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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Playlist for Friday, 30 March, 2012

Host Paul Corby (brought to you by Scruggsknuckles, Gypsy World Outfitters and The New Highpod)
5-7 p.m. online and at . Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

photo by Eric England >
5:00   Posthumous Embellishments and Praiseful Pizzicatos
1)      Earl Scruggs & The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Nashville Blues – Will The Circle Be Unbroken
2)      Flatt & Scruggs – Earl’s Breakdown – Foggy Mountain Jamboree
3)      The Earl Scruggs Revue –Carolina Boogie –Where The Lilies Bloom Sdtrk.
4)      Addie Graham – A Long Time Travelling
5)       The Earl Scruggs Revue –Stash It –Where The Lilies Bloom Sdtrk.
6)      Julie Gholson - Narration –Where The Lilies Bloom Sdtrk.
7)      Flatt & Scruggs – Jimmie Brown The Newsboy

 Flora: Darkness is a shroud to cover.           
Miles: Darkness is the cloak, beware.           
Flora: We do not fear the vast of blackness. 
Miles: We wear shadows in our hair.             
Flora: Darkness calls us to a reckoning        
Miles: Call us to its close embrace.               
Flora: We shall soon be there to meet it.      
Miles: Though we cannot see its face.          
Flora: In the dark, the raid of the ghost.         
Miles: And the coffin cannot hold.                   
Flora: Those of us who love the darkness.  
Miles: Darkness is our final throne.              

from     Where The Lilies Bloom                   

5:20  Banjo Progeny & Mutations
8)      Trampled by Turtles – Walt Whitman – Stars & Satellites
9)      *Great Lake Swimmers – Changes With The Wind – New Wild Everywhere
                                                  @ Sonic Boom Tuesday 3 April 6:00
10)   *Chris Altmann – Hume Highway Blues @ The Horseshoe tonight
11)   *Easterween – Metamorphosing - @ The Lower Ossington Wed.4 April
12)   *The Donefors – Oh Scarlet @ The Rivoli tonight
13)   *Old Time Machine – Through The Windows
14)   *Ryan McAllister – This Black Heart – Music for a Rainy Town
15)   *Nancy White -  I Sweep The Sidewalk - @ The Lower Ossington Sunday 1 April

5:50  End-troductions & Come-clusions
16)   D.J. Shadow – The Number Song - @ The Phoenix Sunday 1 April
17)   *Kat Goldman – Just A Walk Tonight / Moving Pictures / Interview / World Away
                                                            @ Hugh’s Room Tuesday, 10 April

18)   *Shane Koyczan & Dan Mangan – Closing Thoughts -@ Hugh’s Room Wed., 4 April

6:20  Soul Capitals
19)   Sounds of Blackness – God is Love/Mercy Mercy Me / Marvin Gaye Tribute @ The Trane Sunday
20)   Curtis Salgado – Gettin’ To Know You – Soul Shot
21)   *B.F. Soul – Trouble In Town - @ The Orbit Room, Mondays
22)   *CATL – Get Outta My Car – Record Release @ Parts & Labour, Friday, 13 April
23) *Roland Hunter - Infant Eyes - CD Release @ Lula Lounge, Fri., 13 April

6:40   The T List: Local Music Listings over:
24)   Chick Corea – Quartet #1 – solo concert
                            @ Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts Tuesday, 3 April
6:50  At Risk Planet
25)   Maxi Priest – Watching The World Go By @ Jamaican Rhythms at the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts, 28 June - Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence
26)   Nona Gaye – What’s Going On?!?!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tommy Hunter - Country Gentleman

Tommy Hunter Says Farewell

Canadian country singer Tommy Hunter played his last gig before an adoring hometown crowd on March 20, ending his career on his 75th birthday. The concert in London, Ont., came 66 years after his first appearance on a London stage – as a nine-year-old guitar player with dreams of being a singer. 

