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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Playlist for show of Friday 25 October

Host: Paul Corby      

Radio Regent is now available on ROGERS Channel 60 in downtown T.O.

(brought to you by Shark De Soleil, Manta Cabaret, & Les Fisherables)
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests:Mike Field
5:00 Sonic Scenery

Jeff Beck ~ Hammerhead / Corpus Christi Carol @ Sony Center Saturday

*Mike Field ~ Rush Mode / Interview / Play For You

5:15 Replenish Lines

*Mark Berube ~ Hurricane /  Quiet Little Scream ~ June In Siberia @ The Dakota Tavern Tuesday 29 Oct.
*Braids ~ In Kind ~ Flourish // Perish @ The Great Hall Friday 1 November
*Zaki Ibrahim ~ Draw The Line ~ Every Opposite @ Adelaide Music Hall tonight

5:30 Souled To The Highest 

Kirk Whalum feat. Robert Randolph ~ Everything Is Everything / Donny Hathaway  ~ You've Got A Friend ~ Donny Hathaway Gospel Tribute @ The Rex Tuesday / Wednesday Oct. 29-30

Cyndi Lauper ~ What's Going On (Club Version)  @ Massey Hall Sunday

5:45 Blues Salad
Taj Mahal ~ The Calypsonians ~ Sacred Island  @ Koerner Hall Wed, 30 Oct.

*Carlos Del Junco ~ Nine Below Zero @ Hugh's Room tonight

Eric Burdon ~ Invitation To The White House ~ @ Massey Hall Saturday

*Joёl Fafard & Joel Schwartz ~ State Trooper @ The Gladstone Tuesday, 12 November

6:10  Acoustic Figures

*The Fugitives ~ Love Affairs ~ Everything Will Happen ~@ The Rivoli Wed, 30 Oct.

*Karyn Ellis ~ River ~ More Than A Hero @ Pressed in Ottawa w. Kim Beggs Sat. 9 Nov. > > > > > > >

Neko Case ~ Calling Cards ~ The Worse Things Get...

*The Stanfields ~ Mariner's Grave ~For King And Country

Punch Brothers feat. Chris Thile~ Flippen (The Flip)~Chris Thile @ Koerner Hall tonight

6:40 Steeples And Spires 

Dizzy Gillespie (b. Oct. 21 1917) ~ Friday Night At The Cadillac Club ~ Rhythmstick

*Ron Davis ~ Blue Modules ~ @ Lula Lounge Sunday 8:00 & 9:30 (Toronto music listings adrift on the surface)

The Beach Boys (Brian Wilson & Al Jardine @ The Sony Center Saturday) ~ We'll Run Away / Do You Remember / Hushabye ~ All Summer Long (1964)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Playlist For Show Of 18 October

Host: Paul Corby      

Radio Regent is now available on ROGERS Channel 60 in downtown T.O.

(brought to you by Infinity Fair, Cosmospolitan & Auroras' Digest)
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Matt Fullbrook of K.C. Roberts and the Live Revolution and Meaghan Blanchard

5:00 No Boundaries Just Edges
Orquestra Cubana De Musica Moderna ~ Vehicle ~ Si Para Usted 2
Alice Russell ~ Universe (Dusty Remix) ~ Pot Of Gold Remixes @ The Garrison tonight
*Skydiggers feat.Alejandra Ribera ~ I Am Cuba ~ She Comes Into The Room / 25th Anniversary @  The Winter Garden Saturday new disk
Moby feat. Cold Specks ~ Tell Me ~ Innocents (Arts & Crafts) new disk

5:20  Concrete Jugglers
Peter Tosh w. The Wailers ~ The Letter / The World Is Changing ~ Peter Tosh Tribute at Lee's Palace Saturday
*K.C. Roberts & The Live Revolution ~ A Beautiful Blastoff / Interview with Matt Fullbrook / Cupid @ The Phoenix on Hallowe'en new disk

5:45 Blue-bricating Ointments
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown ~ Sometimes I Slip ~ Alright Again (Rounder)
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band ~ Nutpopper #1 ~ The Original Lost Elektra Sessions

