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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show of 30 December - Best of Music of 2022, Going Forward


Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought to you by Era Worms, Avant Ages, & Golden Op Eternities)

* Canadian Artists in Red  

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5:00 Favour Favours The Favourites

* Waahli & Clerel ~ Soapbox

* Reggaddiction & Ammoyé ~ Neil Young's Heart Of Gold ~ Ganja Harvest

* Julianna Riolino ~ You ~ All Blue

* James Blonde ~ Bring Me Back To Life 

* James Keelaghan ~ Gathering Storm ~ Second Hand

* Artists For Action ~ Which Side Are You On?

* Evan Redsky ~ Blood Runs Like A River ~ Oblivion

* Lori Cullen ~ Go Climb ~ Blood Wonder

* Lucy MacNeil ~ Hope For One & All ~ 

* Julian Taylor ~ Seeds ~ Beyond The Reservoir

* DiJah SB ~ Summertime

* Genevieve Racette ~ Someone ~ Satellite 

* Kate Wyatt ~ Artifact ~ Artifact 

Indra Rios-Moore ~ Walk On The Wild Side ~ Freedom Road

6:00 Future Favours The Fortunate

* Snotty Nose Rez Kids ~ I'm Good ~ I'm Good

* Ken Yates feat. Caroline Marie Brooks ~ Honest Light ~ Cerulean

Barrie ~ Doesn't Really Matter 

Central Cee ~ Let Go

* Janet Cull ~ Round & Round ~ Hear It!

* Alicia Moffet ~ Run To Me ~ Intertwine EP

* Chris Antonik ~ Learning To Love You ~ Morningstar

* The Sadies ~ Stop And Start ~ Colder Streams

Orchestra Gold ~ Koniya 

* Bill Bourne ~ Hunker Down

Julius Rodriguez ~ Gift Of The Moon ~ Let Sound Tell All

Brendan Benson ~ Right Down The Line ~ Low Key

Snatum Kaur ~ Jap Man Sat Nam

* Jeffery Straker ~ Morning Light ~ Just After Sunset

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Howard Gladstone's Best of 2022

 The Orbit made forty-two circuits of the planet-ears this year, and six of them were curated by this humble dude, Mr. Howard Gladstone to whom much respect for his taste and diligence. Here is his year-end selection of the best in new Canadian Music, originally broadcast on 16 December.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Christmas Show of 23 December 22


Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

( Brought to you by Peace On Earth & Mercury Mild, Good King Venus Lasts, and The Mars Wonderful Time Of The Year )

* Canadian Artists in Red  

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5:00 The Sleigh's The Thing

* Tim & The Glory Boys ~ Sleigh Ride ~ NEW RELEASE

Ruth Hazelton ~ Aphelion ~ NEW RELEASE

Meg Baird ~ Star Hill Song ~ Furling ~ NEW RELEASE

* Lauren Falls ~ I Want To Be Happy ~ A Little Louder Now 

* Dani Doucette ~ This Christmas (You & Me) ~ 

* Jeanick Fournier ~ Gordon Lightfoot's Chanson Pour Une Nuit D'Hiver ~ NEW RELEASE

* Alex Exists ~ Never Christmas Without You ~ NEW RELEASE

5:35 The Christmas Of Santama

*  Aysanabee ~ We Were Here (DJ Shub Remix) ~ (Ishkode Records) ~ NEW RELEASE

Anna B. Savage ~ in/FLUX (CitySlang) ~ NEW RELEASE

Pale Jay & Okonski ~ By The Lake (Karma Chief) ~ NEW RELEASE

* Emmi Jeen ~ All Together For Christmas ~ NEW RELEASE

Kenny Burrell ~ God Rest You Merry Gentlemen ~ Have Yourself A Soulful Little Christmas (1966)

* Celeigh Cardinal ~ Christmas Letter To My Friends ~ NEW RELEASE

* Emperor SWL ~ Not Trending ~ NEW RELEASE

* The Trade-Offs ~ Taaktumig ~ Let Go Give In Fall  Down ~ 

* Avery Raquel ~ Christmas Isn't Christmas Without You ~ @ Corby's Orbit & 3030 Dundas W. 13 January 2023

