Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, December 30, 2023

A Group Hug For The Orbital Community


As this year ends I remain grateful for the support that I have received from so many friends, fams and even strangers in maintaining the impetus to continue investigating and sharing new Canadian music as it comes into being.

For their inestimable contributions, I'd like to express my thanks now, as the year turns new again, primarily to my good and discerning wife Kim, who endures and encourages my constant auditioning of new sounds at home, and helps me to review the Orbit's objectives and aesthetics as it evolves from week to week.

My suppliers and advisors at the musical marketplace are many and dedicated. Admiration and appreciation is fully due to Heather Kitching, Ernesto Cervini, Jay Cleary, Beverly Kreller, Jane Harbury, Ken Beattie, Laurie Lockhart, Amanda McCauley, Sam Rashid, Cortney Harkin, Gary Topp, Bob Jensen, Ola Mazzuca, Sebastian Cook, Patrick O'Reilly, David McEathron, Ori Dagan & JazzInToronto. Sarah French, Eric Alper, Oz Saunds, Jason Schneider, Paul Watterson, Jocelyn Mailloux, Tim Kolleth, labels like Paper Bag, Six Shooter, Dine Alone, Indoor Recess and Arts & Crafts, and the Dead Dog record shop at Lansdowne and Bloor St.W.

Extra special thanks are also due to Howard Gladstone, who has put in so much time and effort to organize and host the Orbit when I have been called away (on pleasure, usually) over a dozen times now. I can always count on him to inject new fuel into the program, and to provide a sincere commentary on matters of Canadian talent and social justice.

Of course the conversations that the wise and wonderful musicians bring to the show are the golden assets of the Orbit. Interviews have been largely conducted thanks to the hospitality of The Gladstone House and The Only Cafe.

Just this past year, I have been fortunate enough to spend time talking with many of Canada's greatest musicians, including Marc Jordan, Eliana Cuevas, Jeremy Ledbetter, Noam Lemish. Sarah Jerrom, Noah Zacharin, Sean Nimmons, Sienna Dahlen, Valeria Matzner, Denielle Bassels, Jackson Welchner, Jessica Stuart, Debbie Fleming, Kyle Sullivan, Mary Lou Sicoly, John Ebata, Alex Exists, Beny Es Guerra and the Wheel It Studios Cast and Crew, Aline Homzy, Rosanne Baker Thornley, Duncan Hopkins, Artie Roth, Alyssa Giammaria, Andrew McAnsh, Maryem and Ernie Tollar, Mavriq Brown, Christian Overton, Harry Bartlett, Dan Pitt, and Zoe Ackah. My thanks and respects go out to all for their time and confidences. Seeing them and so many others in performance this year has also strengthened my conviction in the vitality and importance of the music being created here in Canada. 

Special thanks to bookers at Noonan's, The Cameron House, The Tranzac, Castro's, Lula Lounge, and Drom Taberna, for their live presentation and support of so many communities.

Last but not least, Tyrone MacLean Wilson, aka Tyrone Power, at Radio Regent makes sure that the Orbit gets on the air every week. 

I proceed into my 22nd year of Orbiting feeling less and less as if I'm doing a one man show, and more like I am hosting a cultural phenomenon that refuses to tolerate the big shot media's inattention to the fine details of our art and to the events that will inform our memories and higher emotions over times to come.

Maybe I'll be seeing you out there in some of those high places.

Over and up.

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