6:00 Yukon Goals
*Kim Beggs ~ A.J. Goddard Shipwreck / A Sailor's Daughter / Oh Boy / Not Only From The Whiskey ~ Beauty and Breaking new disk CD release @ The Monarch Pub Thursday, 24 October @ FMO Saturday

6:15 Anticipatory Democracy
*Cloe Bernard & Eddie Paton ~ Tout Ca ~ Rendez-Vous new disk CD Release @ The Lula Lounge Thursday 24 October
*ROAM ~ Hymn To Her ~ @ Lula Lounge Wed. 23 October 
*Karyn Ellis ~ Cosmic Cowboy ~ More Than A Hero new disk CD release @ The Monarch Pub Thursday, 24 October & @ FMO Saturday

*Meaghan Blanchard ~ Jenna's Song / Interview / She's Gonna Fly ~ She's Gonna Fly new disk @ The Cameron House Saturday 9 p.m.

*The Fugitives ~ Bigger Than Luck ~Everything Will Happen new disk CD release @ The Rivoli Tuesday 29 October and on Corby's Orbit next week

*Mike Field ~ Arizona Avenue / Balkan Swing @ Harlem tonight and on Corby's Orbit next week, with a meringue of Toronto music bubblings airbrushed on top

*A Tribe Called Red ~ Look At This ~ @ BLK BOX Saturday X Avant VIII

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ev'ry buddy is talking about this: Musical Frontiers with Lalah Hathaway & Snarky Puppy

Mimi Oz Plays Her Card

The wizardry of Mimi Oz

Originally published at
Mimi OzMeet Mimi Oz : wiry and tawny – raisin eyes crinkle inside shreds of coconut hair – and she’s an eloquent observer of flashlight darknesses.
Artistry has spread a path before her since childhood. Mimi says filling notebooks with her thoughts, “feeling emotions through words” became a secret life for her in the pre-teen years in Toronto’s west end.
A passion for creating visual art carried her through her teens. Traces of her graphic work can be found on the inner sleeve of her first record, Three Of Swords, which she released this year. In 2010, she made the difficult decision – for a shy person – to start singing her poems out loud. Touring the open mics of downtown T.O., she piqued the ears of another multi-faceted artist,Bobby Wiseman, to whom she dedicates the record with: “To the wisest of all men.” He responded to her music at the Tranzac one night by suggesting that they record a few songs together. At the same time, she began giving away all her work on paper and canvas to friends and family.
“I just got tired of taking care of all the material I don’t need,” she says. Wiseman began collaborating with Mimi in structuring her songs. “He made me consider what the song is really about,” she recalls. “Putting the words into the right shape, too. I had always thought of rhyme as a hindrance to expression, but if it’s done well, it really helps you to get the most out of a song.” With much of her material in different stages of development, it was necessary to align them to a theme.
“I had made a lot of bad decisions, gotten into some unfortunate circumstances, travelling, living in Mexico, and I was walking down the street with a friend. There was a card on the street in front of me and he said, ‘You’d better pick that up.’ It was the Three Of Swords from a strange Tarot deck; it is an indicator that pain must be seen as a learning experience, a symbol of the heart emerging from darkness.”
The event is dramatized in her first video, for The Thief.
Using that moment as a touchstone, the songs began to fall into order. From the first lyric, “Morning window song…” there is a discernible upward arch to the album. Through the gauze of Mariachi, electronica, torchy jazz and Japanese pop textures that decorate her voice, Mimi stays true to the course of betrayal, heartbreak and forgiveness that animate her narrative.
“There is such a variety of shading to her voice,” says singer Jocelyn Barth, a member of Mimi’s band, The Wizards. “The first time I heard the record I thought it was a compilation of different singers.”
The intensity of emotion that drives her recorded performance ignites even a few cover songs by Sam Larkin, Warren Zevon and Jose Luis Perales, which fit in with the redemptive concept of the record. The challenge of performing with the new band is not only to re-imagine the music on the ornately-textured disk, but to return to the pain that inspired it. “You get further away from pain,” Mimi reflects, “and you become closer to who you are, even though it still exists. The job for me is to expose truths about addiction, loneliness and suffering with fascination rather than obsession.”
Currently, she finds herself writing darker songs, and following compositional vectors suggested by jazz, blues and traditional folk music. A recent trip to New York has inspired a desire to design a poetry book, perhaps as an insert for her next record, and maybe even to start making art again. A Spanish word prefaces the booklet inside Three Of Swords: disfrutar, meaning to bask, to revel, to delight or luxuriate. Certainly Mimi Oz has earned this opportunity for a major disfrutar and has generously provided a musical landscape in which her listeners can do the same.

