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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting Wood for the Fire

The communal bonfire that has been CKLN WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY RADIO is threatened with an extinguishing blast by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission a week from today.
We are paying a big-time retainer to an Ottawa law firm to appeal to the Commission to reverse its decision. This may or may not happen, and definitely will not happen quickly OR cheaply.
Jack Layton has written a letter protesting the revocation of our license. There is a petition you can sign (PLEASE!)petition link:
Next week will be my last show to go over the airwaves at 88.1 FM for a while, but we plan to continue on-line, i.e. not in yr car, for as long as the studio remains available.
Must remember the importance of music as an instrument of social justice, a messenger of love, and a reminder of the possibility of peace. The Orbit will continue to embrace the world in its magnetic friction-free caress, and to see you in all the highest places as it passes.

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