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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Orbital Sugaring ~ Steve Fruitman Comes A Rolling In

Mr. Steve Fruitman, 25 - year veteran of  Toronto campus radio outpost CIUT, has closed down his folk-championing show, Back To The Sugar Camp this week.

He will be with me for my show this week, remembering the highs, hopes and perils of the program. As he transitions on CIUT into a new all-vinyl format on December 4th called 33*44*78, we'll have a chance to catch him in suspended animation as he shares his views on the tumults and treasures that contemporary Canadian roots music is currently negotiating.

From his final words on the Sugar Camp: So why aren’t there any commercial FM radio stations that can
> provide us with folk/roots programing that highlight the magnitude
> of the music recorded in this country? Why does the ‘muzic biz’ not
> focus their attention on getting maximum exposure for their clients?
> Where is the will to provide us with easily accessible radio that
> showcases our home-grown musical talent and entertainment, anywhere
> in this country?

My kind of talk. We will be getting all up in the music. Listen along.

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