Kristi Lane Sinclair Interview , and a review of her mystical disk,The Sea Alone

CFMA nominee Kristi Lane Sinclair’s latest album

First published at
Kristi Lane SinclairThe Sea Alone is the title, not only of Kristi Lane Sinclair’s second album, but of the opening and closing tracks.  Already, the waves are rolling in on you.  Each one a finger, a thumb washing over acoustic guitar strings, the rhythm comes ringing, with herring gulls screeing, waiting for the voice: we hear it first as a purr, but then the listening transforms it to an approaching nimbus, whispering of warnings. Each gust spells out traces of streets with empty endings while a somber cello mixes all the colours into brown smears and garbage can drums roll and crash down basement staircases.  Think we better go inside?
And that’s just the first song! Everywhere Kristi Lane takes us there are caution ribbons that signal a malicious potential, snapping in the wind. She is a bellwether of the immanent threat.  The emotional atmosphere that her voice creates both conceals and reveals her meanings, and complicates any attempt at casual listening. The fierceness of the record grows. Subsequent tracks will enclose her murmur in a high voltage percussion cage with clattering razor wires of electro guitar. Are they there to protect the singer or you?
Vulnerability is her dodge. She is on the attack. Every song presents an immediate puzzle to the ear. Her melodies sometimes run cross current to the guitar; a minor chord in “Mandoline” is obfuscated by a disturbing low sixth in the voicing; when she mounts the bass line into the stratosphere on “What Does That Mean?,” an F-bomb drops suddenly with well-aimed contempt; final notes of phrases slur into a signature atonality – until the penny drops – she may have been just talking to you all along, in a recitation, with hints of musicality thrown in to coddle your acceptance of her meanings and motives. “What does that mean?” she asks in a song. Good luck with that. The words are not incantatory, but detailed messages. Pay attention. “I’m sorry doesn’t mean anything”, she concludes in the next track.
Although she rightly claims grunge/classical parentage, Kristi Lane Sinclair is also an invader of the territories of the English folk song tradition.  A suggestion of a British accent in her voice sharpens her lyrical slice. Her long words challenge your patience and your attentions. While she’s taking careful aim at your arteries with serrated word play and a surprise barrage of scissor spit in the rockers “Oh Boy” and “Three of Hearts,” the hazy drift of Cris Derksen’s cello, the reassuring harmonies of Christa CoutureJoy Mullen’s forthright, well-mixed drumming, the acoustic guitar’s warmth, and even the uniquely-designed embrace of the cardboard sleeve design combine to make a package of graceful self-agreement. Ms. Sinclair’s irreconcilable longings affect you, ultimately, with empathy for her serene faith in making use of her articulation to hinder their powers over her. And the waves roll out again.
As a result of the tremendous artistry of the record, and a few intriguing videos (watch them below) the record is being greeted enthusiastically. Says Kristi: “’The Sea Alone’ has been doing quite well. For me, it almost feels like cheating. When I asked for advice from a mentor years ago about making it in the music industry he said ‘Make a great record and you won’t have to do anything’. I think that’s what ‘Sea Alone’ did. I had the best band, producer and production team getting behind songs that I felt so strongly about and since then, it’s been nothing but good news. With a June release I was still able to secure several festival spots (Aboriginal Music Week Winnipeg, Victory Square Block Party, Vancouver BC, Peachfest, Penticton and Spirit Within in Whistler). The album has charted in Vancouver and Ontario and received several promising reviews (Georgia Straight, CBC, BC Musician Magazine) and show requests keep coming in.”
Kristi Lane Sinclair is a nominee in the Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year category at theCanadian Folk Music Awards this year. What kind of feelings does she have about this momentous recognition? “I just found out! My friends all texted me and told me. It made a great way to wake up! I hope to showcase or build a show around the awards ceremony. This is in the early stages. Between now and the awards I am basically just taking a break from being on the road to plan the next tour and apply for grants. Collaboration is high on the list (teaser!)  And of course, winning would be huge; but at this point I am overwhelmed by the recognition of our album. It’s self-released, and we are proud to see that it has a life of its own.” The winners will be revealed in Calgary on November 10th. Stay tuned to Roots Music Canada for more backgrounds and further updates.
Kristi Lane Sinclair Bio:
Raised on grunge in the backwaters of British Columbia, singer-songwriter Kristi Lane Sinclair’s musical roots are reflected in her sophomore album The Sea Alone. It is an intoxicating mix of grunge, folk and classical. Grunge and classical you say? Yes, grunge and classical, Kristi growls back. In her low, hard-edged vocals, Kristi sings about heartbreak, great loves and the sea on her latest album.
Growing up Oceanside in Prince Rupert, B.C., with family roots in Masset, Haida Gwaii, it is no wonder Kristi finds healing in open waters.  “It is what I turn to when everything else turns to shit,” she says.  For Kristi, waters provide her energy and she feels it is the one thing she can constantly depend on and that is reflected in the moody The Sea Alone.
A Canadian Folk Music Award nominee for her first album I Love You, Kristi calls on her good friend cellist Cris Derksen to provide doleful accompaniment on The Sea Alone. Mixed with her own searing guitar lines, Kristi’s sound is conducive to coffee shops, folk festivals and to the Seattle-set television show Grey’s Anatomy – which is known for discovering cutting-edge music.
Catch Kristi on tour throughout North America in 2013. For more information check

