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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ultimate Uxbridge Entertainment Weekend

Didn't get out of town for March Break? No travel destinations? Nowhere's got a better reason to incite an urge for goin' than Uxbridge this weekend. No sunburn, English spoken everywhere, no jetlag, seasickness or capsizing cruise ships, guaranteed.

Lynn Miles is Canada's best English language songwriter and has the CFMA award to prove it. She's full of stories and quick as a whip, too. And Cris Cuddy is an improvement over some other Cuddy singer songwriters.

And at the same venue:

SATURDAY - March 24  ~  7pm
J. P. Cormier with the Elliott Brothers
also appearing " The Dnes Sisters "

J.P. Cormier is the best and most exciting string player in Canada and elsewhere, imho. Schooled by Bill Monroe and Chet Atkins, a veteran of 30 years of hard highway, J.P. is burning his road cases after this tour, so this is your last chance to hear him outside of Cape Breton Island. The phenomenal Elliot Brothers have his back at this show. They sold out Hugh's Room two weeks ago. Arrive early, stay late. He's got a lot to say and play.

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