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Corby's Orbit
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Monday, February 19, 2018

The T.O. Folk Community Convenes Winterfolk 16

With a perfect blend of urban convenience and country camaraderie, Winterfolk returned for its 16th successful go-round, this past weekend in Toronto.

 Harmonica convergence: Al Lerman, John Kerkhoven of Blues Reel and Harpin Norm Lucien on Friday night at Dora's.

Glen Hornblast's Nashville Bound constituency spread out like a skyline across Terri-O.s stage on Friday night (and brought down the local gendarmerie for a noise complaint). The club was closed for the duration of the festival, scuttling several shows and prompting some spontaneous re-jigging of the schedule.

Hurtin' Montreal honker of tonky-ness Bobby Dove (with a slide order of Burke Carroll) popped a string first song in, but recovered gloriously with the help of Glen Hornblast's guitar.

          Durham County Poets above
Melanie Peterson, below, with bassman Peter Collins

Howard Druckman of Hotcha! introduces jazz aficionado
Ori Dagan during the highly variegated SPEAK Music showcase Saturday while Blues Reel's Patrick Hutchinson chills and works up a thirst for the next Guiness out in front of the very hospitable Dora Keogh pub.

Mponda Kalunga ~ Show Me Happiness

Kim Doolittle summons the sun with her healing powers.

Lynn Harrison and Noah Zacharin performed a stunning set at Dora's mid-afternoon on Sunday.

Tony Quarrington: dap to the max.

 Old Yorkville chums, the genial Mike McKenna and the gregarious Danny Marks, gutted and renovated some blues and rock classics as a Sunday sunset galvanized the Don.


  1. Thanks for all that you do to support Winterfolk Paul! It is greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks Paul - wonderful to have you there to document this :)

    1. Geeman is Glen Hornblast - Google me timbers!