* Selina Martin ~ Since You've Gone ~ Time Spent Swimming ~ 

* Priyanka ft. Lemon, Shea Coulee & Alaska 5000 ~ Sleigh My Name (Remix) ~ NEW RELEASE

6:10 Snowman-clature

* Wax Mannequin ~ The Obelisk ~ NEW RELEASE

* Preston Pablo ~ Winter Wonderland ~ NEW RELEASE

Nia Archives ~ Baiana ~ NEW RELEASE 

* High Valley ~ Back Home Christmas ~ NEW RELEASE

* Alex Samaras & Jessica Stuart ~ Joan Beckow's A Christmas Wish ~ Joan Beckow Legacy Project ~ NEW RELEASE

* Jerry Leger ~ Father Christmas ~ NEW RELEASE

6:35 Coming To A Claus

* Lydia Sutherland ~ Best Friend ~ NEW RELEASE

* Katharine McPhee & David Foster ~ Jingle Bell Rock ~ Christmas Songs ~ NEW RELEASE

* Logan Richard ~ It Could Be Christmas ~ 

* Mariel Buckley & T. Buckley ~ The Tragically Hip's Bobcaygeon ~ NEW RELEASE

* Joe Nolan feat. Sarah Pagé ~ My Old Marie ~ Lost Verses (Fallen Tree) ~ NEW RELEASE

Shemekia Copeland ~ Why Why Why ~ Done Come Too Far (Alligator) 

* Emmi Jeen ~ All Together For Christmas ~ NEW RELEASE

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Above And Beyond The Call Of Beauty ~ Best Concerts of 2022

 We voyage, we make long journeys, arriving prepared for the immediate thrill of sharing time in a like-minded crowd with exemplary musical crafters, uplifters of song, and spiritual miracle workers, and accruing the long term rewards of memory and meaning.

#1 Rosalia at Budweiser Stage

Blockbuster-style staging, an all-male dance team of co-ordinated muscle and grace, musicians off to the side of the stage, just so we could focus on the variegated and vivacious talents of arguably the most brilliant entertainer in the world right now.

She brought a barber's chair to center stage AND CUT HER HAIR FOR MAHSA AMINI!

#2 Kirk Franklin & Maverick City at Budweiser 

An amazing crowd of joyous people with more positively focussed responsive power than I've seen since early shows by Springsteen and Marley. A commercial break in the middle for saving children, an intimate chapel segment, a crescendo of intensely devotional musical virtuosity, a churning backlit fifty-voice choir and an empty beer tent.

#3 Hiromi at Meridian Arts Center 

In a packed, awe-stricken house, after a three-year wait, we silently absorbed a master class in musical eloquence. Six songs, working through honky tonk, activist balladry (Blackbird), cinematic sound effects, and the most magnificent Gershwin ever played, I dare say.

#4 Dress Rehearsal for the Juno Awards at Budweiser 

Seeing all those major Canadian performers without the slickly tricky camera edits, in broad daylight, playing and dancing at their max best. Entertaining, engaging and in the long run, really touching. Avril's giant pink bus, Snotty Nose Rez Kids fronted by hoop dancers and  backed by DJ Shub, and the POET, Regent Park's own Mustafa, singing his lyrics in a bullet-proof vest.

#5 Mariza at Koerner Hall

The planet's most passionate voice, transforming all the pain of our hearts' depths into song. Guitar strings sparkling in a bronco dance with that aquatic voice bravely swimming through subterranean tides of tenderness and agony, while we all just held our breath for sheer joy. Dizzying.

#6 The Barra MacNeils at Orillia Opera House

The touring pride of Sydney Mines, the MacNeil family, brought the ancestral lights of a Nova Scotia Christmas to galvanize our hearts through their gifts of wit, warmth and soulful virtuosity. Harp and fiddle, modern harmonies and fancy footwork, and a rousing singalong of Rudolph over a streamlined solo electric bass accompaniment played by Santa himself. You could even say it glowed, "Like a lightbulb!"

