Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
Listening in All the High Places illustration by John Kricfalusi

Saturday, December 30, 2023

A Group Hug For The Orbital Community


As this year ends I remain grateful for the support that I have received from so many friends, fams and even strangers in maintaining the impetus to continue investigating and sharing new Canadian music as it comes into being.

For their inestimable contributions, I'd like to express my thanks now, as the year turns new again, primarily to my good and discerning wife Kim, who endures and encourages my constant auditioning of new sounds at home, and helps me to review the Orbit's objectives and aesthetics as it evolves from week to week.

My suppliers and advisors at the musical marketplace are many and dedicated. Admiration and appreciation is fully due to Heather Kitching, Ernesto Cervini, Jay Cleary, Beverly Kreller, Jane Harbury, Ken Beattie, Laurie Lockhart, Amanda McCauley, Sam Rashid, Cortney Harkin, Gary Topp, Bob Jensen, Ola Mazzuca, Sebastian Cook, Patrick O'Reilly, David McEathron, Ori Dagan & JazzInToronto. Sarah French, Eric Alper, Oz Saunds, Jason Schneider, Paul Watterson, Jocelyn Mailloux, Tim Kolleth, labels like Paper Bag, Six Shooter, Dine Alone, Indoor Recess and Arts & Crafts, and the Dead Dog record shop at Lansdowne and Bloor St.W.

Extra special thanks are also due to Howard Gladstone, who has put in so much time and effort to organize and host the Orbit when I have been called away (on pleasure, usually) over a dozen times now. I can always count on him to inject new fuel into the program, and to provide a sincere commentary on matters of Canadian talent and social justice.

Of course the conversations that the wise and wonderful musicians bring to the show are the golden assets of the Orbit. Interviews have been largely conducted thanks to the hospitality of The Gladstone House and The Only Cafe.

Just this past year, I have been fortunate enough to spend time talking with many of Canada's greatest musicians, including Marc Jordan, Eliana Cuevas, Jeremy Ledbetter, Noam Lemish. Sarah Jerrom, Noah Zacharin, Sean Nimmons, Sienna Dahlen, Valeria Matzner, Denielle Bassels, Jackson Welchner, Jessica Stuart, Debbie Fleming, Kyle Sullivan, Mary Lou Sicoly, John Ebata, Alex Exists, Beny Es Guerra and the Wheel It Studios Cast and Crew, Aline Homzy, Rosanne Baker Thornley, Duncan Hopkins, Artie Roth, Alyssa Giammaria, Andrew McAnsh, Maryem and Ernie Tollar, Mavriq Brown, Christian Overton, Harry Bartlett, Dan Pitt, and Zoe Ackah. My thanks and respects go out to all for their time and confidences. Seeing them and so many others in performance this year has also strengthened my conviction in the vitality and importance of the music being created here in Canada. 

Special thanks to bookers at Noonan's, The Cameron House, The Tranzac, Castro's, Lula Lounge, and Drom Taberna, for their live presentation and support of so many communities.

Last but not least, Tyrone MacLean Wilson, aka Tyrone Power, at Radio Regent makes sure that the Orbit gets on the air every week. 

I proceed into my 22nd year of Orbiting feeling less and less as if I'm doing a one man show, and more like I am hosting a cultural phenomenon that refuses to tolerate the big shot media's inattention to the fine details of our art and to the events that will inform our memories and higher emotions over times to come.

Maybe I'll be seeing you out there in some of those high places.

Over and up.

Monday, December 25, 2023

Blues & Roots Radio Shutting Down Next Month

For many years Corby's Orbit has been airing twice weekly on the award-winning music station Blues & Roots Radio.
I am sadly concerned and disappointed that a vital music delivery agent will no longer be broadcasting.

From Stevie Connor: We have made a formal announcement regarding Blues & Roots Radio's future, revealing that we have decided to cease broadcasting on January 31st, 2024. This decision was not made lightly, and there are several factors contributing to this development. Following the cessation of broadcasts at the end of January, the BRR website will remain live for archival purposes.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Best of luck to Stevie and Anne as they continue their explorations.
Corby's Orbit will continue to air on Radio regent every Friday at 5:00 p.m.

Monday, December 18, 2023

Ripple Effects Of Musical Excellence

 I posted my annual Top Spins selections on the 14th last week 

and look what happened to my numbers as musicians shared.

Saturday, December 16, 2023

Playlist For Corby's Orbit Show of 15 December 2023 with Inklings Of Jingle


Commissioner of Selection - Paul Corby

 ( Brought to you by Warm Wooly Smittens, Santa-Mentality, & Reindeered Unconscious )

This show is dedicated to the memory of *Bernie Pitters*

Podcast available RIGHT HERE

Canadian Artists in Asterisk'd RED

Click on images to enlarge

5:00 Make The Nations Prove

* MustafaThe Poet ~ Name Of God ~ NEW RELEASE

illustration by Robert Burns

* Emily Burgess ~ Trickin' My Heart ~ Arrow NEW RELEASE CD Launch @ 
Erben in Peterborough Saturday 27 January 2024

* The Barra MacNeils ~ Christmas Comes But Once A Year ~ Christmas In Carrick ~ @ Massey Hall Friday 22 December

