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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Parade Radio

I like the Africa of all this bold heat perfectly, so no sympathy, strap a freezie on and enjoy it or you'll miss the best part of the summer. Musical A.C. will be provided today by the fine musicians of the OUT OF THE BOX MUSIC & ARTS FESTIVAL which insinuates itself into the Great Hall and the Toronto Underground Cinema next weekend with fantastic 3D explorations featuring Loom, Jessica Stuart, Heartbeat Hotel  and on and on . This is the golden stuff so be there for the shine.
Soul appliques will be administered in a tribute to Jerry Ragovoy, who passed on in glory late last week. He figured positively in the radiance of 60's solar soul music as a songwriter of exquisite emotion: Wonderful Dream, Time Is On My Side, You Don't Know Nothing About Love, and Piece of My Heart.
Take it baby, and get it while you can. CKLN.FM online TODAY!!!!!11-2 p.m.
Be there or laissez-faire!

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