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Corby's Orbit
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Use The Blue Antifreeze~ Cold Weather Bluesfest in the Beaches

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I spent Saturday evening in good warm company, searching T.O.'s eastern littoral regions for some blues-love and music to rise above the seasonal snowblowers and shivers. Stopping on corners and comparing notes with others of the same drift. "No blues here. We're watchin' the game." Dead ends and live wires and string grinders and lost cat rewards, on the second night of the third annual Beaches Cold Weather Blues Fest.

 Some of the delights: 

The Fraser Melvin Band at the Grover with an impeccable repertoire and secret weapon Raha The Bad Luck Woman on bass. 

Jenie Thai churned up a lather with her trio at The Gastro Pub, where Fest- monger Anthony of Castro's and his entourage settled in for a pit stop.

Meanwhile there was a full house
at Castro's where
Conor Gains was shaking everyone's money makers. 

And up in a dim and  lonely corner of "the Upper Beaches" Lotus Wight kicked off his snow boots and comforted an intimate crowd with banjo recreations of times long past at The Porch Light.
 Another night scattered and gone, but much balmier than it might have been minus the blues.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Playlist For Show Of 23 February

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Thawed Provoking, Defrost Mechanisms & Melt Amphetamines)

Guest: Harley Card

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 
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5:00 Blues Up In My Head

* BluesReel ~ Black Eyed Suzie ~ Riverfield NEW DISK

The Nick Moss Band feat. Dennis Gruenling ~ Crazy Mixed Up Baby ~ The High Cost of Low Living NEW DISK

* CATL ~ Baby You All Wrong ~ NEW SINGLE @ Smiling Buddha tonight

* Kim Doolittle ~ A Friend In Need ~ Into The Blue ~ @ Free Times Cafe Saturday

5:20 Faithful Fortunate Freedom

* Ronley Teper & Her Lipliners ~ Freedom ~ The Game NEW DISK ~  CD Release @ The Baby G Saturday

* Lillian Allen ~ My Toronto / Poetic Gesture ~ Anxiety ~ @ Gardiner Museum for Yoko Ono: The Riverbed - Voice Pieces tonight

Lotus Wight ~ Blue Goose ~ Ode To the Banjo ~ @ The Porch Light for Cold Weather Blues Fest tonight and Saturday 10 p.m. for Cold Weather Blues Fest  in the Beaches 
* Tia McGraff ~ Faithful Ones ~ Nothin' To Lose ~ @ Moonshine Cafe Oakville 10 March

* Fortunate Ones ~ The Bliss ~ The Bliss ~ @ Massey Hall Saturday
5:40 Guitarmageddon

Black Umfolosi ~ Uthembeni ~ Xoxane Lixolelane ~ @ Hugh's Room Live Saturday

Paco Pena ~ Tango Mayor y Menor ~ Music Of Nino Ricardo

Stephane Malca feat. Waad ~ Jonon (2001 mix) ~ Arabesque vol, ll

Craig Dobbins ~ I Don't Want To Spoil the Party ~ Fingerpickin' On The Beatles (George Harrison born 25 February 1943)

6:00 Key Of Card 

* Harley Card ~ Ben's Sanctuary / Interview / Silver Birch (live)~ The Greatest Invention NEW DISK~ Sunset Ensemble @ Lula Lounge Thursday 1 March 

6:20 Astral Vanguards

Maria Kennedy Doyle  ~ Hola Luna /  The Most Beautiful People Are Broken ~ Sing (Mermaid 2012) ~ @ Hugh's Room Live Thursday 1 March

* Corey Gulkin ~ Hail The Creator ~ All The Things I'll Forget NEW DISK

* Christa Couture ~ Zookeeper ~ Long Time Leaving ~ @ Burdock Sunday 6 p.m.

