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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun-Yum Woohoo Music Today, Tomorrow, Forever

From our secret stratospheric hyperbolic trajectory,
at around 5:00, I will be speaking with Aviva Chernick
last heard with Jaffa Road, now a full-fledged solo artist with:

Sung in both English and Hebrew, she enlists the support of Ernie Tollar, Joel Schwartz, Rakesh Tewari and Aaron Lightstone incorporating exotic instrumentation such as tabla, udu, xaphoon, oud, djembe and bansuri together with electric guitar, piano, bass and percussion. 

Join Aviva and her ensemble for an evening of celebration.
Wednesday, December 5th at
918 Bathurst (One and a half blocks North of Bloor on the West Side) Parking on the street.
Doors at 7:30. Concert at 8:00.Tickets: $15 in advance online at BrownPaperTickets. 
$20 at the door.

                                           And Tomorrow Night!

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  1. hey Paul, This looks amazing! I will be in town that week and so maybe I will see you there! : ) ..and I will listen in to hear your talk with her. Thanks for introducing Aviva; the music sounds really interesting and I'm looking forward to hearing more. Thanks