#7 Divine Brown at Castro's, Easter Sunday afternoon

Her name needs no disclaimer. All the stirring gospel emotion you ever needed, with keyboard accompaniment. While the Beaches Easter parade, with its real estate floats and marching bands was roaring by outside, Divine brought the quiescence of faith, simply and clearly expressed, into a small bar. His Eye Was On The Sparrow, and my local pub became a church, and, verily, the waitresses wept.

#8 Sarah Harmer Band at War Memorial Hall, Guelph

Assured but complex harmony in the singing, unanimous but gentle commitment in the playing and the texture of the sound blend by Jeff Holdip powered an ascending, ecstatic response from a damp but devoted audience. 

#9 Haviah Mighty at The Kitchener Public Library

In her first show since becoming the first woman to win a Rap Album of the Year award at the Junos, Haviah Mighty welcomed a crowd of long-standing fans and initiates into her rhythmic embrace with fun, fire and rage, and shared a few tunes trampolining around the stage with her sister and lifelong sparring partner, Omega Mighty.

#10 Brecker Brothers Band Reunion at Iridium NYC

With an all-star band, including bouncy bassist Will Lee, eloquent guitarist Barry Finnerty and Randy Brecker's wife Ada Rovatti excelling on tenor ("It's okay," he confided," I'm used to being up-staged by brilliant saxophone players."), and with their thirteen-year-old daughter Stella beaming at stageside, the music was expertly compressed into infinite facets of brilliance until spontaneous combustion manifested in ornately phrased improv and explosive ensemble work.

ALSO remarkably great:

Jerry Leger & The Situation @ The Paradise

Divine Brown Sings Aretha's Gold @ Massey Hall

Joy Lapps and Larnell Lewis @ Beaches Jazz Festival

Jane Mathew & Genevieve Racette @ Dakota Tavern

Reggaddiction @ 3030 Dundas

Bruno Capinan @ BSMT 254

Exco Levi & Kairo MacLean @ Supermarket

SATE & DiJah SB @ El Mocambo

Ivan Lins @ Koerner Hall

Miss Emily @ Revival

La Chica @ Small World Music Festival

                                             Aleksi Campagne @ Drom Taberna

Many of these experiences were facilitated and shared with my friends Dave and Tracy, to whom I owe much gratitude.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Playlist for Corby's Orbit Show Of 16 December 2022 With Guest Host Howard Gladstone


Guest Host: Howard Gladstone
Podcast HERE

5:03 2022 Favs Part 1 

Julian Taylor | Seeds | From The Reservoir

Madison Violet | The Sycamore | The Sycamore

Mike Bern | Ancestor’s Radio | single

Abigail Lapell | Land of Plenty | Stolen Time 

Sultans of String | I Am A Refugee | Refuge

James Gordon | Crybaby’s Caravan | single

5.28 TTC, Mass Transit & Highway Woes

Sue & Dwight |  Red Rocket Two Step | single NEW RELEASE 

Howard Gladstone | Gridlock City | unreleased
Stompin’ Tom Connors | TTC Skidaddler | from the film Across This Land 1973

Jomo87 | Toronto Subway Song | Youtube

Brian Gladstone | Don Valley Parkway Blues | Back to the Dirt

Shuffle Demons | Spadina Bus | Video version

5.47 The Inevitable Songs of The Season

The Band | Christmas Must Be Tonight | Islands

Klezmatics | Happy Joyous Chanukah | Woody Guthrie’s Happy Joyous Hannukah

Quarrington and Adams | Swinging Old Saint Nick | Christmas Dream

5.59 2022 Jazz Favs 

Ori Dagan | Rebirth of the Cool | Click Right Here

Ernesto Cervini | Three Pines | Joy 

Roberto Occhipinti | The Peacocks | The Next Step

Pure Self Promotion

Laura Fernandez | Coldest Winter / 30 Year Winter | OK, Alright

GladTones | Can This Be So | unreleased - @Tranzac Dec 17 7:30pm

6:19  Leonard, Gord, Bruce - Covered ! 