Hunter was a familiar companion to a generation of Canadians, coming into their living rooms Friday night with The Tommy Hunter Show, a country music variety show that ran 27 years on CBC, ending in 1992. Hunter showcased big stars like Johnny Cash and Gordon Lightfoot, and gave a break to young talent like Shania Twain and Garth Brooks. Many Hunter fans shared their memories of the singer known as “Canada’s country gentleman” at Tuesday's concert.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Playlist for Show of Friday, 23 March, 2012

Hoisted by Paul Corby ( brought to you by Canadian Schmoozic Week {Slacker Canadian Music Fest ۞}), Expanded Media {$7922} and Alternative Carnival Ingredients)

Guests: Jordan Klassen with Simon Bridgefoot, Jocelyn Price and Brian “The Chancellor” Chan
Matt Warry-Smith, Jay Sussman, and Connor “The Barbarian” Brown of Rockyard
And Ms. Tanika Charles with Mike Celia, and Keisha and Leisha Cameron

5-7 p.m. online Fridays at and at . Canadians in *’d RED.

5:00  Rhythm Ignition
Alceu Valenca – Maracatu Colonial – Afro Brasil
Fishbone – Unyeilding Conditioning – Everyday Sunshine, a dokko about Fishbone
                                                    @ The Bloor Cinema, Sunday 9:15 and Monday 9:15
۞Georgia Anne Muldrow – The Few / Remember – Seeds @ The Great Hall Sunday / Monday morn 

5:15 Klassen Blossoms
۞*Jordan Klassen Go To Me / Interview / I Am A Collector (live)/ The Most Bored David Jules Ever Got (live)/ Hot Ashes (live)

5:45  Ingenious Igneous Outcroppings
۞*Your Neck Of The Woods – Skies Like This – Alberta Burning
۞*Zeus – Hello Tender Love @ The Horseshoe Saturday
۞*Rockyard – Bondage / Interview / Mad (Live) / Strong Wind (live)@ The Hideout April 12

6:15   Escape Hatching
۞Fanfarlo – Everything Resolves @ The Mod Club Saturday
۞Saul Williams – PG - @ The Great Hall tonight
The Carolina Chocolate Drops – Po’ Black Sheep – Leaving Eden
Marolafy – Sila Sila – from Madagascar

6:30  Soulace Vivace
۞*Tanika Charles – Dancing With Your Ghost / Interview / I Am Your Woman (live) / Sweet Memories (live) 

 *Cowboy Junkies – Angels of The Wilderness – The Wilderness (The Nomad Series vol.4)

 6:45 Toronto Everlasting Live Music Listings and Heads Ups over song one of the following:

*Tesseract – Venezuelan Independence Day / Caprese/ N.G.A.Y.U. – Impossible Images

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Grain of It: The Wheat Pool Call It Quits After 7 Years

Why do we love a band?
As soon as that question is asked, one’s heart rushes for that private image, the cover of your inner jewel-case.
You know who you love. Their flag is always there, waving, even when the air is calm and still elsewhere.
The circumstance of your first encounter with their music is radiant; the intoxication of sharing their masterpiece record, song by song, with an intimate friend is a forever moment of bliss; the evolution of their music into the theme music for an episode of your life is epic and lit with imagery.
I used Hauntario by The Wheat Pool to travel through the foggy Poconos to Manhattan, to survive a traumatic life crisis, and to build a small barn in my yard in 2009. It is a unified field of interconnected stories. Futility, loss, the big lonely of prairie melancholy, and a formula for escape all twine like sweetgrass through the eleven songs. Loser characters attempt to speak their selfish truths. It begins with an ending and ends with a beginning. It fixed me.
Now they are breaking up; the press release came early this year: “We would rather burn bright and burn out. We have admitted that we aren’t four guys in the same place anymore, and that makes it really hard to be a great band.”

