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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Officially, Game Called on Account of the Prevailing Reign

CKLN MOVES OFF OF 88.1 FM... For Now!

The Federal Court of Appeal yesterday announced it will not hear the
appeal of CKLN Radio 88.1FM.

The campus-based community radio station had filed a leave to appeal a
CRTC decision revoking its broadcast license. While the station has
lost its broadcasting privileges on the 88.1FM signal, station
management plans to continue as broadcasters for the Ryerson campus
and the surrounding community.

CKLN Radio 88.1FM is currently weighing options and will release
another public statement Monday. It is not in contravention of the
Broadcasting Act to broadcast via  the internet.

You can support the station by signing our petition, donating for
legal costs at or writing your MP.

The court has given CKLN Radio 88.1FM no time to bid farewell on-air,
we must cease broadcasting. The stay of the original revocation
decision had allowed CKLN to continue to broadcast until the Federal
Court of Appeal denied CKLN’s appeal.

"CKLN Listeners and supporters deserve the biggest thanks of all for
standing by us," said Station Manager Jacky Tuinstra Harrison. "A
community radio license is a precious, precious thing - it is the only
means that Canadians have to access the airwaves that they-the public-

This decision to revoke CKLN’s broadcast license sees Toronto’s oldest
campus-based community radio silenced from its 28-year presence at the
furthest left end of the FM frequency. It a heart-breaking step in the
station's hard-fought rejuvenation efforts, but the station and its
constitutents can see reasosn to be optimistic going forward.

“We aren't even close to being out of the picture yet," says Chair of
Board of Directors Ron Nelson "There are options. And when there's a
will and community support, there's a way.”

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