Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Té Amo

is here in Canada all the way from Holland to share the traditions of Balfolk
                                    (Seen above and below at Dufferin Grove Market yesterday)
Through original tunes influenced by French, Balkan, Celtic, Scandinavian and North American folk musics, this quirky quartet of clarinet, guitar, accordion and 5 string fiddle performs music written for dancing.

 Bourrées, Gavottes, Jigues, Cercles, Scottishes, Waltzes and Mazurkas are just a few dances made popular in  Western Europe.

This week they are in Toronto: 

Friday, July 26 @ The Ward’s Island Café. 7-9pm, PWYC.

Saturday, July 27: Backyard Balfolk. Music and dance workshops. 2:00-9:30. Contact for details.

Sunday, July 28 @ the Hogtown Cure: Dundas and Dufferin (3-5pm) PWYC & PS Kensington (7-9pm)

Tuesday, July 30 @ Not My Dog. 1510 Queen St W. PWYC

Thursday, August 1 @ The Local. 396 Roncesvalles Ave. 8-11pm. PWYC

And on Corby's Orbit today

Also at

Blue Skies Festival: Aug 2-4
Smithers: August 6&7
Goderich Celtic Festival: Aug 9-11
Summerfolk Festival: Aug 16-18

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