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Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Jon Brooks Hosts Sad Mondays At The Cameron


Listen, listen, listen well. Toronto songwriter Jon Brooks is back onstage.

He is at the Cameron House on Monday evenings all summer at 6:00 for weekly illustrious and heroic song sessions he refers to as Sad Mondays.

The second edition, of eight, was performed this past week for a few dozen adherents and drop-ins, some of whom had driven eight hours to get there, including musical partisans Alec Fraser. with his partner Maggie Fraser, Roger Zuraw and Sean Gorman.

Formatted to feature new work in the first hour and becoming gradually open to suggestions in the second half, Jon maintains a steady repartee and an intimate rapport with his audience, creating a positive trance state with the help of guitar sorcerer Neil Whitford, (right) and, more often than not, Vivienne Wilder, along with some pre-recorded tabla.

His issues include helping the animals, saving the world, and the progression of empathy, with an eye to digital technology, the plight of the refugees and the ongoing attempts to abduct our collective intelligence by the forces that be.

He perseveres.

All summer.

Remember, remember, remember what I tell.

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