Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
Listening in All the High Places illustration by John Kricfalusi

Friday, April 23, 2010

What We Have Is Not Who We Are - Delhi to Dublin

Corby\\\'s Orbit 11:00 - 14:00


Guru Tribute / mr. cee on rap radarliving in the world / no time to playjazzmatazz 1 / 2chrysalis /emi11:02
chet atkins /doc watsonflatt did itreflectionsrca11:16
YYjenny whitelycold cold kissesforgive or forgetblack hen11;20
gary ogantill the next time i see youking easy radio sampler 7kingeasy11:24
YYseawolfturn the dirt overwhite water, white bloomDANGERBIRD11:29
YYscott lanawayoprah, God wants you to have a private jetmergers and acquisitionsacon11:33
Y david byrne / fatboy slim / sharon jonesdancing togetherhere lies lovenonesuch / wb11:37
YYjustin nozukahow lowyou i wind land and seacoalition11:42
Ychris velanhunting seasonsolidagonewsong11:47
Yhawksley workmantokyo bicyclemeatisadora11:51
YYyukon blondeloyal manyukon blondebumstaed / nevado11:55
YYruth minnikinthe theme songdepend on thisrm12:01
steve reich / ruoho ruotsi remixmusic for 18 musiciansreich remixed 2006nonesuch12:07
Ythe henrysjoyous porousjoyous poroushencorp12:12
Y ok gobefore the earth was roundof theblue colour of the skycapitol12:17
Y carolyn wonderlandi found the lionsmiss understoodbismeaux12:22
kate schuttour legs are burningtelephone gamecuto12:27
Ygone fissionwesIIIgf12:31
buena vista social clubel carreterobuena vista social clubnonesuch12:37
YYalex cubacomo amigosalex cubacaracol12:42
Ytasalandscape with windmillsalchemytasa12:46
monsoonlive performance and interviewGreg and the Governor General Selection 12:53
delano stewartstay a little bit longer 1:10
wailersgiv e me a ticket 1;14
HONEYBOYHomeward bound 1:18
roland alphonsofrom russia with love 1:21
bobby aitkenthunderball 1:24
tommy mccookgoldfinger 1:28
prince bustermy ancestors / let's go to the dance 1:31
the rulerswrong embryo 1:34
alton ellisblessings of love 1:38
the tenorsweather report 1:43

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