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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winners of CKLN.FM's Mad Salutes Awards in Broadcasting and Social Activism 2011

Congratulations to all the winners and to the success of Mad Salutes Night through the efforts of CKLN's staff organizers and all the performing artists -Shaunga Tagore, Qara Clemente, Murphy Browne, Bob Wiseman, K.C. Roberts and the Live Revolution, Clara Engel, Yvette Tollar, and M.C.Clifton Joseph.

1) CKLN Activist Award: Awarded to a volunteer who has contributed to the fight for social justice and grassroots community engagement.
The winner is.....Jointly awarded to Kristin Schwartz and Susy Alvarez. Kristin is former news director at CKLN who used her time to report on a variety of issues from mining injustices to the World Social Forum. Susy Alvarez, is long time host of Friday Word of Mouth, including coordinating for No one Is Illegal Radio and OCAP radio

2) The Pioneer in Radio Award: Given to a show that has demonstrated ground-breaking originality.

The winner is Fantastic Voyage, formerly hosted by Ron Nelson in CKLN's early days. The timeslot came to be identified with underground artists. Ron Nelson currently hosts reggae mania.

3) The TurnTable Arts Award: Awarded to music programmers who keep the Vinyl tradition alive

The winners are Nik Red of Statik and Mano from Bruckbeat Radio.

4) Behind the Mic Award: This given to a volunteer who works tirelessly off air to support the station.
This year's winner has been there for CKLN in its most turbulent moments: the winner is Chris Scully.
5) The Arnie Achtman Award for long service in spoken word programming: named after one of the founders of the Life Rattle show, Arnie and Guy Allan worked for
 twenty-five years to carry out their vision of autobiographical storytelling and writing as a form of the community's self expression.

The winners are Norman Otis Richmond for Saturday Morning Live and Troy (The Boy) from Inversions.
6) The Mllton Blake Award for long service in music programming is named after the former host of The Musical triangle and a much beloved community member.

We are pleased to announce a tie for first place between Verlia Stephens andColin Smith.

7) The Award for Most Canadian Content goes to the play list that entered the most entries that are Canadian. The winner is our very own Paul Corby of Corby's Orbit. Corby's Orbit has presented, over the years, a parade of indie artists acoustic and Ottawise, and has been among the strongest supporters of Toronto's independent music scene.

8) The CKLN Mentor Award: This award is presented to a CKLN volunteer who has helped mentor others in the community.

The winners are Norman Otis Richmond and Ron Gaskin.
9) The Girls and Women in Radio Award: this award celebrates women who make radio their work and their passion. This year we had a tie for the winners, so we invited Amita Hamda and Murphy Browne to the stage, as well an honourable mention going to Julie Hill. Our congratulations.

10) CKLN Generations Award honours our elders and our youth. We called Don Weitz to the stage to thank him for his wisdom and also, Judah to the stage, as our youngest volunteer
11) The CKLN Friends Award goes to an agency or organization that has supported CKLN over the years. There were so many nominees, but the name that came up most consistently was Regent Park Focus,  a Youth Media Arts centre that has done programming at CKLN for over a decade. And when we needed them, they invited us to share their space. From all of us, we say Thank You Focus and your amazing staff!

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