Live at the Dakota in June 2010. Photo by Paul Corby
After seven years (a traditional biblical perimeter), the lads will be playing a final show in Edmonton on the same date as their first performance.
It’s a hard call: front men Mike and Robb Angus are brothers. Two assaults on Toronto at CMW and NXNE had proved encouraging. The second of these campaigns took place without sublime drummer Stephane Dagenais. The band’s combustion level was on eleven, fuelled by feverish percussion, strippers, hockey games, and the acclaim of Toronto music weenies. It resulted in a free online EP, featuring a magical version of Neil Young’s Helpless.
Then, a year of silence. Mike Angus showed up in this part of the continent last year, in a bright red car, touring an album of personal acoustic tunes called “Hymns”. It was the week that Jack Layton died, and the elegiac nature of his music was stirring, and fit the mood of the city elegantly.
“When I hear that a band’s breaking up, I just close the book and take a step away,” says a Successful Music Business Dude.
“The demise? Super sad. I’m sure it’s not the last we’ll hear of those boys as musicians though,” comments James Murdoch, producer of Hauntario.
I sure hope that you will be able to find that disk and listen someday. Its intaglio of razor guitar work by Glen Erickson, splashes of pedal steel and piano, feedback, lyrical detail, and charismatic, wounded harmonies is like nothing else but Canada. It’s alive on my constant inner playlist, filed next to The Band, The Blue Shadows and Stratochief, drifting through the paintings of William Kurelek, and echoing ironically in the context of this week’s Canadian Music Fest, when hundreds of bands again come to Toronto; “kids too eager to see clearly…falling over at the beauty of the world” (from The Wheat Pool’s “Nervous Bird“).
If you’re in Edmonton, go see what I mean on the 23rd.
I will be out in the Toronto bars for CMW that night too, looking for some new band to love. And when I get home, I might go sit in the barn for awhile.

Firmamental Entertainments!

Canadian Music Week continues its ignition of Canadian and International talent
sending fireworks, jagerbombs, and smoke signals across the night skies of Toronto
and drawing hordes of fans, thrill seekers and honchos
into dozens of clubs.

Stratospheric rewards include Tanika Charles (above) who emits waves of talent energy
and kicked off the Johnny Reid night at The Mod Club,
the Wrongbar Thursday night, and appears live in Orbit Friday at 6:30 performing live,
before amazing everyone at The Great Hall's Van Hunt show on Saturday.

Further combustion is thrown in pulses from Vancouver star Jordan Klassen,
(below) who kicked off Wednesday night at the Dakota with clamor and
delicacy in alternating frequencies with a dynamic band.
He will be my special live guest at 5:00, before his
Royal York showcase in the Library Bar at 7:30.

Dubstepping on Waves of Surf. Warning: Sexy Images

Ultimate Uxbridge Entertainment Weekend

Didn't get out of town for March Break? No travel destinations? Nowhere's got a better reason to incite an urge for goin' than Uxbridge this weekend. No sunburn, English spoken everywhere, no jetlag, seasickness or capsizing cruise ships, guaranteed.

Lynn Miles is Canada's best English language songwriter and has the CFMA award to prove it. She's full of stories and quick as a whip, too. And Cris Cuddy is an improvement over some other Cuddy singer songwriters.

And at the same venue:

SATURDAY - March 24  ~  7pm
J. P. Cormier with the Elliott Brothers
also appearing " The Dnes Sisters "

J.P. Cormier is the best and most exciting string player in Canada and elsewhere, imho. Schooled by Bill Monroe and Chet Atkins, a veteran of 30 years of hard highway, J.P. is burning his road cases after this tour, so this is your last chance to hear him outside of Cape Breton Island. The phenomenal Elliot Brothers have his back at this show. They sold out Hugh's Room two weeks ago. Arrive early, stay late. He's got a lot to say and play.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Playlist for Show of Friday, 16 March, 2012

Host Paul Corby ( brought to you by the Strand, Thread, and Weave )
5-7:00 p.m. online and at . Canadians in *’d RED.

5:00  Pop Sparks
*Jordan Klassen – Threads - Kindness EP @ The Dakota Wed., 23 March.
Fanfarlo – Tightrope -  Rooms Filled With Light @ The Mod Club Sat., 24 March
*Octoberman  -  Actress – Waiting in the Well - @ The Tranzac 13 April
*Boxer the Horse – Karen Silkwood - French Residency @ The Great Hall, 13 April

5:20   Around The Word
Estelle – International (Serious) – All Of Me
Saul Williams – Control Freak - @ The Great Hall, Fri., 23 March
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Sermonette @ Wrongbar, Sun., 25 March
The Meters – (Doodle Loop) The World Is A Little Bit Under The Weather
Kool & The Gang – Straight Ahead @ The A.C.C. Saturday

