Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Festive February ~ Winterfolk Luminaries Break The Ice

 Volunteer Pamela Tena will welcome you at The Black Swan's folk central wheelhouse.

Creating a visible magnetic field are John Switzer (hosting The Black Swan's Seneca Independent Music Program at 1:00 Saturday) and Marianne Girard (Songwriting Participation Workshop at Terri-O's 1:00 Saturday, Norm's Living Room @ 5:00  Saturday and showcase @ Terri-O's 10:00 Sunday)

 Whiskey Epiphany living up to their name @ The Globe Bistro Saturday 7:00
 Dinah Thorpe, folktronicist, at The Black Swan, Saturday 5:00 p.m and Sunday at Terri-O's 6:00 pm.

 Ginger St. James.  Ya missed it! She Yodeled!
 Sue & Dwight wielding Pete Seeger's hammer and other classics at The Black Swan 9:00 Saturday
 Random Order rammed the hall and brought on virtual table dances at The Black Swan Friday night

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