* Ernesto Cervini's Turboprop ~ Little Drummer Boy ~ NEW RELEASE

Bill Ryder-Jones ~ If Tomorrow Starts Without Me ~ NEW RELEASE

Dolly Parton ~ World On Fire ~ Rockstar ~ NEW RELEASE
illustration by Kim Dorland

* The Smoke Wagon Blues Band ~ Onward Through The Fog ~ NEW RELEASE

* Bruce Cockburn ~ The Gift ~ Big Circumstance ~ (True North 1988)

* Genevieve Marentette ~ I Talk To The Wind ~ NEW RELEASE

5:35 All Their Songs Employ

* James Hill & Anne Janelle ~ Joy To The World ~ The Midnight Clear ~ 

* Lune Elle ~ Souls Align ~ NEW RELEASE

* Remi Jean Leblanc ~ b Flamme ~ Heyday 

* John Bowman ~ Social Mediocrity ~ Fast Track For A Slow Horse ~ NEW RELEASE

Charles Brown feat. Bobby Forte & Clifford Solomon on saxes ~ Santa's Blues ~ Charles Brown's Cool Christmas Blues

* Wade O. Brown ~ Moment To Moment ~ NEW RELEASE

* Tonya P. ~ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ~ 

6:10 Let Blessings Flow Far As The Curse Is Found

* La Faute ~ Let It Burn ~ Blue Girl Nice Day ~ NEW RELEASE

* Layla Zoe ~ The World Could Change ~ The World Could Change 

* Jah'Mila & Wolf Castle & AquaKuktre & Wendy MacIsaac ~ East Coast Family ~ NEW RELEASE

* Nicky Schrire ~ Yuletide ~ NEW RELEASE

* North Atlantic Drift & Toronto Brass Quintet ~ Oliver Shroer's A Song For All Seasons ~ The Pipes ~ NEW RELEASE

* Melanie Peterson ~ Christmas Breaks My Heart ~ 

* Laila Biali ~ Belle Nuit De Noel ~ NEW RELEASE

* Solidaridad ~ Rush's YYZ ~ Distancia ~ NEW RELEASE

6:40 The Sounding Joy

* Cassie & Maggie ~ Vixen ~ A Very Very Cassie & Maggie Christmas 

* Brandon Isaak ~ What Is This World Coming To? ~ NEW RELEASE

Chris Wilkins ~ Christmas Day ~ NEW RELEASE

Tony Bennett ~ Christmastime Is Here ~ The Classic Christmas Album                               illustration by Tijana Lukovic

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Top Spins Of 2023 From Corby's Orbit


Ordered Capriciously by your Commissioner of Selection 
Click to enlarge illustration Canadian Artists In Red

Jackson Welchner

Blink Twice

Greenhouse Ensemble

Rez De Chaussée

Claire Coupland

New Light

La Faute

Blue Girl Nice Day

Sienna Dahlen

& Bill Coon


Roxane Reddy


Debby Friday

Good Luck

Aline Homzy



Powder Blue

Shane Ghostkeeper

Songs For My People

Olivia Maisel

A Moment In Time



James Hill & Anne Janelle

The Midnight Clear

Annie Gallup

Small Fortune

Allison Au


Butcher Brown

Solar Music

Laila Biali

Your Requests

North Atlantic Drift & Toronto Brass Quintet

The Pipes

Kate Weekes

Better Days Ahead

Teri Parker

Shaping The Invisible


Run Wild

Jason Wilson


RJ Leblanc


Rubim de Toledo

The Drip

Alex Exists

Everybody’s Famous But Me



Sylvia Tyson

At The End Of The Day

Caroline Polachek

Desire I Want To Turn Into You

Sophie Lukacs


Denielle Bassels

A Little Bit Of Love

Abigail Lapell


Joe Nolan

Lost Verses

Sasha Cay


Lynn Miles

Tumbleweedy World

Elizabeth Shepherd

Three Things

Lynn Harrison



Maison Vent

Doug Paisley

Say What You Like

Noah Zacharin

Points Of Light

Melissa Pipe Sextet

 Of What Remains

Jeremy Dutcher


Allison Russell

The Returner


Au Coeur de L’Aube

Loryn Taggart

The Lost Art Of Pulling Through

Eliana Cuevas

Seré Libre

Valeria Matzner




Jerry Leger



Vol. 1

La Force

X O Skeleton

The Composers Collective Big Band

The Toronto Project

The Nimmons Tribute Band

Volume 2 - Generational


Letters To George

Ken Whiteley

So Glad I’m Here

New Tradition Music

Wheel It Studios VOL 5: Tdot Fiesta

Emily Braden

Cannon And Sparrow

Mary Lou Sicoly

Lemon Meringue Pie

Carly Rae Jepsen

The Loveliest Time

Haley Blais


John Bowman

Fast Track For A Slow HorseorseH

Evangeline Gentle

Where The Diamonds Are

Al Qahwa

Weyn Allah

Big Little Lions


Durand Jones

Wait Til I Get Over

James McGowan Ensemble

Reaching In

Marc Jordan

Waiting For The Sun To Rise

Easy Star All-Stars - Ziggy Stardub

Nicky Shrire   -   Nowhere Girl

Duncan Hopkins - Who Are You – The Music of Kenny Wheeler