6:40 Buzz Guzzler

Mocean Worker ~ Shake Ya Boogie / Tickle It / Ole Baby / TORONTO MUSIC LISTINGS

Earl Jean ~ Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good ~ Run Mascara

* Ensign Broderick ~ Sound On Sound ~ Feast Of Panthers NEW DISK

Friday, February 23, 2018

Harley Card Solo Acoustic In Orbit Today

Prepping for his Lula Lounge SPEKTAK with
The Sunset Ensemble next Thursday,
Harley Card joins me at 6 today to cycle some fresh chordal
complexities and chat about his new release
The Greatest Invention.
On Radio Regent.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The T.O. Folk Community Convenes Winterfolk 16

With a perfect blend of urban convenience and country camaraderie, Winterfolk returned for its 16th successful go-round, this past weekend in Toronto.

 Harmonica convergence: Al Lerman, John Kerkhoven of Blues Reel and Harpin Norm Lucien on Friday night at Dora's.

Glen Hornblast's Nashville Bound constituency spread out like a skyline across Terri-O.s stage on Friday night (and brought down the local gendarmerie for a noise complaint). The club was closed for the duration of the festival, scuttling several shows and prompting some spontaneous re-jigging of the schedule.

Hurtin' Montreal honker of tonky-ness Bobby Dove (with a slide order of Burke Carroll) popped a string first song in, but recovered gloriously with the help of Glen Hornblast's guitar.

          Durham County Poets above
Melanie Peterson, below, with bassman Peter Collins

Howard Druckman of Hotcha! introduces jazz aficionado
Ori Dagan during the highly variegated SPEAK Music showcase Saturday while Blues Reel's Patrick Hutchinson chills and works up a thirst for the next Guiness out in front of the very hospitable Dora Keogh pub.

Mponda Kalunga ~ Show Me Happiness

Kim Doolittle summons the sun with her healing powers.

Lynn Harrison and Noah Zacharin performed a stunning set at Dora's mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Tony Quarrington: dap to the max.

 Old Yorkville chums, the genial Mike McKenna and the gregarious Danny Marks, gutted and renovated some blues and rock classics as a Sunday sunset galvanized the Don.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Playlist For Show Of 16 February

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Turbo Tunes, Mega Music and Meta Melodies)

Winterfolk XVI Schedule here

Guests: David Essig & Sabrina Soares
5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 
Click on photos to enlarge.

5:00 Hit Denial On The Head

* Danny Michel ~ Click Click ~ Matadora 

The Staple Singers ~ For What It's Worth ~ Singing His Praises

* Big Little Lions ~ Static ~ Alive And Well NEW DISK ~ @ Burdock 23 March

* Corb Lund ~ Hard On Equipment ~ Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier ~ @ Hugh's Room Live Friday & Saturday

* The Jerry Cans ~ Makiliqta (Rise Up !!!) ~ Muusiq 

5:20 Sparing No Expanse

Adrian Belew ~ Laurence Harvey's Despair ~ The Guitar As Orchestra ~ @ Danforth Music Hall Sunday for Celebrating David Bowie

Nicky Skopelitis ~ Ghost Of A Chance ~ Ekstasis (Axiom 1993)

5:30 Folk 'n' Word

* Brian Jantzi ~ As It Takes You Away ~ Junkie For Emotion NEW DISK Winterfolk XVI Saturday @ Black Swan 4 p.m

* David Essig ~ Interview / There But For The Grace (live) / Gone But Not Forgotten (live) / Old Harvey (live) ~ @ Winterfolk XVI tonight and Saturday @ Black Swan 8 p.m.

6:00 Catchy Cataclysms

* The Achromatics ~ Chameleon ~ Give Me That Beat ~ @ Winterfolk XVI Sunday Black Swan 9 p.m.

* Young Empires ~ Enter Through The Sun ~ Wake All My Youth

Underworld ~ Scribble ~ Barking

6:15 Not A Cheap Carbon Copy Not Just Another Singer Songwriter

* Sabrina Soares ~ Interview / Thinking Too Far (live) / Plan A (from Plan A EP) NEW DISK / New (live) ~ Winterfolk XVI Saturday @ Black Swan upstairs 1 p.m. & @ Dora Keogh 6:30

6:40 Festive Revelries

Peter Tosh ~ In My Song ~ No Nuclear War ~ Tribute To The Legends Of Reggae @ Lee's Palace tonight with Andrew Tosh

Michael Wolff ~ Soul Sauce ~ Michael Wolff

Richard Cole ~ A Shade Of Joe ~ Shade / with Toronto Music Listings

Shooter Jennings ~ When The Radio Goes Dead ~ Black Ribbons

Friday, February 16, 2018

Winterfolk XVI Kickoff 15 February at the Black Swan

Winter-Schmooze Roots and Snow-boot Fest number 16 began with a kick last night at the Black Swan.

