ulrich feat. Julia Graff 

It's Alright / Everywhere I Go (live) / Interview / This Life (live) / One Sky (live)

Everywhere I Go (Borealis) NEW DISK CD release @ Hugh's Room Sunday

6:30 Saving The Wave

John Adams ~ A Final Shaking ~ Shaker Loops John Adams' Absolute Jest @ Roy Thompson Hall tonight

*The Olympic Symposium ~ Stronger ~ Chance To Fate NEW DISK

*Wake Owl ~ Untilled ~ The Private World Of Paradise JUNO NOMINEE NEW DISK

The Gloaming ~ Samhradh Samhradh ~ The Gloaming NEW DISK

6:45 Toronto Live ~ Current Performance Perspicacity Presented over:

*Gia and the Unpredictable Update ~ Psychosophia ~ @ The Rex Saturday

Brett Dennen ~ Someday ~ So Much More @ The Opera House tonight

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Multi-Talented and Mighty Amazing Singer Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist Ms. Shari Ulrich in Orbit Tomorrow

In ceremonious observance of a new and invigorating album, Everywhere I Go (Borealis), Shari Ulrich will be bringing her music into Toronto for a Sunday March 9  concert at Hugh's Room and a live solo interview and performance op at Radio Regent this Friday between 5:00 and 7:00.

 Scintillating and tuneful, she will discuss her west-coast side-projects, her inspirations and how to grow a good producer. It will glisten if you listen.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Host: Paul Corby
( brought to you by Perrier Coma, Bank Robsby and Sync Fenetre) 
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guest: Clela Errington & Christopher Butcher  of Heavyweights Brass Band 

Selway ~ Something ~ Beatles ReGrooved
The Beatles (George Harrison b. 25 Feb, 1943) ~ Think For Yourself ~ Rubber Soul
* Sydney (Delong) ~ Faint Heart ~ My Vow To You E.P. NEW DISK

* Bullfrog ~ Snakeskin ~ Mark Robertson @ Supermarket Thursday 13 March

5:20 Room For Errington

*Clela Errington ~ More Love & Happiness / Interview / White Dove (live) / Home On High (live) / For The Beauty Of The Earth (live) @ Revival Saturday for MORE LOVE AND HAPPINESS CD launch

* Sienna Dahlen ~ Stray ~ Verglas ~ @ Conservatory Hall tonight

6:00 AdiĆ³s Maestro

"Paco inspired me in the construction of my own musical world as much as Miles Davis and John Coltrane."—Chick Corea

Paco de Lucia (21 December 1947 – 25 February 2014) ~ Danza Rituel del Fuego ~ Paco De Lucia Interpreta a Manuel da Falla

* The Fretless ~ Big Trip ~ The Fretless NEW DISK
Zero Seven ~ End Theme ~ Simple Things (2001)

6:20 Brasstronomy

*Heavyweights Brass Band ~ Hypnosis / Interview with Christopher Butcher ~ Brasstronomical NEW DISK ~CD Release @ Lula Lounge Thursday, 6 March

6:30 Ancient Tomorrows

*Ross Neilsen ~ Yonderwall ~ Early Grave ~ @ Lee's Palace Tuesday, 4 March
Otis Rush ~ Reap What You Sow ~ Mourning In The Morning (Cotillion 1969)

Angelique Kidjo ~ Voodoo Child (Slight Return) ~ Oremi

Peter Tosh ~ No Nuclear War ~ No Nuclear War (Parlophone 1988)

Linton Kwesi Johnson ~ Making History ~ Making History (Island 1983)

Toronto Music Listings orated over "Goodie's Dilemma" by Stacie McGregor from Straight Up
*Stacie McGregor ~ Uncle B ~ @ Nawlins Jazz Bar Tuesday 4 March