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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stars Of Folk Alliance In Orbit

   Toronto is currently hosting the world's largest aggregate of folk artists, and their managers, and their publicists, set in a turmoil of chronic habituées, burgeoning upstarts, the folk dentist, conjugal label-mates, a few sock-footed accountants, pillow pals new and old, classic folky coquettes of immaculate grace, some very styley coyotes,  ominous fedora and denim connoisseurs and squadrons of accompanistas. Above, the glamourous Sam, a volunteer, will gladly hang a lanyard on you, demonstrate an essential C fingering, and send you smiling into the folkstorm.

     It is Folk Alliance Week at the downtown Delta Chelsea Hotel 'til the tiny shiny hours of Sunday morning.and some of the most talented delegates have new Orbit-worthy material that I will be putting into sonic spin this Friday. Many are familiars of the show, such as Karyn Ellis, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Treasa Levasseur, Willow Rutherford, Jaron Freeman Fox, Graydon James, and Jessica Stuart (above).

Live in the studio we should be pleased to welcome the noble diplomats of East-Coast Reggae, award -winning Andru Branch with the legendary Brian Atkinson (above) and Half-Way Tree. 

   Also, around 6:00, Tannis Slimmon on the meniscus of a new release, brimful of intriguing tunes, called In And Out Of Harmony, will contribute a live song or two to the program.

Last minute adds, North Carolina's  Mandolin Orange, will cap the show at 6:30 with sinuous harmonies and intricate string cascades.  

Be very aware that this conference is not to be missed. 

*With respects espéciale to Joelle May

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