Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Icing on Your Musical Heatcakes; Frosty Friday July 16

From the blast-off T-Bone Walker turbo-guitaristics of "Strolling with Bones", dedicated to Phil Weir, on through the cast of Discoveries at Hugh's Room July 27th (Rehan Dalal, Tucker Finn, Andre Bell, and sparky Stacy Burke), it was a show to dock on, ice up and replenish your audio oxygen. Guest Bruno Capinan spoke intensely about the Brazilian influences (Tropicalia, bossa, electronica) upon his new cd Gozo, and a tribute to the immortal Sugar Minott left ears awash in the scenery of deep rastamusical space. Brazillionaires Gal Costa, Suba, and Sambacana also wafted through the Orbit, and Polaris noms The Sadies led off a set of swamproasted Canadian roots: Jill Barber, Daniel Fred and Julie, and Kathryn Calder from her new disk Are You My Mother? (featuring Neko Case). Orchid Ensemble provided a restful silken pillow of Chinese chamber music in the epicentre of the circuitry, and we all splashed down feathery from the intangible air into beginning of the weekend's wild rumpus.

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