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Playlist for Show of 11 October 2013

Host: Paul Corby      

Radio Regent is now available on ROGERS Channel 60 in downtown T.O.
This show dedicated to Nobel Prize Winner Alice Munro and Sobey Prize Winner Duane Linklater 
(brought to you by Electrical Colleges, Static University, and Post Gravity Degrees )
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Harley Card, Deborah Holland & Christa Couture

5:00 The Best Ascensions
*Shad ~ Dreams ~ Flying Colours @ Opera House Sat., 19 Octobenew disk
*A Tribe Called Red ~ Moombah Wow ~@ BLK BOX Sat., 19 October for X Avant VIII
*The Rev. Max Woolaver ~ Ascension Day ~ Nazca Hummingbird @ The Free Times Cafe on Hallowe'en

5:15 Finger Prince
*Harley Card ~ Flash Card Etude #1 / Interview / Helicopters and Holograms (live) / Get There  Hedgerow CD Release Tour Montreal 16 Oct/ Ottawa 17 Oct/ Kingston 18 Oct/ The Rex Sun. 20 Oct. new disk

5:30 Holland Pulls Up
*Deborah Holland ~ Messed Up Valentine / Interview / Home ~Vancouver @ The Paintbox Thursday, 17 October 10 p.m. new disk

5:45 Ominous Phenomena

*Picture The Ocean ~ Sick With You ~ @ The Cameron House Monday, Thanksgiving
*Bonobo ~ Recurring ~ @ The Sound Academy Wed. 16 October
Nomo ~ New Song ~ New Tones 
Steel Pulse ~ Roller Skates (Dub) ~ Smash Hits

6:00 Back To The Couture
*Christa Couture ~ Lucky Or Lost / Interview ~ @ Free Times Cafe Tuesday, 15 Oct.
*James Keelahan ~ Gathering Storm ~ History : The First 25 Years (Borealis) new disk

6:20  Love Contenders & Technical Knockouts (CFMA M.I.A.'s)
*Charlie A'Court ~ The World Around Me ~ Triumph & Disaster 

*Matt Patershuk & The Dirty Plaid Orchestra ~ Mill Town ~ Outside The Lights Of Town

