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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Show : Goodness and Mercy

In the wake of the slaying of musical don-in-the-making Jahmeel "Shanx" Spence of the East-end La Phamillia crew, a special dedication to the goodness and mercy which must surely bring peace to the beleaguered friends and family and to a neighbourhood where a good life can be stolen away as casually as this.

Hometown hero Glen Ricketts was on the show describing the vast terrain of his reggae/soul/rock career, and his up-coming movie premiere at Revival this Thursday, a thriller entitled"Eyes Beyond"by Torontonian Elizabeth Rizzuto. Virtuosa singer Rosita Stone also gave up two live blasts of Spanish melody and passion, as her cd release at the same screening approaches. The show will benefit Mental Health programs in Toronto.

An interview with Dylan-approved singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier gave a warm heartbeat to the dramatic retelling of her wanderings in search of her true parentage detailed on her latest release "The Foundling".
Final trajectory was calibrated by Greg Lawson urging us to "Watch This Sound": sampling the best of those Jamaican artists who have called toronto home: Jackie Mittoo, JoJo Bennett, Leroy Sibbles and so many more that perhaps a Part Two will be necessary.

Foals forgot to call. Still worthy Mercury noms available live at Lee's Palace Monday.

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