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Corby's Orbit
Listening in All the High Places illustration by John Kricfalusi

Monday, December 5, 2022

Best Catches From The Orbital Starstream 2022

original illustration by Jerzy Gluszek (Poland)

So much great music has embedded itself in the Orbit's radio array since the beginning of the year, swept into the weave of our radic wavelengths by publicists, journalists, influencers, musicianados, and feral fans. 

I have had to count past fifty for the first time to number off this still-incomplete compilation of my favourites. These are the albums that have flipped the breaker, alternated the current, retained the optimum charge, and created radiations that should emanate for another good half-life beyond the warrantee.

Sam Weber  

Get Free

Bruno Capinan

Tara Rara

Bernie Senensky

Don’t Look Back

Jay Yoo & Mark Kazakevitch

Dual Unity

Bonnie Raitt   

Just Like That

Way North

New Dreams,

Old Stories

Yves Levéille  

L'Échelle du Temps

Ranee Lee

Because You

Loved Me

Sarah Hiltz

Calm Fury

Emilie Sandé

Let’s Say For Instance

Abigail Lapell

Stolen Time

Charlotte Cornfield

Highs In The Minuses

Genevieve Racette


Deanne Matley

The Alberta Lounge

Tragedy Ann


The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Dirt Does Dylan

Jerry Leger

Nothing Pressing

Aleksi Campagne

For The Giving /

       Sans Rien Donner

Angelique Francis

Long River

Chris Antonik


Adema Manoukis Octet

New Roots

Shiri Zorn / George Muscatello / Mauficio Zottarelli

Into Another Land

Janet Cull

Hear It!



The Keith Glass Band

Different World

Joy Lapps-Lewis

Girl In The Yard

David Strickland

Spirit Of Hip Hop: Elements

R.J. LeBlanc


By Divine Right


Lori Cullen

Blood Wonder

Amanda Sum

New Age Attitudes

The Wilderness Of Manitoba

Farewell To


Evan Redsky


Ernesto Cervini


The Trade-Offs

Let Go, Give In, Fall Down

Arima Ederra

An Orange

Colored Day

Sheila Soares

Journey To The Present

The Ostara Project

The Ostara Project

Joe Coughlin

Dedicated To You

Saku Mantere

Upon First


Dave Gunning

The Same Storm

Terra Spencer &

Ben Caplan

Old News

Amai Kuda Et Les Bois


Sherry Ryan

Shout For More

Clifton Joseph

Shots On Eglinton

Sarah Shafey

Blackbox Universe

Onna Lou


Julianna Riolino

All Blue

Shabaka Hutchings

Afrikan Culture

David Strickland

 Spirit Of Hip Hop:


Bywater Call


Big Little Lions

Happy Accident

 Steve Strongman

 The Steve Strongman Blues Remedy vol.1



Jaffa Road

Until When

Wild Rivers


Ken Whiteley

Long Time Travelling

Susan Aglukark

The Crossing

Ori Dagan

Click Right Here

Mally Bless

In Love With Living

Kate Wyatt

Art If Act

Julius Rodriguez

Let Sound Tell All

Lunar Bloom

Running Deep

Sudan Archives

Natural Brown

Prom Queen

So Long Seven

Only Elephants Know Her Name

George Crotty


Rosanne Baker Thornley

Sorry I’m Late

Ken Whiteley

Long Time


Indra Rios Moore

Freedom Road


Ganja Harvest


        EPIC E.P.’s

Status / Non-Status – Surely Travel

Tyra Jutai – Carnival

Alicia Moffet – Intertwine

Kim Beggs – Steel & Wool

Melanie Petersen – We Got This / Side Two

Busty & The Bass - Karneval

Lydia Persaud – Moody 31

Jeffery Straker – Just After Sunset

Domanique Grant - Queen/DOM

Sammy Duke - Speed Of Life

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show Of 25 November with Laila Biali and a Tribute To Norm Hacking

 Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby c

(Brought to you by Garliquebec, Ontarionions and New Brunsleeks)

* Canadian Artists in Red


Click on images to enlarge

5:00 Ignition Switchblade

* James Blonde ~ Back To Life ~ Back To Life ~  NEW RELEASE

* Begonia ~ Right Here ~ NEW RELEASE

* The Standstills ~ Get Right ~ Shockwave NEW RELEASE ~ @ History Sunday supporting Three Days Grace 

* William Prince & Serena Ryder ~ River Of Tears ~ NEW RELEASE

* Dave Gunning ~ Hard Missing You ~ The Same Storm ~ NEW RELEASE

Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives ~ Country Star ~ 

The Blaze ~ Dreamer ~ NEW RELEASE

* The Ostara Project ~ Bye Bye Blackbird ~ The Ostara Project ~ NEW RELEASE

* Mary-Catherine Pazzano ~ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town ~ Live At The Jazz Room ~ NEW RELEASE

* Andrew Hyatt ~ Four Good Years ~ Four Good Years ~ NEW RELEASE

5:40 Chanson Est De Laila

* Laila Biali ~ My Favourite Things feat. Emilie_Claire Barlow / Interview / Autumn Leaves ~ Your Requests vol. l ~ 
PRE - RELEASE ~ @ Koerner Hall Saturday 3 December for Laila Biali: Wintersongs & Holiday Classics

6:00 Up To Your Skyballs 

* The Ostara Project ~ Delta Sky ~ The Ostara Project ~ NEW RELEASE

* Dizzy ~ Barking Dog ~ NEW RELEASE

* Longtoe ~ Itchy ~ Le Banquet ~ NEW RELEASE

* Flaysher ~ Good To You ~ NEW RELEASE

Pink Pantheress ~ Do You Miss Me? ~ NEW RELEASE

* Terra Spencer ~ Messy ~ Old News ~ NEW RELEASE
~ @ The Dakota Tavern tonight with Ben Caplan

* Joe Nolan ~ New To The Neighbourhood ~ Scrapper NEW VIDEO

6:30 The Community Norm

photo by Phil Weir 

* Edited from Corby's Orbit Broadcast of 7 December 2007 on CKLN.FM88.1 ~
Norm Hacking's Casablanca Bound sung by Marianne Girard / Norm Hacking's  On The East Side sung by Phil Weir / Linda Stitt's Legacy read by Shirley Gibson  ~  for Norm Hacking (August 1, 1950 – November 25, 2007)

6:45 Nothing In Lenticular

* Angela Turone & Chris Platt ~ Doralice ~ The Spinner Sessions ~ NEW RELEASE

Say She She ~ Wrap Myself Up In Your Love ~ Prism ~ NEW RELEASE

* Vinta ~ Whippersnapper ~ Beacons ~ NEW RELEASE @ Small World Music  Center Saturday 26 November

* PIQ:SIQ ~ Ave Maria ~  NEW RELEASE

* Claire Coupland ~ The Flame ~ New Light ~ PRE RELEASE
illustration by by Steven Stahlberg