5:40  Waking Up The Spring
*Chloe Charles – Water @ Czehoski, Wed., 21 March, 10:00; @ Royal York, 3:00. Thurs., 22 March ,
 & Sat., 24 March, 10:30
Carolina Chocolate Drops – I Truly Understand That You Love Another Man – Leaving Eden
*The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra – Otter Song @ Not My Dog – Monday, 19 March

6:00     St. Patrick’s Snake-Chasing Music
*Jaron Freeman-Fox – The Road  @ The Garrison – Wed., 21 March
Firkin – Beer Almighty – Whup
*Mary Margaret O’Hara – I Don’t Care – Apartment Hunting @ The Martian Awareness Ball – The  Horseshoe, Saturday
DeeDee Bridgewater & The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra – Night Creature / Come Sunday @ Markham
Theatre for the Performing Arts,   Wed., 21 March  
6:20   Don’t Watch the Ground
Beres Hammond – Warriors Don’t Cry – Something Old and Something New
* Truths & Rights, feat. Friendlyness – News Flash @ The Silver Dollar tonight

6:30   Post - Apocalyptic Memoirs
*Jen Lane – Today I Lost My Mind -@ The Dakota, Thurs., 22 March
*Royal Canoe – Caught In A Loop - @ The Drake Underground, 9:00 March 22
                                                                  @ The Hard Luck Bar , 9:00 March 24
*Shotgun Jimmie – Peace & Love @ The Great Hall, Thurs., 22 March, maybe featuring Michael Jackson & The Beatles
*Steven Tsitsos – For A Fistful of Dollars I @ Glenn Gould Studio Sunday

6:45  Toronto Trans-substantiation Opportunities
Listings over *Stacie McGregor – Straight Up / Red’s Blues / Top Cat - @ The Magic Oven – Saturday 7:30

6:55  Crystal Blue Possession

Ross Neilsen  - What You Can / Possession / She Ain’t You @ The Local Wednesday, 21 M

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Playlist for Corby’s Orbit on Radio Regent , Show of Friday, 9 March, 2012

Guests Colleen Brown & Mike Rault and Jean Paul De Roover ( brought to you by Electric Kiwi Guitar, Schmutzwear, and Polaron Waves*)
5-7 p.m. online and at . Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

(*In materials science and chemistry, a polaron is formed when a charge within a molecular chain influences the local nuclear geometry, causing an attenuation (or even reversal) of nearby bond alternation amplitudes. This "excited state" possesses an energy level between the lower and upper bands.)

5:00  Interfeminine World of Womanly Wonderfalls  (I.W.D.8 March)

Betty Everett – I’m Going To Be Ready
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Patience - @ Wrongbar, Sunday 25 March
*Clela Errington – In A Child’s Room - @ Aquila Upstairs Saturday
*Shania Twain – She’s Not Just A Pretty Face - Up
*Colleen Brown – Singing In The Garden / Good Girls / Interview / Really Just Need A Friend (Live)
/ Baby Blue Eyes (Live) feat. Mike Rault – her new album is Dirt - @ The Drake Underground tonight

5:40   Joviality Check
Maurice Chevalier & Hayley Mills – Enjoy Life – by Richard Sherman & Robert B. Sherman (1925-2012)
*Jim Bryson – Satellite - @ The Dakota Tavern tonight
*Jean Paul De Roover – Walk / Windows & Doors Medley / Interview / You
                                                                            @ The Supermarket Wed., 14 March
6:15   Rock Climate
*Zeus – Anything You Want DearBusting Visions  @ The Horseshoe Friday, 23 March
ESG – My Love For You – Annie (DJ Kicks)

6:30  From The Ends Of The Earth and You Know It
Marolafy – Phenomenana – Madagascar
Angelique Kidjo – Lay Lady Lay – @ Koerner Hall Saturday

6:40  Toronto Noctambulism Guide
Toronto Listings over Reuben Wilson’s “Bambu”
Reuben Wilson feat. Melvin Sparks – Knock on Wood
Joe Louis Walker – Movin’ On, by Hank Snow – Hellfire