*The Jerry Cans ~ Iqaluit ~ Nunavuttitut CFMA noms

Skeeter Davis & NRBQ Things To You 1986 ~ She Sings, They Play
*Nancy Dutra ~ I Cry ~ Time Will Tell
Oka ~ Elephant Dub / Shesha (munchie mix) with Oracles & Harbingers Of Toronto Live Music intoned, passim
Jean Michel Jarre ~ Moon Machine

Friday, October 11, 2013

Horizons and Vertices for today's Orbit


    Mysterioso Guitar Maestro Harley Card in performance (5:00) supporting his CD release >>>>>

thurs. oct 17 2013 / / resonance cafe / / 9pm / / montreal, qc / /                 5175a avenue du parc                                                                  
fri. oct 18 2013 / / 9pm  / / brookstreet hotel / / ottawa, on / / 525 legget dr. 

sat. oct 19 / / kingston jazz society presentation / / kingston, on / / for info                                                                  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
sun. oct 20 / / 9:30 pm / / the rex hotel and blues bar / / toronto                 194 queen st. w

Our old friend Christa Couture, (6:15) chatting updates and her appearance in town for a Free Times gig on Tuesday 15 October
                                                          Be There!!!! (avec savoir-faire)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Playlist for Show of October 4 2013

Host: Paul Corby      
Radio Regent is now available on ROGERS Channel 60 in downtown T.O.

(brought to you by Sealed With A Kick, Mask Communication and The Gravity Train )
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Melinda Whitaker & Edward Franko

5:00 Tonal Equilibrium
*Melinda Whitaker ~ Just Friends / Interview / Overjoyed ~ Lucky So And So CD release @ Trinity Presbyterian Church Saturday New Disk

*Deborah Holland ~ Lucky So And So (on Corby's Orbit next week) New Disk

5:20  Refractions Of The Cost
Mary Gauthier ~ The Wheel Inside The Wheel ~Live At Blue Rock New Disk @ Hugh's room Wed. 9 October

Tangle Eye feat. C.B. "88" Cook ~ Holler ~ Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed

Moby feat. Wayne Coyne ~ The Perfect Life ~ Innocents (Arts & Crafts) New Disk 

Lorde remixed by The Weeknd ~ Royals @ Danforth Music Hall Sunday

The Stone Roses ~ Waterfall (Justin Robertson's Remix) ~ New School vs. Old School vol. 2

5:40  Masters of Pheremony
Eric Burdon ~ River Is Rising ~ Til Your River Runs Dry @ Massey Hall Sat. 26 October
*Sarah Burton ~ My Man ~ Ladies In Waiting @ Opera Bob's, Sundays with The Ole Fashioned
The Reverend Payton's Big Damn Band ~ Why Is Everybody Getting Paid But Me? The Whole Fam Damnily

*Luke & The Apostles ~ You Make Me High (1970) @ The Black Swan tonight

Mashrou' Leila ~ Lil Watan ~ @ Lee's Palace tonight Small World Music Festival

6:00  Speculator Sports
*Andy Brown ~ Myth ~ Tin Man New Disk
*Mushy Callahan ~ Shot Down ~ Makings Of A Man New Disk ~ CD Release @ The Annex Saturday 
Biffy Clyro ~ Bubbles @ The Opera House tonight 
*Jane's Party ~ Hot Noise #1 ~ @ The Cameron House 2 a.m. Sunday for Nuit Blanche

6:20 Wave Strengths
*Metis Fiddler Quartet ~ Reel of 4 / Old Reel of 8 @ Colborne Lodge Sunday

*Kristi Lane Sinclair ~ Oh Boy ~ The Sea Alone 

Billy Cobham / Ralph Towner ~ Cosmic Strut / One Word with Toronto Music Listings syncopated within

*Kim Beggs ~ Moonshiner / Way Too Soon ~ Beauty and Breaking New Disk 
CD Release @ The Monarch Tavern Thursday 24 October / and on Corby's Orbit Friday, 18October

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Orbital Blog hits are at an all-time high

1,784 Hits in the month of September! I've got to think that adding Google+ has had something to do with this. Previous high traffic has been confined to Christmas when I have posted "Top 50" lists.

Awesome Cheersomeness