Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Playlist For 27 September Show

                                              Drone Light Painting Giant Sequoias by boltron-
Host: Paul Corby      Radio Regent is now available on ROGERS Channel 60

(brought to you by Culturplication , Peace Que C'est?, and Colour Est-Il?)
5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

Guests: Brownman Ali, Fergus Hambleton of The Sattalites, David Francey, and David Dacks

5:00 Prism Break
Anders Osborne ~ Peace ~Peace (Alligator) NEW DISK
*Brownman Electryc Trio ~ Splatch / Interview with Brownman Ali @ Lula Lounge Tuesday & Wednesday SMALL WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL, and May Cafe every Friday in October with The Art Of The Trio
Bernie Worrell ~ Evans Basement Jam ~Superbad sdtrk @Adelaide Music Hall Saturday
Iron & Wine ~ Half Moon @ Sound Academy Saturday

5:30  Reggae Regimen
*Ernie Smith & The Roots Revival ~ Third World Man (live 1979)~Third World live @ Yonge/Dundas Square Saturday 9:45 SMALL WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL
*Sattalites ~ Peace Talk / God Bless / Two Can Make A Dream Come True / Interview with Fergus Hambleton NEW DISK Remastered Compilation CD Release @ Lula Lounge
Thursday 3 October

Mohsen Namjoo ~ Shams @ Toronto Center For The Arts tonight SMALL WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL

6:10  Oracles and Vent Riddles
*Ben Sures ~ Eat Drink and Make Babies CD Release @ The Supermarket Wednesday 2 October

J.D. Souther ~ One More Night (Killing Spree) @ Hugh's Room Wednesday 2 October

*David Francey ~ A Star Above / Interview / Long Long Road CFMA Nominee  @ Hugh's Room October 4&5 

Alejandro Escovedo ~ Pissed Off 2 a.m. ~ With These Hands @ Winter Garden Tuesday with Shelby Lynne

6:30 Frontier Drops
Don Robinson & Larry Ochs ~ Impasse Invaders #4 ~Interview with David Dacks @ The Music Gallery Saturday 
*Austra ~ We Become ~@ The Phoenix tonight

6:45 E = Massey Hall ² 
Roy Hargrove ~ Misstery ~" Jazz At Massey Hall " 60th Anniversary @ Jazz Bistro tonight & Saturday Toronto Music Listings outside AND inside the box

Rickie Lee Jones ~ Cycles: 

"But I'll keep my head up high
Although I'm kind of tired
My gal just up and left last week
Friday I got fired
You know it's almost funny
Things can't get worse than now
But I'll keep on tryin' to sing
But please, just don't ask me how"

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