Norah Jones | Steer Your Way | Here It Is: The Songs of Leonard Cohen

Cowboy Junkies | The Way I Feel | Songs of The Recollection 

ES:MO | Lovers In A Dangerous Time | The Weight of Hope

6:35 2022 Favs Continued

Shirley Eikhard (7 November 1955 – 15 December 2022)  | Anything Is Possible |Anything is Possible

Allison Russell | Hy Brasil |Outside Child  

Pierre Kwenders | Sahara | Jose Louis And The Paradox of Love

Nancy Dutra | Lonesome Without You | Songs of Michael Laderoute

Mark Yan | Please Come Home | Just As One

6.55  Singing the Gospel of Love

Cowboy Junkies | I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You | Songs of the Recollection

Monday, December 12, 2022

Orbiting At The Gladstone House

This newly refurbished and vividly colourized hotel on Queen Street West has hosted over a dozen interviews for Corby's Orbit, accommodating my guests and me throughout the pandemic and afterwards. They have a new look for the Melody Bar, a convivial new sky-lit stage area, and the fine food and drink menu for which it has always been known.

Thanks to the staff for your hospitality.

Some of my guests that they have welcomed include: 

Level 1 ~ Donné Roberts singer-songwriter guitarist / David Strickland Hip Hop producer

Level 2 ~ Alan Davis Small World Festival curator / Amai Kuda Afro Soul artist

Level 3 ~ Tara Davidson & William Carn Jazz musicians / Sarah Hiltz singer-composer / Lori Cullen singer - songwriter

Level 4 Tavo Diez De Bonilla bassist / Carlos Morgan Soul singer with Clifton Joseph Dub poet / Abigail Lapell singer-songwriter

Level 5 ~ Domanique Grant R&B singer-songwriter / Avery Raquel Alt-Jazz singer - songwriter / Ori Dagan Jazz singer-songwriter / Bruno Capinan Brazilian song stylist

*Click on picture to enlarge*

illustration by Sakshi Jain

Friday, December 9, 2022

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show of 9 December 22 with Mally Bless, Amai Kuda and Domanique Grant


Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Magnifiquing Glasses, Shades En Froid & Monocle Antoine)

* Canadian Artists in Red

Click on images to enlarge

5:00 Season's Reasonings

* R.J. LeBlanc ~ Flamme ~ Heyday ~   NEW RELEASE

* Kali Horse ~ In The Water ~ NEW RELEASE

* Beaugé Soleil ~ Eagleaire ~ NEW RELEASE

* Andrea Ramolo ~ Bella Ci Dormi ~ NEW RELEASE

* Marcus Paquin ~ Close To You ~ Our Love ~ NEW RELEASE

Yeza ~ Tek Chat ~ NEW RELEASE

Lindsey Stirling ~ Crazy For Christmas ~ Snow Waltz ~ 

* Big Little Lions ~ Light It Up ~ That Time Of Year ~ NEW RELEASE

5:35 Maximum Bless 

* Mally Bless ~ Interview / In Love With Living / So Much Joy ~ In Love With Living ~  NEW RELEASE

* Amai Kuda ~ Interview / Mothers Home / Oshun / Which Way ~ EmUrgency ~ NEW RELEASE

6:15 Domanique's Republic

* Domanique Grant ~ QueenDom / Interview / Airbrush / Be Your Beautiful (acoustic mix) ~ QueenDom ~ 

6:35 Fostering Superstar Idols

* Belters Only, Micky Modelle - Superstar (feat. Simone Denny) ~ NEW RELEASE

Westerman ~ Idol ~ RE-run ~ NEW RELEASE

* David Foster & Katharine McPhee ~ Grown Up Christmas List ~ Christmas Songs ~ NEW RELEASE 

6:50 Perfect Circle

* Sherry Ryan feat. Mick Davis ~ I'll Come First This Christmas ~ NEW RELEASE

* David Gogo ~ Christine McVie's Spare Me A Little Of Your Love ~ Come On Down

Fleetwood Mac ~ Come A Little Bit Closer ~ Heroes Are Hard To Find