Amongst the assembled were David McLachlan, Sue & Dwight, Peter Verity, Moscow Apartment, >>>>

<<<Linda Saslove, Glen Hornblast,
Howard Gladstone,

Hotcha!, Meg Tennant, Mose Scarlett, Clela Errington,Sebastian Agnello, Anne Lederman, Rob Honey, Laura Fernandez, Mponda Kalunga, >>>

<< Sabrina Soares,
Noah Zacharin, and Lynn Harrison, plus a multitude of volunteers who actually make the festival happen.

It gets intense tonight at 7:00 and continues through until Sunday at 10 in the Broadview / Danforth area.

Further details and live performances by Winterfolk luminaries Sabrina Soares and David Essig on today's Corby's Orbit, 5-7 p.m.on Radio Regent.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Mponda Kalunga Live In Orbit

Show Me Happiness. Performance of an original tune, recorded by Mponda Kalunga at Radio Regent 9 February 2018 as part of Winterfolk XVI preview.

Playlist For Show Of 9 February

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Thermal Radio, Central Healing & The Importance Of Being Furnaced)

Winterfolk XVI Schedule here

Guests: Mponda Kalunga, Max Woolaver and Brian Jantzi
5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Romantic Acrobatics (Valentine Daze)

Valerie June ~ Shakedown ~ The Order Of Time ~ @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre Sunday

* Ben Sures ~ Her Prince ~ Gone To Bolivia ~ @ The Local Wednesdays 9 p.m.

Hellsongs ~ Saxon's Princess Of The Night ~ Songs In The Key Of 666

Jose Gonzales ~ Stay Alive ~ Mitty Sdtrk. ~ @ Danforth Music Hall Monday 12 February 

5:25 Responding To Mponda

* Corey Gulkin ~ Don't Fall In Love ~ The Wharf ~@ Burdock Tonight

Donny Hathaway ~ Al Kooper's I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know ~ Collection

* Mponda Kalunga ~ Interview / Show Me Happiness (live) / Freedom Fighters (live)  ~ @ Dora Keogh Sunday 3 p.m. for Winterfolk XVI

5:45 Time Flies When You're Having Rum

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band ~ Professor Longhair's Mardi Gras In New Orleans ~ Louisiana Scrapbook

Deacon John ~ Going Back To New Orleans Deacon John's Jump Blues: Music From The Film

Ronnie Davis ~ Kaya / Al Campbell ~ Hypocrite ~ Bob Marley's Birthday Punky Reggae Party @ Lee's Palace tonight feat.The Memberz

6:00 Koto D'Azur

* Satomi Seiki ~ Festival Drums / Stream / Flow ~ Japanese Koto Music

6:10 Folk In The Road

* Old Man Luedecke ~ Inchworm ~ My Hands Are On Fire and Other Love Songs ~ @ Hugh's Room Live Thursday 15 February

* Max Woolaver ~ Gethsemane / Interview / Social Drinker ~ 
 A Long Story Short NEW DISK CD release @ Terri O's Sports Bar 9 p.m. for Winterfolk XVI

* Brian Jantzi & The Lost Mariachis ~ You've Got My Number / Interview with Brian Jantzi/ No One can Tell (live) / All Gone Wrong (live) ~ Junkie For Emotion NEW DISK ~ CD release Saturday 4-6 p.m. @ Winterfolk XVI 

6:45 Flash In The Plan

* The Lynnes ~ Heartbreak Song For The Radio ~ Heartbreak Song For The Radio NEW DISK 

* Mark Kelso's Jazz Exiles ~ Little Princess Aoife / Boom Tune ~ Elementals ~ @ The Rex Thursday - Friday 15 & 16 February / Toronto Music Listings